To Nauplius

I have one phrase for you 10,000 arrows fly . Imagine that coming toward you

A small caliber hand-held railgun has more destructive power than 10,000 arrows.

Now compare it to the cannons of a Moros-class dreadnought and realize how silly this post is.

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It’s an old term so that it is meant to be just him against that so it’s your choice I want to dreadnought can be just . What he faces the threat of revolution. Mind you it’s of the figure speech so imagine 1 million dreadnought instead if you want to get the meaning

Ten thousand clones later, you’re out of “arrows” and probably will as well.

Now what? What have you achieved and what’s the next step of the plan?

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So did I understand this right? You’re threatening someone whose assets and very person has been the target of several multi-corporation pogroms in the past couple of years with 10,000 metaphorical arrows?

I don’t think he’s scared. At all.

Chains, Collars, and Vitoc.

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May I remind you none of those work for long. You always end killing them and losing their potential.


Ms. Shaishi seems a little eager to show the sharpness of Qi’s sword.

I wonder if the people of that province feel similarly.

At least she doesn’t actually have a lot of power to cause a civil war on Achura, but, whether or not Qi has a “special arrangement” with SuVee, attracting capsuleer attention isn’t normally a very good idea.

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Ok i’ll stop. Also I know that I can’t. I know have Not of influence. So I leave it to people like ARC or I-RED

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Opposing Mr. Nauplius is a pretty reasonable and even (depending a little on who you ask) maybe admirable thing to do, Ms. Shaishi. But … if you’re going to be involved, there’s no reason you have to do it alone. And drawing his attention to your home province is potentially pretty dangerous for the people there.

So … yeah. Thank you, and please be careful.


I can certainly appreciate your opinions on this matter as those in my own inner circle which are mix of peoples around New Eden are universally against him.


Gosh, he must be very afraid by now.


Come on be nice Miz. The kid’s heart is in the right place.


… the wannabe blooder? With the ‘inner circle’? I’m pretty sure I must be misunderstanding you.

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I … could be mistaken but I think she’s talking about Ms. Shaishi, Miz.


Makes sense. I wasn’t.


Yeah. Kinda got that.


Yes I was referring to Pilot Shaishi who started this thread.


Yup yup, just sayin’, I was nice to her. Plan had certain holes in it and I encouraged filling those in. All that said, I’m still just tired of the grandstanding versus the purple pillock or whatever his name is these days. Thanks to the wonders of asset safety and clonebays, there’s genuinely not much that can be done to a solitary capsuleer with even the most rudimentary grasp of basic logistics and asset management.

Income is incredibly easily sorted and pretty much impossible to choke off, assets in space are cheap and unless idiocy takes charge you can easily get a minimum of two weeks perfect safety for them - during which, you can easily make the ISK necessary for three-four more - and anything you store in them is completely out of reach for other capsuleers.

Sidenote: I once tried this ‘challenge’ I read about on Galnet. 5k to 1b. Park yourself in a tradehub with 5000 isk in your wallet, preferably without any more than the standard fresh recruit skillset in trading, and see if you can turn a one billion isk profit without undocking. I did it in less than three weeks. An actually good trader with a starting slush fund will quintuple that, with ease. Now try turning a solitary capsuleer broke. Let me know how that works out for you.

If in addition to this their goals are nebulous and aetheric like “get as much attention as possible” and “reward attention with creepier attention and worse hissyfits” there’s genuinely no way to combat those for other capsuleers, other than just ignoring him, which people are unwilling to do due to the cheap and easy points to be scored on the “oh look, at least I’m not this bad” board.

It can’t be fought. They win the moment you give attention to them, and while you can certainly - and probably should - shoot them whenever they stick their heads out, that’s a sisyphean task that can not ever be completed.

Success can be gained against entities in New Eden. Groups, corps and alliances with assets, tangible goals and spaceborne activity can be fought and defeated through all the various means we have at our disposal to counter such things. These are fights that can be worth taking. Stands that can be worth making. Bluster worth chestbeating over. Such entities can fall apart and become meaningless as a group, and often times such groups consist of individuals that won’t settle for just prancing around a circus tent for attention and thus they can be targets worthy of note.

This guy? You lost the moment you engaged, and the only “victories” you can ever have against him is when he bends over backwards and hands you one to maintain your interest. Thus, he won even that one, by keeping the hook firmly in your mouth so you’ll wriggle with indignation and faux moral superiority whenever he tugs on the line.

Perhaps it’s time to stop dancing to his tune like puppets on his strings.


If I can’t dance, it’s not my revolution!

Lots of serious business here.

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