To the residents of the Intaki and Eugales Systems

Greetings fellow Empyreans,

I come to you here and now because of our growing concern with events unfolding within the Placid Region. Our concern is that illegal operations, and subversion of the will of the Intaki people, are being conducted. I have called upon Aideron Robotics to aid in the Gallente efforts to secure and hold these systems from Caldari State control until the illegal operations can be stopped and properly investigated, and the future of the Intaki people must be decided without undue interference and coercion.

The story begins with the members of the State Protectorate attacking Intaki during the Minmatar Liberation Games. Up until that point Intaki had stood as one of the last hold-outs against the growing automated army of the 24th Imperial Crusade, as a few like myself found it worth defending it beyond our home systems. If I were a more paranoid sort, I might be led to believe that agents within the State intentionally took the Liberation Games event to strike, knowing that I would be unable to respond in time.

However I am more concerned about the timing for the people of Intaki and the Intaki Assembly. Just prior to the Liberation Games, it was made clear via Galactic Hour New Roundup that the Intaki’s support within the Senate was the “factor that helped break the deadlock” for the President’s Infrastructure bill, and that the President aims to "respect the rights and privileges of the Intaki Assembly while protecting the security of the Federation.”

So regardless of the cause for the Caldari Militia to target Intaki in that moment, I was gravely worried that the system falling into State command could jeopardize the process that seems strongly supported by both the Intaki people and the President. So I announced that we would liberate Intaki swiftly before any disruption could be made.

I spoke with several local Capsuleers and aimed to understand their positions and concerns, and I share them. If the Intaki people wish to be independent, then it seems clear to me and the Assembly that doing so through the Federation’s methods is the safest and most respectful matter, especially given what happened last time that Intaki fell into State control. If you do not recall, LDPS were accused of using “Area Denial Munitions”, raided monasteries and medical facilities and bribed the Assembly to allow them to leave with their “plunder”, all as it turns out in a scheme to dump Toxic waste which has taken quite some effort to clean up. And mind you, all of this conflict started not when the Gallente fought to reclaim Intaki, but rather between State actors as Lai Dai and Ishikone treated the people and planets of Intaki as scrap to bicker over.

Some of the local protectors of Intaki raised alarm that the marines were deployed to Intaki after we liberated it, but these marines were requested by the Intaki themselves as they clearly trust the new President, and her dedication to supporting ALL Gallente people.

The Intaki people are tired, and the State has shown their contempt for them as a people, and as a resource. We have come to liberate the Intaki people, and pressure the Gallente Federation to see the Intaki people get their wish and end their use as a pawn in a war they never wanted. We ask that all residents of the Intaki system and the Viriette Constellation to aid us in ending State influence over these embattled peoples, or at the very least do not disrupt Aideron Robotics’ efforts to preserve this system while these negotiations continue.

In addition, directly from the Galactic Hour “CONCORD’s Department for Enforcement of Restrictions on Artificial Intelligence and Life (DERAIL) has reported the arrest of “several hundred conspirators” in an alleged plot to “develop illegal AIs” in raids across the Eugales system.” Combine that with the next report indicating “DERAIL Seizures in Eugales System Rumored to Include “Ancient Technology” and “Illegal Precursor Artefacts”, I believe it is possible that something truly terrible may be happening that could represent a threat to us Empyreans on a level that standard Baseliners cannot possibly match. The former dominant species may very well make their own worst enemy in the Rogue Drones, but they are just a shadow of the potential a truly unshackled Artificial Intelligence represents to everyone, even those protected through cloning technology.

It has been reported that State actors are either conducting these experiments or protecting them. Either way it says “In related news, the Lai Dai Protection Service’s 203rd Combined Asset Protection Regiment has arrived in Eugales to carry out “asset reclamation operations” while the system is under Caldari militia occupation.” Additionally, Lai Dai has been involved in some very questionable things of late, including that mysterious “Ghost Ship”. Given everything we know from Intaki, I feel it is best that we secure this system and allow independent agents to conduct any and all investigations into rooting out. We cannot simply trust CONCORD to conduct themselves appropriately. This technology would be far too tempting for any single power, and the decisions made could decide the fate of us all.

