[NADSC] Issuance of Travel Advisory for the Nadire District

30th May YC121 - Bulletin dispatched from Nadire Security Consultants

Triglavian Collective Invasion -

This bulletin is to inform all shipmasters of commercial and private vessels operating within the Nadire District, as well as the greater Sinq Laison region in partnership with other Shipping and Security (S&S) providers and District Parliaments.

On the 28th of May YC121, an entity referring to itself as the ‘Triglavian Collective’ initiated an invasion simultaneously across three sectors of New Eden, one of which is located within the territory of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime. The solar system of Colelie in the Algintal District has been designated as a ‘Foothold’ system, with seven more currently under siege from the Collective: Aufay, Deltole, Augnais, Bei, Uttindar, Hagilur and Ongund. It has been reported to NADSC via reliable third party sources that Collective-registered vessels are extremely hostile to any and all vessels transiting these areas, with hundreds of starships having been reported as destroyed by Collective forces.

It is unknown at this time what the strategic objectives of the Collective, or their motives for launching this invasion. Thus, NADSC will continue to procure additional information as it becomes available for dispensation to the Nadire District via updates to this bulletin.

Therefore, in our capacity as one of the S&S providers for the Nadire District, NADSC urges that any and all commercial and private vessels avoid the affected systems in their entirety until the situation subsides. Furthermore, it is also advised to undertake a risk assessment of voyages around the affected systems with insurers as well as local security forces and providers, in addition to keeping up to date with information as it is provided by local, regional and Federal authorities.

This bulletin has been posted here for public dissemination as well as a chance for Federation Officials to provide updates if and where possible/available. Any questions pertaining to this bulletin can be directed to NADSC Office of Public Relations or one of the senior capsuleer directors.


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