Federation/Republic Security Co-ordination against the Angel Cartel/Serpentis Corporation

Regarding the recent news regarding the Aufay Security Summit, I welcome the renewed co-operation against both the Angel Cartel and their allies. The Cartel, alongside their allies the Serpentis Corporation as well as countless minor criminal organisations that enable their activities has and continues to inflict extreme misery on the population of the Federation and the Republic.

Just because their activities are not reported in the mainstream media that we are used to watching, does not mean that they have any less real for those that the Federation and the Republic authorities are sworn to protect. As we have seen with the recent slaying of Federal Drug Enforcement officers at the suspected hands of the Aenebra Cult, an organisation historically supported by the Serpentis, it is only one of many examples of the violence that has been encouraged against not only the civilian populace, but also the authorities.

That the Federal Intelligence Office and the Republic Security Service continue to recognise these criminal organisations as a continued significant threat to the life and liberty of the people, even in the aftermath of the Triglavian Crisis, is to be commended. Nadire Security Consultants shall stand ready to assist in operations aimed at hobbling the influence of these entities in the Federation, in addition to aiding our allies in the Republic should we be called upon.

I would also like to acknowledge House Sarum for their recent destruction of a Cartel lair. The insidious nature of these organisations means that their influence is not limited to the Federation and Republic alone, and multi-lateral co-operation where possible is vital. However, we would stipulate that the Federal and Republic authorities be consulted and their permission obtained before dispatching forces, as we saw with the Shining Flame erecting numerous bases across New Eden without any prior public consent given.


It must be terrible seeing what people do with the freedom you put on so high a pedestal. The Angel Cartel is the logically expected outcome of your ideals.

The FIO and RSS aren’t adjusting their outlook in the face of the Triglavian threat, they’re maintaining old rivalries in spite of that threat. The only thing to commend is their consistency. Fortunately, capsuleer organizations seem to be more dynamic in their standings adjustment in the face of existential threats than our own favored government agencies.

An interesting euphemism for fluid loyalty, not something I have ever personally considered fortunate.

If we’re not obedient enough for your needs, maybe you should hire more mercenaries to punish us.

While welcoming this cooperation, would it not be only evenhanded to welcome the recent cooperation between Federation Customs and both the Serpentis Corporation and Intaki Space Police in assisting the Federal Government with refugee evacuation and relocation efforts following the Collective’s invasions, Commander?

CHTAR has recently taken on contracts with the ISP to move refugees from Attyn to Placid and to investigate whether a change in ownership of capsuleer controlled infrastructure in Octanneve might help the Federal Administration’s efforts against the Aenebra Cult. Uncertain times can make for strange allies but valuable ones nonetheless.

So we are just going to forget people that aided us, and didn’t stand by as the FIO tried to seal off systems like Vale, while civilian life were still inside.

Public-facing ‘standings’ ratings of the empires aren’t worth all that much. Triglavians and Drifters still show neutral to each of the big four by that standard. I’d argue that those haven’t ever really accurately reflected the actual feelings of pretty much any group for some time now if they ever even did.

The empires have however shown with the organization of EDENCOM, that they are willing to at least sit down together and plan even if the navies of enemy nations haven’t been seen flying together yet. So the empires will work together… if a group like the Collective or the Nation threatens to destroy the entire cluster.

Either way, it’s not all that surprising that certain diametrically opposed empires don’t work together more often. I can’t imagine it’s very pleasant for a nation to work together with another that doesn’t truly recognize its sovereignty. I would say to yourself, Ms. Pryce, or any loyalist of the Empire who wishes that certain groups would put aside their differences to face existential threats together more readily…

Maybe don’t make it a real question as to who (or what) is more dangerous?


To one of the 5 major factions? To Concord? To the population? To the pirate factions?

Several distinct interests going on that make the answer quite different depending on the context.

Than various existential threats.

House Sarum may or may not deign to recognize your recognition, but I personally will echo the sentiment that it is vital that we all make full efforts to halt the encroachment of lawlessness and corruption across New Eden. I believe House Sarum had been making its stance clear on such matters, and I applaud it.

Those efforts, however, needn’t always come with direct cooperation with declared enemies. The Shining Flames pursuit of the Blood Raider Covenant across the cluster was fully justified and rightly tolerated by most sensible authorities, indicated at the very least by their begrudging silence and lack of effort to intercede in the company’s vigorous attempts to halt yet another Crimson Harvest. I do hear, however, that your own personal disapproval may have clouded your judgement during them, as your judgement was clouded when assisting Ushra’khan with operations in Floseswin, or more recently in Kamela not but a few days ago.

I can understand standing against offensive operations against your erstwhile allies despite the presence of an unabashed terrorist organization being the main bulwark against them, but I find no such excuse for your efforts in Kamela. I pray my fellow Amarr will take into consideration your strong history of anti-Amarr sentiment and efforts since your unfortunate betrayal of the State, and avoid cooperating with you in the future.

The freedom cultists aren’t known for rational or humane choices. They are these kinds who will call people names just because they disagree with them and then will go full ballistic into rampage of murdering sprees for the sake of their empty ideals.

You can’t really convince them they’re same as Angels, freedom cultists are blind to reason.