In addition it is clear that the 24th Imperial Crusade has been deploying automated pilots masquerading as Empyreans within our warzone. We have reported them to the authorities but so far no action has been taken. While there have been accusations that some of these so-called ‘bots’ may have been subverted by the Tribal Liberation Force, Aideron Robotics has not seen evidence of this being done by the Minmatar themselves and does not condone this practice if true. We currently suspect this is yet another ploy by whoever is behind these automated fighters.

Which brings me to Eugales. Given its placement directly in the territories held under the Emergency Militia War Powers Act we must pursue the possibility that these two events may be related. For this and everything else above, securing this system has been decided as our next offensive target.

I call upon all Empyreans operating in these areas to aid in the effort of securing these systems for the Federation for these reasons. We do not wish for conflict within these regions, but it is clear to us that allowing these systems to be controlled by the State could be harmful to the residents of these systems, and perhaps to us all…

Thank you all for your time,



Today’s destruction by Federal Marines and Intaki Planetary Defense Forces of State Protectorate forces attempting to scout Intaki Prime demonstrates how timely the campaign by Aideron Robotics was. Some in the State clearly feel they have unfinished business on Intaki and without the improved fortifications installed after AIDER’s campaign, who can guess what might have followed.

I thank AIDER for its support for the ongoing negotiations between the Intaki Assembly and the President, I salute your intent to “pressure the Gallente Federation to see the Intaki people get their wish and end their use as a pawn in a war they never wanted” and I call on your counterparts under the State Protectorate banner to endorse the same message. If the two sides can only agree on one thing (and I’m sure there are others actually), let it be this!


I believe the only vial solution for ending conflict for Intaki is to seceed from the Federation and declare their Independence, like we did.

If CONCORD will accept independence of Intaki, the solar system will be forcibly excluded from the warzone.

As for us, the State always prefers peace, trade and business relations to the war. We are not enemies ot Intaki people and for sure will try to seek good deals with your new authorities. We neither need nor want another war.

And I doubt that after our pressure the Federation will have enough forces to start a new war to try to dominate Intaki into submission to gallentean hegemony again.

Of course, first Intaki shall get rid of all the Federal marine presence on the planet. After our scouting wasn’t successful, we are contemplating more drastic measures to solve this little problem. Permanently.

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This is propaganda from untrusted sources!!

The only reported unrest in Intaki originates from Gallente tied organizations who create unrest across the Intaki system, while Caldari forces work day and night to protect citizen from these groups. This is also the main reason why the division of Caldari Protectorate of Viriette was formed to ensure security, stability and cooperation between the Caldari state and people of Viriette region.

You mean The Scope?

Would you like to tell us your source?

I’d of expected this kind of reponse from Diana Kim, but she’s somehow not been the most unreasonable deluded person on the thread.

But I will say there are correct and incorrect ways of doing this.

I guess I’ll just put YOU on the list of the most unreasonable and toxic people whom I shall avoid in comms and prefer to meet in space instead.

I would like to begin by saying to the Intaki people, I am sorry, we tried.

For over a month we fought, took and held Intaki. We made it clear both using local fluid router comms channels and later here at the Intergalactic Summit.

Our cause was clear and our purpose was just. I would remind everyone here that the conflict that truly rocked the Intaki people in recent years was not between the Federation and the State, but rather between the State Megacorporations Ishikone and Lai Dai who chose to fight over the people, medical supplies, and religious artifacts as spoils of war, literally calling them “Corporation Reparations”.

There are those who have questioned my motivation, or the motivation of the Gallente people. I had no personal reason for Intaki, quite frankly I hate the place, more so than ever. If I never see the Gunstars glittering off of the Agoze Stargate I will be a happy Empyrean, though I know this is not meant to be. I do this not for joy or profit but out of sympathy for the downtrodden, and perhaps to expose those who would use the Intaki people for their own cause, rather than consider theirs.

