[AM] Moving Forward

After recent events in the Kingdom and at the request of Lord Crases AM will be phased out of Militia work and transition all its resources into air to the recent crisis.

As acting CEO of [TZED] and Director of Aegis Militia I ask that all debts owed to either this alliance, corporation or myself either be paid to aid in this relief effort or failing that put those resources to use for relief as you see fit.

Seven million lives have ended in the last 48 hours, thankful the Lady consort Admiral not one of them but speaking as a freed slave myself I cant help but feel the overwhelming scene of loss. Many of those culled were innocent many were also under the effects of the contaminate. This is not a good day in the Kingdom or the Empire.
Please do what you can to help, AM will be forming a more direct plan of action in the future.

Thank you.


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