[GalFed] The Liberation of Viriette and Fislipesnes

Authorised for release from the NADSC Office of Public Relations:

8th November YC124
Assiettes VI – Northern Colonial Commonwealth, City of Rhamnus, Port of Adrasteia Field Office
NADSC Office of Public Relations

For Immediate Release –

The 8th of November YC124/FC239 shall be remembered as a historic day for the Federation and for the constellations of Viriette and Fislispesnes.

For it was the day in which eleven systems, languishing under the confines of the Emergency Militia War Powers Act and condemned to be subjected to the so-called ‘Pendulum Conflict’ and its associated excesses, were liberated through the bold, decisive and gallant intervention of the Federal Combined Armed Forces. I offer my congratulations in respect of a swift military operation carried out with great speed and effectiveness to evict the lingering State occupational forces from Federation territory.

As we have collectively witnessed so far with the various press releases denouncing the Federation’s unprecedented, yet justified intervention, there will be a lot of crowing and yowling from those in the Caldari State who will feel that this is yet but another exercise in the Federation’s supposed tyrannical yoke over the region of Placid and its inhabitants. So much that we have already seen patriotic, chest-thumping individuals proclaiming their enlistment to the State Protectorate with grandeur for all to see.

Anyone with half a brain and a rudimentary understanding of the Federation’s Charter and Constitutional obligations should understand that the President of the Federation and those individuals on the Federal Security Council as well as the Senate and various Commission members would never have taken this decision lightly considering the historic agreements and understandings between the Federation and the Intaki Assembly, et al. The Federation has acted legally, and morally, to intervene as it possesses the power to do so in line with the Authorities it has as part of the Federal framework. Chiefly, the ability to intervene in matters of human security and defence, as well as to respond to calls for assistance from the member states upon formal request for it to be given. To even remotely compare this intervention to the Ultranationalist regime’s implementation of Federation-wide martial law is absurd at best, insulting at worst.

The State and it’s aligned entities should and would do well to remember that for many years, they have been uninvited guests in Placid and that they should not be present or meddle in Placid affairs except with the consent of the people and the legitimate representatives of those people. If you care at all for the wellbeing of the inhabitants of the constellation beyond your propaganda pieces placed on this august Summit, especially after all that has been done in the name of the State and your Megacorporate agendas, you will not interfere with the restoration of their dignity. Withdraw your military forces and leave them in peace to rebuild, free of the spectre of occupation that has haunted them for so many years.

That said, it is imperative that whatever was agreed with the Intaki Assembly and the Federal Districts of Viriette and Fislispesnes to authorise the military operation is carried out efficiently and to its spirit and letter without undue delay. Once the Operation has been concluded, the Federation Navy and Federal Government must obey the lawful requests of the member states as it is beholden to by honour and contract obligations entered into and signed in good faith by them all.

The inexorable dawn of Liberty shines across Viriette and Fislipesnes after being shrouded for so long in the darkness of uncertainty and fear. Embrace the new day, for a better future for Intaki and others lies ahead. I can only hope that other systems that remain within the Cordon do not have to wait long for their own liberation, after fourteen years of senseless conflict perpetuated by outdated legislation.

For Liberty and Justice. Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit.


Edward Adams
Federal Caldari
Nadire Security Consultants


Finely spoken words, Commander.

The light of justice and liberty shines bright on this day. These actions have certainly been a long time coming.

Although my initial reaction towards the massive military buildup in my home system of Amygnon was one of concern, I can see now that it was for a good cause.

Plus Forts Ensemble.


I don’t know why but I feel like the Federation is rapidly moving toward another Duvailer situation. First it starts with a clear and present threat to the Federation, then a few failed attempts to control the situation. Next thing you know somebody gives themselves emergency powers and the constitution goes away “temporarily.”

To those that wish to take part in this conflict: Do not allow yourself to be blinded by patriotism. Times like these are poison to freedom. Each act of violence breeds even more senseless hatred and emboldens those who don’t care about the common person’s rights. I don’t know if I can handle watching Ultranationalists and Megacorps duke it out over the shattered remains of liberty. I think I’d rather get lost down a wormhole.

I endorse this message and actions and am grateful to all who helped to free and secure those worlds. Finally they have all opportunities to flourish and live up to their full potential.

Well done!


Thank you for taking the time to make this announcement, Commander Adams. It is well written and explains the intricacies of the situation clearly. I have full faith that the Federation will put the safety and security of the people’s freedom first, as it always has. The State spin of labeling this situation as a military occupation, after they themselves have been the true military occupying force for many years, is just absolutely absurd. I am glad to see the Federation step in to reinforce and bulwark these systems against the State’s hand, in turn removing them from the senseless violence that the CEMWPA warzone lends itself to. May Intaki and the rest of these systems finally see peace and prosperity after years of bloodshed on their doorstep.