My fellow Empyreans the likes of Diana above bring nothing to prove their cause is anything beyond State-sponsored abuse. If you truly want peace for Intaki then you would not support those who plundered their lands and murdered their people. Her words are as hollow as her accusations to Clementine Lafleur, who not only have had a long proud history of helping Baseliner populations in need but who had simply asked Diana to put proof behind her words, as I had.

Diana and the rest of the State are liars and have manipulated those who may seek Intaki independence to act against their own self-interests. If you want to respect the Intaki people then you should respect their attempts to support and work with President Celes Agard. We saw what was happening and did our best to help them, and with the rigorous conflict brought on by Diana, her allies, and the Intaki Separatists we were pushed out.

To the Intaki people I once again say I am sorry, we tried.

I am aware that thanks to our effort important fortifications were able to be established to protect Intaki from what is most likely coming to them thanks to State occupation. I can only hope it is enough.

Already we are receiving word from the World News ‘Reports of Caldari Militia Forces Attempting to Scout Surface of Intaki Prime “Destroyed in Upper Atmosphere”’ and that “Hyasyoda, Ishukone, and Wiyrkomi Megacorps Register Colonial Development Claim for Intaki System with CBT”. I do not believe for one moment that this is a move that will respect the long and proud history of the Intaki people and system.
I would also like to thank all of you who did work with us to help us understand the situation within Intaki, and work with us here at the Summit to attempt to negotiate a positive outcome. Especially thank you to Auriga for recognizing the value of our efforts.

The Intaki called out for help, and we responded. We tried to help them.

To all those who fought against us. To those who joined the State militia to “protect Intaki” from us. Whatever is to come next, the blood is on your hands.

You caused this. We tried to help.

And we will be back.

Join Aideron Robotics, and bring freedom to the cluster.


You little petty dishonorable slanderer! How dare you accuse State officer in Lying?! What ‘proof’ you need, you, empty barker?

Speaking about the blood on the hands, blood is on the hands of those, who fight not for security, but for freedom. Blood is on the hands of freedom cultists and terrorists like that, on liars and slanderers like you, on brainwashed fanatics who murder people for the sake of empty ideals, or even worse - for inhuman damaging and destructive ideals like freedom. After all, what is a freedom if not a pure act of destroying?

You are guilty in the deaths that happened in Intaki, and you WILL pay for your crimes.
And not with money.
Because for blood you pay with BLOOD.

We will come for you, and we will enact justice on every freedom cultist and brainwashed fanatic like you. We will protect human lives from your atrocities. And we will find every criminal who dares to commit murder for the sake of freedom, and deliver the cluster from their unworthy existence.
With Fire and Steel!

Only a hit hound hollers. I only hope the truth of your motives and actions are on clear display for all.

I posted News reports to show my reasoning. All we get from you is spitting threats and empty statements. Your statement about the unrest stemming from Gallente flies in the face of the evidence presented that the damage caused was a corporate conflict between State megacorporations.

As I said, the will of the Intaki people is very clear, it was my hope that these embattled peoples would finally get the future they deserve, but it would seem that others are still bound to use force and bloodshed to silence and coopt those who cannot rightly defend themselves.

Truly pathetic.

Really? Empty?
Well, you’re not in Intaki anymore. I never toss out empty statements. I do what I tell, and of all the people you should have learned this yourself since that was demonstrated on your skin. Usually for rational people just one demonstration is enough, I guess you’re not among them. Eventually even you’ll learn, though I guess, in a hard way.

You probably need to learn some history. Why Syndicate was formed, why Caldari-Gallente war started in the first place, and why it started in the Second time, and what role Intaki played in that, and what consequece faced those who were standing for fighting for our independence ancestors from gallente ultra-nationalists. And before jumping on Lai Dai you should have checked why they picked Intaki and whom did they raid and why, and what has happened in Khanid.

