To Captain Elkin

My dear Captain Elkin,

I found myself greatly disturbed while reading the news this morning. To hear that your family’s beautiful gardens were destroyed, and in such a terrible blaze, is truly saddening. The loss can only be compounded by the reports of members of your family still missing, and the destruction of your magnificent estate. I greatly enjoyed my visit, and was most taken by the beauty of your grounds. It is said that fire is a cleansing force, burning away impurities. I truly hope you will find a way to look upon this event as a learning experience, and take that forward in your life.

You have my most sincere condolences, and I should very much like to offer you whatever assistance I may provide, whether that be in identifying the cause of the blaze, or working to replace what has been lost. I am most certain many others will also be willing to offer their help.

Faithfully and respectfully,

Lady Liliya Setareh
Second Daughter of Lord Ghunan Setareh
Knight of Neyi IV

No one’s really believing this are they? I have a hard time believing you genuinely feel bad for someone like Elkin. Hell, she’d believe I feel bad for her before you, surely?

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The spirit of fire is fickle. the same force that cleanses also destroys, and thus must be bargained with and appeased. Not sure how readily available Shamans are in Dam-Torsad however.

I think we all know who caused this.


Yes, Captain Elkin was beloved by the entire cluster. Surely, there would not be a plethora of entities and individuals who might sponsor an attack such as this.

That said, Captain Elkin and I may have our differences, but the Ghosts of Kahah are not responsible for this one.

Not everything is about you, Darkar.


I am not so arrogant to think so. But I do pray, earnestly, that someone I find of immense value escaped the conflagration, or preferably, was not present there at all.

It is a small cluster, after all.

Trying to absolve oneself of guilt without ever having been accused does seem rather…suspicious…


Dam-Torsad offers an excellent assortment of Vherokior Barbecue. Many spots are more authentic than… well, you know. Come to think of it, a whirling knife flinging grill doctor might accidentally knock over a fire pot now and then, causing deeply spiritual conflagrations to burn passionately out of control.

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