Solid State Rising

Six months ago the Federation was engulfed in jubilation celebrating itself as a beacon of democracy, diversity and human rights. Earlier this month we saw what that meant with the Federation’s sudden invasion of Intaki and surrounding systems violating the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act. Behind the poised demeanor President Aguard likes to present lies a complete disregard for the law the moment opportunity presents itself. This naked aggression proves once again the designs of the Federation. Due to their militia forces’ complete failure, their navy had to step in and prop them up.

Six months ago I also made a declaration on behalf of the Solid State, a movement designed to build upon the relationship between the Caldari State and the Intaki Syndicate in cooperation with the Intaki in Placid. Caldari Militia forces had secured Intaki and the surrounding systems establishing relative peace. Despite the Federation’s actions which have destroyed this peace, I want to reaffirm our movement’s firm intent to maintain our ties between the State and the Syndicate. We applaud Chairman Akimaka Saraki’s swift movement to solidify this tie and encourage him and the people around him to continue in this direction. It shows clearly how the State operates. While the Federation takes through force, we establish through agreements. This security agreement will give us the platform from which we can retaliate strike for strike against any further expansionism by the Agaurd government.

The Solid State continues to rise. Resistance on Intaki is being supplied by our operatives. The continued resistence there is strong, motivated and has deep support among the people. State Security and Militia forces are running joint training operations with ISP. Our industrial capabilities are being leveraged to help modernize and supply our partners in Syndicate in order to ensure they do not fall prey to the Agaurd government.

The Caldari State was supported by the Intaki people in its independence from the Federation and now the Caldari state will support the Intaki people in maintaining their own independence from that very same entity.

Evelyn Arnoux brought to light an insightful point regarding the Federation’s methods. The Intaki people are the greatest threat to Federation stability. It was the Intaki that facilitated and even advised the Caldari how to best resist the Federation. As Evelyn points out, it seem we Intaki are still too cohesive as a people rendering us too immalleable for every Federation design. Their tools range from harsh measures like exile, to passive aggressive policies stripping us of our protective measures. All the while they act as if they are simply a beleaguered adult dealing with a fussy child. When Intaki found security through security agreements with Ishukone and other Caldari entities, a level of stability was established and that just did not sit well with Federal forces.

Is the issue ethnic Gallente nationalism as Evelyn states? Not exactly. You see in some ways ethnic Gallente are one of the biggest victims of the Federation’s system. Let me ask, what even is a Gallentean? Can we ask that anymore? The identity of these people, noble and proud in the past, has become a phrase to mean anything for anyone, thus it means nothing to everyone. The Ni-Kunni tradesman, the Sebiestor technician, all can be Gallente. The loss of all these identities into a meaningless category robs all those involved of their past and their future. So “Gallente” just means a piece of paper of someone that consumes products and votes as corporate money influences one to vote. “I consume and I vote because that’s what freedom and democracy means. Diversity of all fitting into one.”

The result of taking someone’s identity away will invariably breed resentment. And the parasitic corporate class that steers the Federation is perfectly willing to channel that resentment into militaristic outbursts against the Intaki people and those of the Caldari State. The problem is no longer that the corporate class has made the Gallente lineage a meaningless checkbox on a paper. The problem is those Intaki are to devoted to their people. The Gallente becomes a guard dog to the Intaki prisoner not realizing he too is chained to the very same wall. The Gallente thinks, If only those Deteis, Civire and Achura of the Caldari State embraced enough diversity and democracy. The assumption is more freedom must be brought to them. And military industrial corporations in the Federation which fund the politicians that do their bidding, in unison, of course agree.

Industry, business, mercantilism, all these things must be done for a meaningful purpose, not simply to perpetuate themselves. What will that purpose be? Some vague ideal? A farce election process? As Chairman Akimaka Saraki stated, our first priority is to honor and preserve our families. This is done through our corporations and our state. These things exist as tools to preserve family. These tools are not the purpose, but the tools which when properly used, fulfill our purpose which is the well being of our people.