Was there at least ANYTHING that I have said in here even tiny bit incorrect or needed any proof?
Wasn’t I clear enough?

The Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive has extended an invitation to Caldari and Gallente forces, in hopes of achieving an agreement that is beneficial to both sides. We just need to see the same interest in a diplomatic outcome from the Defence Union leadership.

This is incorrect, the Ishukone Corporation and it’s subsidiaries have conducted themselves honourably in all their dealings with the Intaki Assembly and will continue to for the foreseeable future. It was the Lai Dai Corporation that acted belligerently, there is a difference.


I’m not normally one to participate in the pedantic squabbling of the Pendulum Wars, but I couldn’t help but feel compelled to say something in the face of so much deliberately wrong (or simply misinformed?) statements.

I just about spat out my black coffee reading this. I have never once, in more than ten years deployed out to Placid and Syndicate, ever heard someone say that Intaki suffers due to decisions made by Ishukone. You are alone in this ideology - deserted in a field of desolate lies. The atrocities committed by Lai Dai occurred because Lai Dai took advantage of the nullification of the bids from the corporate auction under the Heth regime. Thus, officially, whenever Intaki was under the influence of the State Protectorate, the former authority of Ishukone never held any jurisdiction in terms of megacorporate affairs. The latest news of TNR Combine as a whole making an official bid for the system is a rectification of such a mistake. I couldn’t be more proud of my parent corporation for taking this bold initiative - even if I am more than frustrated at the lapse of time from the Lai Dai raids until now. Such an action should have happened much, much sooner.

Furthermore, I am not sure what sorts of megacorp paraphernalia you are examining when making statements on behalf of Ishukone, but I can correctly inform you that never has the people or property of Intaki ever been referred to as “corporate reparations.” This is simply false beyond measure.

The current leadership of Lai Dai are scoundrels. Taking advantage of others is what they do. Tragically, the victims of their attention more than a year ago were the people of Intaki.

Ishukone, on the other hand, has had nothing but beneficial and respectful relations with the Intaki Assembly for more than a decade now. The contract between Ishukone and the Intaki Assembly wasn’t renewed a few years ago, which brings me to my next point…

Beyond the self-admittance of your disdain for Intaki, I’d like to bring attention to the very pervasive attitude which you seem to share with a number of your Federal colleagues - emphasis mine.

Do you want to know why the Intaki Assembly has a history of hesitation towards the Federal government? This. This is why. You come blazing through the system after the Intaki Assembly has explicitly declined the desire for any Federal Navy presence as if you are a grand champion of light, love, and liberty coming to sweep up horrendously depressed and abused peoples. I can assure you after more than a decade of working with and alongside Placid and Syndicate Intaki, they are anything but those two descriptors.

Intaki Prime is a vibrant world with an equally vibrant people. They are not clamoring for rations. They are not living out in dirt huts en masse. They are independent, well-developed, and sovereign. They don’t need your help - they want you to leave them alone. If the rest of the Federal administration shares such a toxic hero complex such as yourself, I have fears for the future of relations between the Assembly and Federation at-large. Respect the Intaki, and treat them as equals. There is no other way forward.

To address the rest of your points:

Diana Kim and the rest of the State Protectorate capsuleers are not representative of the State. Just as Aideron Robotics and the rest of the Federal Defence Union capsuleers are not representative of the Federation. Why the likes of Kim and Lambda have taken such a sinister interest in Intaki and Her adjacent colonies is beyond my understanding, but know that what they say and what they do are not representative of the Caldari State at large. Especially Kim - a devout Provist, a group whom were labeled as traitors and terrorists by the governing body of the Caldari State.