In any way, it will be amusing to see how two groups of terrible people will go at each other. Whether federals or angels will die in this ‘operation’ - it is all for the better of the whole cluster.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t put high hopes on this. After all - it’s just words, not actions. Words of Mantel the Traitor.

I find this sentence highly ironic


There’s nothing ironic in that. It’s an observation of their behavior in GalNet for several years. It’s almost impossible to argue with them. Whenever you try to prove your point, they resort to personal attacks and lying about their opponent as forms of their ‘arguments’. And when you call them for that - they squeal it was ‘just their opinion’ and it’s you who assault them. I’ve been dealing with these nuisance for a very long time. They are the best example of why freedom of speech is a bad idea.

There is more than enough irony for anyone here, the cheap speech made possible by your own absolute liberty on the GalNet is used to attack, harass or silence more than illuminate or honestly debate.


Coming from you, that’s just hypocrisy. Unlike you, I attack only scum that attacks me first in a honest debate. So don’t you dare to cover yourself under pretense of capability of conducting “illuminate” debate, that’s just uncouth. Maybe you’re not a freedom cultist, but I have had enough experience with you to know you just attack and lie about people you disagree with instead of discussing what they could be wrong about in your opinion. You even didn’t have courage and honor to answer for your lying words. Disgusting. Learn your place.

Clearly, at least one of us has a misapprehension about what hypocrisy is– you attack anyone you wish, ever with the flimsiest of pretexts, spewing your morose sermons at anyone with the misfortune to have attracted your ire; dishonourable, liar, uncouth, coward, these are the very definition of personal attacks, which would make you… a hypocrite.

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Ah, well, thanks for confirming to the whole audience that you’re nothing but a petty liar.

Those who know me, know very well that those who deserve my attacks have committed aggression themselves first. Considering you don’t, maybe you haven’t even realized yet what you have said? Or what you have been saying?

Unlike you, I don’t resort to making up stuff at people I disagree with, I bring counterarguments. It’s people like you who are resorting to personal attacks - and thus deserve to be treated as you are.

I won’t say for everyone, but if you don’t like that you’re being treated like you have deserve it, maybe you shall try to find WHAT you did wrong (I guess it won’t be hard, considering you was pushed your nose down into your words multiple times) and fix that, per chance?

Oh, and just pleeease don’t consider I treat everyone like you. You’re somewhat unique case. The way I talk with your kind is completely different I talk with the rest of the cluster and majority of speakers in here.

But as I said, yes, you are a perfect example of a subject who first attacks people and then squeals like this when you’re attacked back.

Grow up.

The Angel Cartel does not represent freedom in any shape or form. A Cartel by definition is not remotely like freedom, as it is an organisation that seeks to monopolise and dominate, stifling development and progress for the majority whilst ensuring the privileged few remain in their seat of power. That is not the culmination of the values and principles of the Federal Union. Do not even try and compare the two, for you might find greater similarities with your own nation.

I must admit, I am torn on this. On one hand, the preservation of life had to take priority, especially with the chaotic circumstances thrust upon the Federation by the Triglavian Crisis. The Serpentis have assisted in the past, as we saw in the aftermath of the Seyllin Disaster. Their efforts even earned them a measure of gratitude from then-President Foiritan. However, as President Foiritan also quite rightfully said, these actions do not excuse them from decades of misdeeds and abuses of the Federal population as a whole. I’m not sure what the Serpentis’ game is, but there is always an angle with them and invariably it is to the detriment of the Federation. The Intaki Space Police would do well to keep their association with the Serpentis at arms length, in my opinion.

If the Federation or the Republic had dispatched security contractors headquartered and registered within their territory towards Imperial and State space, especially one that has close ties to the Federal or Republic Armed Forces, I can be assured that there would have been protests lodged with the proper authorities by regional and national leaders. I agree with you that there was a considerable level of silence on the subject matter. The silence is troubling, not only because we did not know if they had authority for the Shining Flame to deploy bases and infrastructure, but it is a failure of communication from those we trust to be transparent in their governance over us. I had been meaning to address that earlier, but here is just as good a place as any.

NADSC’s involvement in Floseswin was a justified operation carried out by my corporation under the auspices of Federal aid to the Republic power. Whilst we had to withdraw in January of this year to help bring about the resolution of Operation Prevailing Liberty, my judgement in choosing to involve myself and my crews were not impaired or obscured in any way. Our recent patrol in Kamela was simply that, a patrol carried out by a licenced and chartered Federal security contractor operating within the remit of the CEMPWA. If you’re looking for an excuse, that is it.

Get out of this thread if your sole purpose here is to start arguments. Take it to off-topic or start your own thread.

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Only trolls modify contents of people’s comments for the sake of “proving” their own pseudo-righteouseness, showing their inability to conduct arguments like civilized persons.

But thanks for proving my point I listed in my original comment! That one you have actually succeeded to do. Bravo.

As is opposition to it. That’s the funny thing about self-determination: the bad people will be bad, and good people will oppose them. This stands in marked contrast to authoritarian regimes, where the most selfish, ruthless, corrupt, and frankly despotic individuals have no qualms about using every little bit of power they can get in order to gain more.

Meanwhile, decent people who believe in ideals like the common good and obedience to lofty principles tend to be less apt to actively oppose the advancement of the ruthless and corrupt by any means necessary, because to do so would require becoming ruthless and corrupt, themselves, in opposition to the societally-accepted order.