It is this similar understanding both in the Caldari State but also in the Intaki Syndicate, that our relationship will continue to grow. The aggressive nature of the Federation will continue to show itself only to be struck down through just retaliation. Chairman Akimaka Saraki is fully supported by the Solid State and will continue to uphold the principles of our people regardless of any dangers.


The Federation didn’t ‘take’ anything by force, the Placid region is and always was Federation sovereign space.

You also presume to speak for all Intaki everywhere which is extremely presumptuous of you. There are quite a number of Intaki spread throughout all levels of the Federation and support for the Federation varies between individuals, which holds true of every demographic of people within it.

It is interesting, however, that you publicly declare engagement in illicit activity of your own by supplying insurgents, you certainly fit right in with the criminals you’ve taken party with.

And, for the record, the support for Caldari secession wasn’t unanimous among the Intaki people just as the ‘resistance’ you laud isn’t unanimous. You don’t speak for all Intaki everywhere, none of us do, they have voices of their own.

To your assertion about the ‘ethnic’ Gallente, I don’t have any trouble recognizing myself as a Gallente. I still consider our ideals noble and still have pride in the Federation we’ve helped build together with others who share our vision. I find the notion that anyone can claim to be Gallente if they choose to do so perfectly acceptable but I don’t consider it a requirement to take part in our culture, commerce or the Federation itself.

On this we agree which is why member states are fully autonomous and maintain their culture or adopt other cultures at their own will. Or do you intend to argue that the Mannar, Jin-Mei, Intaki and ethnic Gallente are all so culturally similar you can’t tell them apart?

The Federation was founded through diplomacy, cultural exchange and unity of purpose and vision.

The Federation has been in a near constant state of defensive response since the outbreak of the Gallente-Caldari War. It is usually the one offering ‘just retaliation.’

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We all know at this point that many in the Federation itself don’t even agree with your stance about the occupational force digging in at Intaki. The continued hardline notion that it was neither an illegal invasion nor an illegal action of force is simply factually false at this point.

And the only one’s I’ve seen come out in vocal support of these events thus far are capsuleers actively involved in Federal Naval activities. Another line of defense that is woefully lacking at this point in anything substantive.

And yet its fairly documented that it was substantive, substantive enough for the U-Nat regime to forcefully exile the most vocal alongside criminals to a scorched Syndicate region and instill martial law and fear throughout the Intaki people remaining in Placid.

It is, curiously, woefully incapable of fair nor legal diplomacy and exchanges in this era. I feel I should reiterate that only in the past year has relations deteriorated so extremely under your current government’s administration. Objectively, based purely on the information available to us, in YC124 the Caldari State has maintained and developed legal and respectable relationships with a multitude of CONCORD recognized national bodies, and up until the events of April that included the Federation.

So… just to check… your construction here, raising the point that many in the Federation don’t agree with that stance, then reinforcing with the it’s illegal’ conveys a strong sense of the legality being dependent on whether or not the masses agree with it. You are aware that one has nothing to do with the other, right?

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In an objective sense they shouldn’t have anything to do with eachother. In practice the Federation is capable of what I’d call “moral flexibility” as long as it can stave off a revolution. Domestically speaking Aguard’s occupation was legal. Internationally speaking it was in violation of agreements made with CONCORD which makes it illegal. If the Five-Pointers don’t do anything about it then their law didn’t mean much in the first place.

How would the DED even begin to respond to this in their capacity as a police organization? Their only options are completely absurd. It’s not like they’re going to send SARO to arrest the President of the Federation while the Senate is in session.

Was it, though? Call it an invasion, an occupation, a liberation, whatever, is that the part that violates CONCORD agreements? Or is it the ‘we’re taking these balls and going home from the warzone’ part? We’ve got… what? all of one vague statement of ‘this is a violation!’ from the current, Caldari head of the Inner Circle? We’ve seen no analysis from legal experts, nor have access of our own to the text of the agreements… so… is it actually illegal, and if so, why isn’t CONCORD leveraging fines or other punitive measures?


