After Action Report – Skirmish in Goinard 24th March YC122



Dated: March YC122/FC237

To: Nadire District Parliament Security Committee

From: Edward Adams, Security Director NADSC

Subject: Triglavian Collective Raiding Party destroyed in Goinard

After receiving reports of ‘strange signals’ and the presence of CONCORD officials, namely DED Captain Oveg Drust and AEGIS Marshal Kasiha Valkanir, NADSC officials Commander Edward Adams and Captain Charles Cambridge Schmidt immediately returned to the District to investigate. Neither of the CONCORD officials responded to verbal questions issued towards them by Commander Adams or indeed any of the other independent capsuleers present.

Capsuleers registered to PIE, the 24th Imperial Crusade, State Protectorate and SFRIM were present but agreed to observe a truce to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. NADSC reciprocated as did other capsuleers aligned to the Federation and Republic, as well as independents such as UNF and ARC.

At 12:38 New Eden Standard Time Monsieur Ret Gloriaxx of The Scope broadcasting corporation entered system and addressed local. Little transpired for the following hour and twenty minutes except for the destruction of Captain Melisma Ramijozana’s Bellicose-class cruiser, destroyed at the hands of a local pirate.

At 14:07 NEST, a Triglavian squadron was sighted within the Goinard system composed of five Kikimora-class destroyers and ten Damavik-class frigates. It was during this time that Monsieur Gloriaxx’s vessel was destroyed by a capsuleer sympathetic to the cause of the Collective. NADSC and other capsuleers initially retreated from the field to better organise a response and to minimise the loss of physical assets.

A small squadron of Cormorant-class destroyers and one Jackdaw-class tactical destroyer led by NADSC located the Triglavian Squadron surveying an Astrahus-class space station at 14:38 NEST. Engaging at extreme distance outside of the effective range of the Triglavian’s armaments, we were able to eliminate all hostile targets without any loss of friendly forces by 14:45 NEST.

It is unknown currently whether this Squadron was the raiding party responsible for the assault on Esmes Three. What little survived in the wreckage did not provide any clue as to their mission or purpose for being in the Goinard system. Nevertheless, NADSC will push with the permission of the District Parliament for an enquiry to be conducted into the defences that the Federation and CONCORD has in place for the member states located in Nadire’s low-security sectors.


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