To the Tribal and Federal forces involved in repelling the Colelie invasion

“sterling efforts of capsuleers in fighting against the Triglavian incursion centered on Colelie system which affected both the Republic and Federation” (General Volgar Kulsebok of the Hek Civil Defense District)

Likewise - our compliments to local forces responding in a fast and professional manner, and keeping the region calm under unknown conditions while capsuleers did our part.

The level of co-operation - both among independent capsuleers and among local forces - in the “Colelie invasion” gives a new, and welcome, meaning to that term, and demonstrates that co-operation across the border is still the wish of the people, and very possible if the will is there.

We share your worry about the slow initial reaction on CONCORD and national level, and hope that the international summit will shape that up significantly.

We stand ready to assist again, should it become necessary.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
of the Sebiestor Tribe
CEO, SoE Roughriders
Head of Diplomacy, Electus Matari


You’re welcome.


LUMEN was pleased to help assist the Arc Consortium and to cooperate with others - even the referenced forces in the OP with certain differences with LUMEN - in fighting a threat to the entire Cluster, including in the Colelie incursion. One can only hope the international summit between the Empires and others will show a similar level of cooperation in the face of an existential threat.


So which one are you of the addressed local forces, Tribal or Federal?

What are your suggestions to deal with the Suicide Squads that have already claimed several very expensive kills?

Can you explain the problem in a little more detail?

Coleleie is a system symbol for Federation and Republic. It contains also a thing that this being already mentioned too many times. That’s why it should be very prioritary defend that at all costs! Please call as many reinforcements as possible!

The invasion there is over now, relax.

Very well, but pay attention for future incursions…

I wouldn’t be so sure now Else…

Yea, well. It is nice to know there are exceptions to the general level of competence, anyway.

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