[ELKIN] Official Statement

As was reported earlier, the Elkin Family Estate in Dam-Torsad was the scene of a suicide firebombing resulting in a massive blaze that did inconceivable amounts of damage. Both the Eastern and Western sections of our garden was, for all intents and purposes, destroyed. This is including not just the plant life, but also statues, bridges, and various other fixtures. Additionally the reports suggesting that members of our House have gone missing in the wake of the tragedy are unfortunately true. My daughter, Jacqueline Susanne Elkin, my grandson, Xavier Lawrence Elkin, and his two young children have yet to be accounted for since the fire was extinguished. We are working with the authorities towards bringing to light, without question, the perpetrators of this heinous attack and I have been assured that finding the missing members of our family is of the highest priority.

From here on we begin to rebuild, replace, and regrow all that was taken out today. This is however, an arduous task that will take quite some time. While the damaged buildings can be repaired in several months time, the gardens will likely take centuries to fully return to their former glory. All those wishing to aid the relief effort may offer their help by mail addressed to me personally. Above all else, we hope that all those of the Faith stand with our House and pray that the villains responsible are quickly exposed.

I would like to also note that by my request, my granddaughter, Arsia Victoria Elkin, will be taking a leave from these forums for a few weeks time in order to give her a chance to decompress. Emotions run high during these trying times and I want to ensure she can recover and isn’t goaded into doing anything she would regret.

This disaster will not shake our House. In fact, that we have drawn the ire of the wicked proves our righteousness. We will remain steadfast in all of our endeavors. As that is the case, all Elkin Family services, including those available from any Citadels we own, will be unaffected.

Truly Yours,

Lady Leona Cordelia Elkin of Dam-Torsad


Para’nashu prays for your missing family members, Lady Elkin. Whatever you may need, you have but to ask.


Lady Elkin,

Please forgive my intrusion into this matter. I pray for the deliverance of your missing family members from this tragedy.

I would like to know the status of a residence on your property, leased to the North-Onren family. Were the buildings damaged? Were they occupied at the time of the fire? If so, are the occupants safe?

Thank you in advance for entertaining the inquiry.

Armast Darkar

Given how frequently I’ve interacted with Arsia Elkin over recent weeks, I would just like to go on record as denying any and all connection to or responsibility for this incident.

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You are being too obvious about something you should probably not be obvious about.


I have gone to great lengths to ensure the safety of Disquisitor North-Onren’s grandmother, Miss Seraphea. It would be a shame if for all the precautions I took, she met her end in, of all places, Dam-Torsad.

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“Shut up.” she explained.

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I am sorry this happened, and I would like to offer my help if it is possible.
I am, however, just a simple soldier, and probably my best help would be to bring some heat to perpetrators as soon as you find them.

I will offer also my thoughts about where I’d look for them first. Such sort of attack on civilian assets of a military commander shows disregard to life, property and own well being. It is highly disgraceful, inefficient, unprofessional and disdainful. Thus I believe it was most certainly done by some sort of freedom fanatics, who couldn’t stand against her in the space.

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Lady Elkin,

The attack is unforgivable. I pray for the recovery of your family members and the restoration of your property. Those who would prey upon the good and innocent of Amarr must be stopped and senseless violence put to rest. I offer any assistance I am able to in order to bring you peace and find your missing loved ones.



I would echo Strike Commander Kim’s words.

I stand ready to receive instruction from House Elkin should my limited capabilities be judged beneficial, relating to this attack.

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