In the light of recent news

Ardishapur Military Circuit: Lower Domain, Derelik and Lower Rebel Provinces
Sarum Military Circuit: Upper Domain, Bleak Lands, Devoid and Upper Rebel Provinces

Bring it.


Ok. Remember what happened the last time you said this.

Oh, trust me, I do.

We certainly remember it.

Irresponsibility by capsuleer renegades clothing themselves in the rhetoric of tribal concern seems to be a bottomless well of troubles for our people.

Perhaps we’ll look to do something about that if the security of Matar is further imperiled by such loose talk.

Kril Efrit,
Matar Planetary Security


If you’re so concerned with the rhetoric of tribal concerns being draped over downright criminal behaviour, shouldn’t you rather be investigating Ushra’Khan, or various tribal leaders, or perhaps Grand Papa Scumbag Shakor himself?

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@Kril_Efrit: With this declaration, the Empress has asserted Imperial authority over Republic space. To say nothing in the face of such a claim is tacit agreement. So I am forced to wonder:

If the choice is between violence, and cowardice, which would you suggest?


I try not to invest much stake in Republic politics, but… Did not the Fleet deploy to border systems in light of this news and on the expectation that the security of Matar is… imperiled…? Elsebeth is certainly passionate, but the two of you seem to be in the same mode of thinking, from this outsider’s perspective.

I think Mr. Efrit is concerned about the aloofness that many capsuleers seem to have about the trouble they might invite on the regular people that are connected with them. There has been a recent increase of targeting of family members and hometowns of notable capsuleers, and I wouldn’t say his concern - if I’m reading this right and that is his concern - is entirely unfounded.

Of course, there is little we can do about it, except try not to escalate.

If I understand Efrit’s words correctly, then I will agree with him. Be careful what you wish for.

Would it not make more sense to interpret “upper rebel provinces” and “lower rebel provinces” to mean those Low Security areas of Metropolis and Heimatar, in light of the ongoing efforts of the 24th Imperial Crusade?

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Not unless that’s how the Amarr have historically used those terms.

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I’m pretty sure that Amarr has called them that for more than a century. Before the Rebellion they had other names.

But this is certainly a major departure from the policies that characterized the Pax Amarria of Heideran.


At the end of the day, it will be us capsuleers who take the brunt of the burden and will do what needs to be done. I think she knows damn well what she’s setting herself up for. And we will all stand by her side when it happens.


I think the people of… was it Sundsele?.. might disagree with the idea that capsuleers take the brunt of the burden.

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But not only the low-security parts.

Seeing as you had to think about that…I’m gonna go ahead and say it wasn’t and still isn’t of much concern to you. But go ahead, use that to your advantage if that’s all you’ve got.

Oh, yes. Certainly it refers to more than low security.

I may not care about Rebel placenames, but at least I recognize that those people shouldered more of a burden than any capsuleer.

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And so, with orders from the Empress to enforce Imperial Law in the Upper and Lower Rebel Provinces… it would be irresponsible of us to not assume that the Houses mean to obey those orders, wouldn’t it?

I mean, the chances of peace died more than a decade ago when the Matari attacked us, so the only thing surprising about the renewal of Amarr claims on that territory is that it took this long.

Edit: The rest of the announcement is far more shocking.

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