Statement concerning the recent civil unrest

To whom it may concern;

I commend the decision of the Tribal Council to instruct the Security Services to release tribesmembers in their custody to the authorities of proper jurisdiction. The Minmatar Republic is a multitribal nation that can only exist in peace if the autonomy and legal rights of each tribe and clan are properly respected.

One hopes for a swift and complete execution of this order and expects persecution of circles and individuals acting within their traditional rights to cease.

The Minmatar Republic stands surrounded by unprecedented threats by enemies both old and new. This should not be a time for provocations or power grabs, nor for trampling on jurisdictions or territories of other tribes. Spikes of civil unrest endanger our very existence.

One expresses a sincere wish for a way forward and looks forward to a unified response to the invasions into our territory.

Never again another Long Night.

Elsebeth Shaninn

Of Rhiannon, born Rhiannon
Of the Sebiestor Tribe
CEO, SoE Roughriders
Head Diplomat, Electus Matari


You know the names of those responsible for this unrest, Elsebeth. Say it out loud, and say it with your chest.

This is no time for yet another civil letter or half measure, this is a time for direct action. Anything short is complicancy.

One has loyalties one needs to balance with each other and one beyond them all to the freedom of the tribes.

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