How do you Pronounce Fislipesnes ?

“Fish lips”

Officially it’s something like “Fiss-lip-pay-nez” but “Fish Lips” is easier and more fun to say!

Lets be completely fair here, the legendary SCOPE organization plainly called it an invasion and has video from Intaki of a mass panic as Federal Navy warships fly dangerously close to their city buildings.

It isn’t a State spin to react this way, because as far as I am aware, the SCOPE is a Gallente business, not a Caldari one.

If those initial reactions are any indication, the next news to find its way off the occupied planet may be hard for you to accept.


Media company frames things in sensationalist way. In other news, water: still wet.


The SCOPE got where it is today by avoiding sensationalism and that includes being careful with their nomenclature as well as remaining politically neutral. I dread to imagine what circumstances would lead them to risk compromising their journalistic integrity.

The SCOPE got where it is by not being ACN.

Like I said: Having journalistic integrity. :wink:

As a people that were ‘liberated’ by a amarrian invasion, I heartily condemn the actions of the Federation. The Intaki deserve the choice of self determination.

This is nothing but a land grab by a federation who will ubdoubtably do all they can to quash the native culture of the intaki and replace it with the Federations as quickly as possible.

I call for all sons and daughters of the Matar to boycott the greater federation, until they withdraw their imperial ambitions and return to the agreed upon treaties they so hastily broke!


This is a bit of an over reach. Unlike the Amarr Empire, the Federation is not an imperialist power looking to sublimate all cultures under its own. It is the largest blending of cultures under one government body that exists in New Eden today.

The Intaki are not being ‘quashed’ and the Federation doesn’t have a history of doing so, despite the narrative you’ll get from the Caldari. The Federation is composed of multiple autonomous member states that maintain their own cultures and even their own forms of local government. You have monarchies, oligarchies, democracies, aristocracies and so much more all under the umbrella government of the Federation. The only requirements are that your member state have some form of regular election cycle and be, in some way, a democratic government.

Perhaps you should visit and see for yourself? There’s a lot of wonderful sites to behold, people to meet and cultures to experience in the Federation!


Did the Federation invade at the behest of the Intaki? Were they invited? Or did they decide it was for the best of the Intaki that they invade and take their sovereignty?

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The Federation didn’t ‘invade.’ The Intaki are signatory members of the Federation.

Yes. The Intaki are signatory members of the Federation.

The Federation hasn’t taken Intaki sovereignty. The Intaki are signatory members of the Federation.

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Does them being signatories mean that the Federation can ignore the will of the Intaki government and force it’s way into the system? I seem to remember independence and limited Fed military presence was something that the government and people have been wanting since the beginning.

Let’s look at the long game: the Fed government lets the Intaki home world be fought over in the CEMPWA, saying “hey, you got what you wanted, we’re not sending our navy to defend your world”. Then, after letting them languish in a pirate infested warzone for a decade that the Fed refused to police, the Fed Navy just rolls up and “liberates” Intaki Prime, playing the hero and looking good for “saving” the Intaki from the very situation it got them in. And oh yeah, didn’t the Federation also obstruct the Intaki Assembly from hiring a security franchise for years?

And now it’s “we’re occupying you for your own good”. After disenfranchising them by agreeing to them being in the warzone and stripping their voting power while the Protectorate controls the system, even though the Protectorate had no jurisdiction over the Intaki government and little leverage thanks to the stipulations of the CEMPWA.

Talk about an abusive relationship.


It is my understanding there were treaties limiting federal prescence, hence why the intaki have been in a warzone for over 10 years.

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This is silly. We none of us know the text of any of the relevant agreements or whether the Assembly did or did not ask the Federal Government to do this.


Intaki being a signatory member means that it is not an independent sovereign state, it is, in fact, a part of the Federation.

This is a misrepresentation of the history surrounding Intaki but I suspect you already know that.

I wasn’t present for the writing of the CEMWPA that eventually got ratified but I suspect, because it was hastily constructed as an emergency act to prevent all-out war in the cluster, that a number of concessions were made from all involved parties and the long-term ramifications weren’t immediately evident.

I do know that the CEMWPA has been contested multiple times from multiple different powers for various reasons. I also know that the Federation couldn’t permit the Intaki to vote when it was under the occupation of an enemy force because that would be potentially allowing the enemy force to influence the internal politics of the Federation. I’m not going to attempt to justify that further, it should be fairly self evident why that’s a bad idea.

It wasn’t a perfect situation, it still isn’t. But it’s not an invasion, it’s not an occupation and it’s not as cut and dry as so many here are trying to make it sound for their own narratives.