Intaki Lore Archive - A Thread Reborn

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Last year, CCP closed the EVElopedia, and with it went the lore.

In game and in character, the Intaki Liberation Front works to preserve Intaki culture and traditions, and so what better than to bring some RP to real life?

In the face of so much content being lost, we announced that we’d save and upload as much Intaki lore as we could lay our hands on.

While the official EVE Online Fiction Portal has since appeared, a lot of the content is still missing, and so for those who can’t wait, I’ve listed the content from our site below.

Please note that we did not changing the content of any article, except to remove the old dead wiki links, and to tweak the formatting so that it fits the visual theme of the website. The text lore content remains unchanged.


EVElopedia Articles:



  • Intaki Tidbits (A collection of paragraphs on a range of Intaki-based topics)
  • Slavery (A collection of paragraphs regarding slavery, relevant to the Intaki)


Having checked our offline archives, we have so much more content still to upload :no_mouth:

EVE Lore FAQ & Lore Resources Megathread
Prosperity Comes To Intaki At Last
Why Your Empire Sucks
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And because player-created lore matters as much as the backstory, here are some of the ILF stories that made the official headlines in the good old days:

Happily for us it’s not all nostalgic content, and more recently we got a mention in the Scope News ticker:

Because who doesn’t like a little self promotion, given the opportunity? :sunglasses:

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Some useful logos I worked up a few months ago. Feel free to use as desired (credit optional :slight_smile: )

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When I first started, many years ago, there was already a wealth of lore on Intaki and the ILF. I’m very glad to see it’s still available. :heart:

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Thank you for making this archive! Bookmarking the topic for reading. Feels so good. :slight_smile: :rocket: :heart:

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Nice logos! Thanks! :heart:

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The ILF website by no means provides all of the Intaki lore out there, so I wanted to create a post specifically focussing on all of the Scope News articles, that I’ve been able to locate.

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As the original title suggests, this thread is far from the first of its kind, bringing together as much Intaki content and lore as a single resource. In fact, an Intaki lore thread has been Reborn, across each of the EVE forums’ incarnations.

Each of those threads has highlighted Intaki lore in their own way, and so to make sure none of it was lost to history, I wanted to share links to them all here for people to rediscover.

The original - “Intaki Canonical Resources” - was started in late 2004 / YC106, for players to add and dig into the relevant in-game news and live events as they happened.

In 2006 / YC108, a player (CometQueen) ran a series of in character interview articles with some of the prominent Intaki roleplayers of the time, and the Intaki live event character from the old AURORA days, Vremaja Idama. Although these were in character, their content stands as established lore in its own right, and so I have included them here:

In 2011 / YC113, another player (Bastion Valoron) took a look at the darker side of Intaki lore, on the Backstage Forums with his thread “Intaki Shades of Gray”.

And finally, much more recently in 2016 / YC118, Tarek Raimo wrote two articles on the Intaki for Crossing Zebras:

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Last year, CCP closed the EVElopedia, and with it went the lore.

Bataav, Not sure whether all the lost Intaki lore from the EVElopedia has been recovered. If so, kudos. If not, please note a zip file archive of the entire EVElopedia is available for download here:

Should be possible to search the db and glean the rest of the old lore topics that may still be missing, if any. It is a CCP-sanctioned file and download location, as explained here:

Just thought I’d mention in case you were unaware.

Fly safe!

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