Intelligence Report – Guardians Gala 19th February YC124/FC239


Nadire Security Consultants

Intelligence Report – Guardians Gala 19th February YC124/FC239

Dated: 19th February YC124/FC239

To: Nadire District Parliament Security Committee

From: Edward Adams, Security Director NADSC

Subject: Guardians Gala – Capsuleer Gathering 19th February YC124

As per the request of the District Parliament Security Committee, I attended the event notified to yourselves at the Cartel-aligned The Eyrie of Heaven on the 19th of February YC124/FC239. As per standing directives concerning the regulation of intelligence-gathering, no illicit narcotics or substances were taken by myself although one alcoholic drink was consumed in the Eyrie.

Several capsuleer representatives of organisations with suspected ties to criminal elements, including Sorn Interstellar Industries, Devara Biotech and Khimi Harar, were present. Additionally, the traitor Captain Clementine Lafleur was present and initiated contact with me during the party although not much was said. At present, I cannot determine if the Triglavian Collective’s capsuleer agents are seeking to establish an alliance with Cartel or Serpentis-aligned capsuleers. I am concluding that Captain Lafleur’s presence was solely to reconnect with her personal contacts within the criminal underworld rather than acting under assignment from the Paramount Executive, Sahara Jackal.

Furthermore, no information pertaining to the whereabouts of any of the missing Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) personnel was gleaned from overhearing any of the individuals present at the party. It would be safe to assume that even with the capricious nature of capsuleers claiming allegiance to one faction and subsequently having no qualms about taking up arms against that faction, none of those present have encountered any of the kidnapped researchers and if they have, they were recalcitrant to admit it.

Lastly, no plots or schemes against the Nadire District nor the greater Federation were discussed, although I would not discount the possibility of the greater frequency of activity along the historic smuggling routes utilised by the Cartel through Nadire.

The singing was phenomenal, though. You really need to be there in person to properly appreciate it. If I hear anything further of relevance, I will of course notify the Committee at the earliest opportunity.


Love this so much lol! Great interaction :slight_smile:

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