Good question. It’s only something we can guess at. CONCORD don’t generally sit on their hands like this. Maybe they’re content to know they can use it against the Federation in future politicking. They are police after all. If they can’t send in the big guns they’ll settle for filing long paperwork. Next time all the Empires sit down at the bargaining table Aguard’s administration might find themselves on less than agreeable terms with the rest of the room.

Please could you provide some information about the other members of your movement?

I am also interested to understand your position to announce operations on behalf of the Intaki Space Police.


I never claimed it wasn’t illegal, in fact I’ve agreed on multiple occasions that it was a flagrant violation of CEMWPA. But to continue to allege that the Federation ‘invaded’ and ‘took’ territory is factually false.

The elected representatives of the Placid region have officially stated their support of both the initial military action and the removal of the systems from the designated warzone. Even those most critical of the continuing military presence afterward.

5000 people were exiled. 5000 out of how many Intaki? That’s hardly ‘substantive,’ it’s barely a ‘crowd’ in the larger scale of things. History also records that many of them were criminals, terrorists and insurgents already. I’m sure there were some that were not wholly guilty of such activities in the mix but it’s not as if the government simply rounded up 5000 opinionated Intaki and exiled them.

It should also be mentioned that the U-Nat regime you’re referencing was already beginning to fail at this point because it was losing popular support in the Federation for actions much like the one you’re referencing.

Yes, this year after years of its own borders and sovereignty being invaded, breached and attacked by outside entities including the State. One could argue, with substantial supporting evidence, that ‘legal diplomacy’ remained only because it was the Federation’s chosen response to most incursions against it. In fact, it has been the natural response of the Federation since its inception.

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I’m not entirely sure I’d consider condoning it to be outspoken support. That feels awfully like viewing it exclusively in a black and white division. I’d like to hear the thoughts of the other senators involved, because if this is the best evidence you have of non-capsuleer Intaki support of the invasion, it’s shaky at best.

You’re falsely presuming the U-Nats literally rounded up every single dissident and it ended up that there were only 5,000.

You mean this year, after nearly unprecedented levels of cooperation between the CONCORD signatories in the face of the Triglavian Invasions, the Gallente have raced to reset galactic relations to the levels of a decade ago. Truly exceptional.

That was not the intended assertion but reading over it again, I can definitely see how it appeared that way. The intended assertion was that only 5000 were exiled which was a very small subset of the overall Intaki population and not a ‘substantive’ amount, not substantive enough to ‘silence’ the Intaki people with fear as was alleged. They were the aforementioned criminals, terrorists and insurgents.

My claim is not that a substantive population of the Intaki were exiled, but that the movement was substantive enough to incur such extreme actions by the Federation. If it were only 5,000 that were dissenting and causing a “fuss” I highly doubt it would have caught the notice of a beleaguered government still dealing with the Caldari war.

An Intaki figurehead that lived through the ordeal and gave lectures at a Federation university described it exactly as a silencing fear. So this claim of yours is decidedly false.

A valid claim that there were self admitted as well as Federation labeled criminals in the mix, though I do not believe we have ever seen a publicly released list or data ratio to determine just what the percentage was of criminals to mere dissidents. I suspect its worse than what you’d like it to be considering the Federation government at the time gladly stuck anything and everything on to attempt to justify their actions to the public.

Fair. I misread you original assertion.

Again, fair.

I have little interest in defending the U-Nat regime, it was an admittedly terrible period in Federation history.

Count me surprised, are you going to claim the modern federation regime is any better?!..

I’m withholding judgment on the current president. I agree with the decision to remove the Placid region from the war zone and I agree with securing it against further incursion and occupation.

I have my reservations, but I will wait to see what the future holds before drawing further conclusions.

