This is not the Republic I loved

Minmatar Tribal Council Meets to Consider “Sanmatar’s Circle for Security Co-operation” Proposal; Matar Planetary Security Warns of Threat from Amarr Agents

Proposals for a “Sanmatar’s Circle for Security Co-ordination”, laid before the Tribal Council by the Brutor, Krusual and Starkmanir Tribal Chiefs yesterday, have received the backing of Khumatar Allek Berialsh of Matar Planetary Security and Chief Director Kril Efrit of Republic Security Services

Sanmatar’s Taskforce for Counter-Subversion to be Headed by Chief Director Kril Efrit of RSS Clandestine Activity Division


Oh, what have you become
My sweet, my spicy, my brother, my kin
What have we become
My fire, my knife, my sister, my kin
(Lover’s lament from Maryan in Shishaan, a Mikramurka saga play)

Now, you will excuse me, but I will be mostly absent from space for a while.

If I cannot be reached, for matters concerning Electus Matari, contact Debes Sparre, Azazel Drakonis, Ferista Nhey, or Nomistrav; for matters concerning SoE Roughriders, contact any of the callsigns Eclypx, LaFond, or Hobblah.

EDIT: ■■■■ the translator. Cheers all, stay safe.


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