Philosophy Over Tea

Salutations! I found this forum while relaxing during my trip across space to deliver ore for my Alliance! I have many trips I need to make to get all the ships from one place to another, and I find myself a bit of a pauper to hire anyone to do it for me. They are simple ships, so I do not fear getting blasted to kingdom come. Most of my most valuable items are already stored.

I actually find these long trips relaxing, but I have done enough meditating on the scriptures.

Anyone up for some conversation to pass the time?


Run away from here and never look back. You’ll be doing yourself a favor.

Poppycock! Stay on this channel as long as you like. Minning a bit, wouldn’t mind some small talk to pass the time.

What topic peaks your interest? What would you like to talk about dear?

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Tyrel’s not wrong. He’s not right, either… just be prepared for the level of utter fedo feces you’re going to encounter here.


Fedo are to small Arrendis, think bigger. Like slaver hound size feces…

I like discussing consequential versus deontological viewpoints. Maybe that’ll be good convo material.

Oh my! Never imagined that I would get so much response from this. All of you be blessed!

I have poured some tea to be ported over to you all if you happen to dock. The import code is R3ggPH51o if you decide you want some. Gallente teas are so soothing.

Now then. Here is an interesting question; when you realize that the death of someone you love came from the actions of others that you love, which loss do you grieve the most?

I lost my beloved, Yosho, in the battle of Yulai, but I am an Ammar citizen. I hate that the actions of my people caused such an uproar, but I hate that I lost my lover. Where do I find balance with this situation? I try to understand the standpoint of the Minmitar, but I find heart conflicting with my old teachings.

Perhaps an outside view of the situation will give me answers to myself.

-Intercepts the public message.-

Nice question, Jusri Gallup. In Intaki culture, Ida -the Way as it is translated to- teaches, or well shows, us that life is a circle were actions and reactions. Where a l-life taken, it is then a life reborn, and that life may lead to another’s ending. In another sense, something bad could spark something good, but it will turn bad then causing something good.
Grief is something that we all handle d-differently in our own way individually. You can grieve both as they are both loss, or you can grieve each for their unique circumstances. Find comfort in the future as it may hold fortune in your favor. I know you’ll find your joy somehow, but that is your pilgrimage. As an old proverb, the past is in front of you and future is behind you as we can only peer into the p-peripherals of the present. Only you have the power to find your joy, no one else can claim it for you.

-bows in respect-

Good luck and safe travels, friend.

-Sipping her tea, she listens to the Intaki and smiles to herself-

I think that is what drew me to Yosho. The Gallente people as a whole simply see things from a different point of view. Many have criticized me for my passion of building ships and studying the Minmatar ships. It soothes me finding more information about the people involved. My family has worked for the Royal Houses for several generations, so I was expected to just absorb and accept facts.

Never ask too many questions in an Ammar household.

I am personally grateful that I have been left to my own devices. Far enough to have freedom, close enough not to be an apostate. Perhaps I am still finding my joy. I know I have found an obsession with tinkering.

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