Their invasion is a violation of treaty they have signed. Gallente Federation is known for disregard for intenational agreement they themselves sign. It looks like this - one President signs something (for example, same Foiritan, who accepted Caldari Prime as Caldari territory), then next President (like Roden) just ignores the treaty like it’s nothing and tries to invade it. Then you get Augard, who violates another treaty, invading into Intaki.

So, you practically agreeing with Federation disregarding honorable behavior and expressing itself as a mere vagabond on international arena, that nobody shall trust anymore?

Well, I have been telling everyone way before the Intaki invasion, that any treaty that Federation signs doesn’t worth even eaten out egg. And, you know, all this have been happening since Foiritan regime, it’s not even Duvalier and U-NATs, it’s just… gallenteans as they are.

And with all his ultra-nationalism, I don’t think in times of Duvalier they were torturing POWs as harsh as Federals are torturing them now.

When you compare war crimes of modern Federation and Duvalier regime, Duvalier is known for orbital bombarding of residential areas, and modern Federation is known for rapes, beating, starvation and cramming PoWs into exploding cells. And that’s not some sort of crazy capsuleer or madman merc. It’s doing of proper FedNavy - it’s their prisons.

So, tell me please, who are worse brutal savages, u-nats from times of Duvalier or modern Feds?


Strike Commander Kim,

With all the respect I can muster, your obscenely low opinion of the Gallente, abject hatred for all things Gallente and inability to engage in any conversation without turning it into a hate-filled tirade against the Gallente and the Minmatar makes you unworthy of continued engagement in conversation.

A Gallente Savage


Sir, before blaming anyone in hatred, you really shall look at what you were doing and whom you have been supporting, because you really can’t blame anyone in hatred while staying on a side with the regime which is known for its hatecrimes, and if people whom you defend are known for such abhorrent deeds you really shall not be surprised for some people hating you.

As for “inability to engage in conversations”, well, I have been bringing you actual facts, that are pretty much real and can be easily verified. Are they hate-filled? Well, it’s just facts, they describe things that can be hated and the things that have been committed due to hatred, and I am not hiding that I detest the Federation for it’s crimes.

And still all I have you were just facts and questions.

And you did answer on my question, thank you.

Probably my mistake though was dumping all these facts on you. And for this I apologize. Sometimes I just want to emphasize on the gravity on the situation, thouh I do need to give an opponent a breather and ability to contest.

But, if for some reason you want to contest a single one of them, I will be at your service, for I stand for everything I say. Just one by one, you know.

The Federation did not take Intaki and surrounding systems from Caldari aligned militia forces? Should we link the footage here? These systems belonged to the Caldari State via militia control. The treaty made through CONCORD was that the faction warzone systems can be fought over by militia forces. The Federation violated these terms. Had militia forces of the Federation taken them there would not be any legality issue here. Since Federation aligned militia forces were unable to do so, the Federation stepped in directly. And by doing so they violated yet another agreement.

There’s enough of us that the Federation feared us. And now there are even more that that fear should grow even further.

Complaining about the legality of “insurgents” when the Federation itself violated the law. What a wonderful thing the Federation mind is: simultaneously disregard law while complaining of others doing it.

Because Gallente has stopped meaning something tangible. It has become simply a whim, a notion, a civil agreement that you’ll consume products and vote as you are told. No mother holds her children with these things in her heart. No soldier can fight as hard for notions as one can for blood. And this is why the Caldari State, small as it may be compared to the Federation continues to exist.

Diversity within the parameters we approve of so long as you bend the knee. That’s the Federation way.

We saw Federation diplomacy work in tandem with Gurista pirates. We saw it with the orbital bombardment of our cities.

I suppose the question should be asking yourselves is, why does this keep happening to you? Perhaps you reap what you sow.



But we look favorably upon the Intaki-Business Logistics Union as well as your Ishukone friends. We just do not talk about ‘our thing’ in such detail publicly.

“The ideal ruler does so through friendship and patronage through a network of notables who act as mediators.”