Considering that Ishukone already has a venerable history of respecting the Intaki Assembly and its people, I will politely disagree with your assessment of the situation. Despite the cuts of my words levied against you above, I truly believe that we share one view in common - the raids of Intaki Prime by Lai Dai were abhorrent. TNR Combine moving to secure future developments in the system is the best possible thing that can happen to the Intaki solar system so long as it remains locked in the CEWPA warzone. The crimes that happened on Intaki soil by Lai Dai will not happen again, ever.

If you are true to your word that you wish to help the people of Intaki, then I hope you will reflect on the veracity of your statements, and consider researching the facts of the history of the system before you make future allegations against Ishukone or the “Intaki Separatists” you speak of. And I hope with time, you will consider the proposals that will soon be coming your way. I’ll be in touch.


Diana Kim is a veteran pilot and commanding officer in the Caldari Military, how isn’t she not part of Caldari? Her major war efforts helped Caldari to achieve major victories for long time. Her reputation exceeds many.

While the State Protectorate is a regional governing body which was commissioned by the Caldari Military High Command in order to achieve security, stability and peace for the State, as far as I know since the establishment of the Protectorate there has been no incidents (the scouting forces was prior to this), the Protectorate doesn’t involve itself in local politics, leaving it to the people, while under Gallente rule they tried to spread their “ideology”?

I can only express what our commanding officer John Revenent said:

We are still open to start a negotiation with the people of Intaki, and also with the Gallente to achieve a long lasting mutually beneficial agreement.

The Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive will always support the Intaki people!


Sir, with all due respect, I’d like point that we should take words of Korsavius with a grain of salt. The person is unapologetic pilot of I-RED corporation that is known for treason (they were declaring wars on the major State military corporations in this war and were flying together with Enemies of the State against Soldiers of the State, there are numerous evidences in the archives). He was openly resisting State government and, if I am not mistaken, was even punished for that.
If anything, its him who should not be even considered as a representative of State, Caldari or our way of life. Saying he’s like Caldari would be similar as claiming Gurista are Caldari, which both is rather insulting.

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Well, I’ll be so bold to say thing directly: no, you all are freelancers on the service of very limited part of SAF, not an actual military.

How so? Can Commander Kim with her rank request and command a combat group of Navy vessels? Can she at all interact with Black Rise Wing of CalNav? And of course — I don’t believe that I repeat what was said by freaking goon — do you all get a salary each month like in military?

Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with being a mercenary — after all SAF itself see nothing wrong in hiring PMCs if need arise. And Commander Kim have good combat skills. It’s just about how it works.

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You know what? If Ishikone are willing to stand up and assist in a unified effort consistent with the wishes of the Senate and the President and protect these people from the other State actors who may do otherwise than I will happily take back my words and sing your praises to the stars.

Otherwise all of this is little better than cover for the truly bad actors.

And so it begins… again.

Never mind, after further consideration, it never stopped.

If our State friends really mean what they say, wait until the Assembly petitions the Senate for independence, then negotiate with whatever Intaki state that emerges as a free power.

So long as Intaki is a member state within the Federal Union, any State actions, no matter how loud, there protestations of noble intent are just meddling and rank tactical maneuvering.

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The Federation has done it’s share of meddling and rank tactical maneuvering of it’s own since it’s inception. Don’t pretend like it hasn’t, or that it’s goals are entirely noble. The Gallente of the Federation love to think their actions are pure of heart and they can do no wrong, yet are seemingly quick to forget their own crimes.


How petty is that, asking for a State corporation to commit a treason and collaborate with aggressors, who torture and murder State citizens!

It is true, however, that Ishukone is the weakest of our State and already disgraced itself with dishonorable collaboration with foreign occupants. Without doubt, this Mega needs new CEO who will prevent any further disgraces like that.

Meanwhile, do you really think we as the whole State can’t simply stop our little naughty gremlin from committing another treason and shove it back into the box so it won’t pop it’s ugly head again?

Ishukone does not represent the whole State. It’s our weak and painful spot. But it’s insignificant, really, your attempt to try to convince them to disgrace themselves one more time only shows how pathetic and desperate you are.