A request to LDPS to reveal findings on Intaki V

According to the latest report, the Lai Dai Protection Service has raided monasteries and medical research facilities on Intaki V.

And I would like to ask about findings in these facilities and monasteries.

The choice of targets looks quite ominous, like there was some awkward cult and medical experiments.

We know that the territory of Intaki system has been infested by Ishukone, by traitors and fifth-columnists, not speaking about Federal agents. We also know that Ishukone is that Megacorporation that introduced TCMC - which, while could be used in medical purposes, could be used as well for creating mindless overloyal soldiers.

Are we under threat of analogue of new “Sansha Nation” emergence on Intaki V under supervision of Ishukone, Federals and fifth column? What we will have to deal with soon?

I understand, that the information can be classified, yet by knowing it we could help more.

Please keep in mind, loyal State citizens will always be honored to support LDPS in fight against traitors and Federals, even without provided information.

A concerned citizen.

If anyone should know about traitors and fifth-columnists it’s a Heth supporter.

Perhaps we should focus on what is best for the non-capsuleers stuck in the middle of this nonsense instead of the political machinations of the old Empires?

Should a loved one be diagnosed with Turit disease or any other long-term condition, would you prefer to know that scientists were researching a cure or that your empire scored a minor strategic objective? Would you prefer to know they are able to access pastoral care through their faith or that a cultist could possibly, maybe have been discovered?

I think your access to informorphs has hardened you to the plight of others, Ms Kim. Perhaps you should try living without for a while…

Of course, because Executor Heth was leading the State when all the scum began committing the treason. During YC110-115 those who didn’t support Executor Heth were clearly either traitors or otherwise hostile to the State elements. So, yes, you had to be in support of your legitimate government to call out traitors, otherwise it would be hypocrisy.

Something people like you shall learn, considering your words against your legitimate authority - CONCORD, that you must learn to respect in order to discuss topics like treason and loyalty.

And where is Mr Heth now, Ms Kim? Is he still leading the State? Or did he get charged with malfeasance, misappropriation, embezzlement, murder, terrorism, and political extremism?

Chap sounds like a paragon of loyalty to the Caldari State. And I’m sure any supporter of his is surely not a fifth-columnist, eh Ms Kim?

He has died as a Hero, fighting Sansha in Aivonen. If you can’t say anything on topic and want to discuss our former Glorious Executor, please move the discussion to “Off-topic” thread or ask questions in corresponding “Intergalactic Summit” neocom channel instead of making a nuisance of yourself on public forums.

Saving this for later.


With due respect, this is relevant. You support a man charged as a traitor l. Yet you are more concerned about throwing out the same accusations and finding out information for your own possibly nefarious intents instead of focusing on the well-being of the civilian population.

That deserves to be challenged and questioned.

That’s quite a leap of logic. This coming from someone who, at the security summit, legitimately proposed 'vengeance for the handling of Waschii City’ as a motivation for Lai Dai.

Dear concerned corporate wage slave,

First your corporate overlords invade and occupy Placid. Now it turns out that the internecine warfare of the Corporate State is spilling over and, as Ishukone and Lai Dai fight over colonial rent, Intaki science and spirituality suffer the collateral damage.

The one concern conspicuously absent form your message is the welfare of the occupied people of the Intaki system.

A people that refer to Ida as an awkward cult have no business lording over Intaki space. Also, Intaki can hardly be “infested” by Federal agents but rather by Caldari intruders. It’s time for the infestation to end.


A concerned Intaki citizen of the Federation

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Keep the name of my system out of your filthy ■■■■■■■ mouth Calamulav.

Mind your own business and ■■■■ off back to Black Rise where you belong.

Now, that’s a blatant slander.
I always knew CODE were delusoined and now I see that. Or was you simply bought by gallente propagandists?

You know that in the State it is a criminal offenisive blaming people in the actions they have never committed? And since I’ve never commit a support of a person who would be charged with a treason, that makes you a criminal - a slanderer.

You display the most of the shameful behavior.

I will give you one chance and one only to show you have at least a tiny bit of sense of honor. For your offense against the State uniform I have honor to wear, I challenge you to a duel. You can pick a ship or face me in station. You have five days to decide whether you want to save your honor or discard your reputation completely.

Slavery is illegal in Caldari State.

Blaming an officer of State Protectorate in being a slave is a slander. If you have evidences for me violating State law and being illegally a slave, you must provide evidences to Caldari Business Tribunal and not in public forum.

But since you did that in public, trying to stain my reputation, I have to demand you to answer for that - I challenge you to a duel. You can pick a ship or meet me in a station to solve that one by one. You have 5 days to decide, if YOU value your honor and reputation.

Your system is under the State supervision now.
And since it is still in the warzone, any unlawful attempt at resistance will be dealt with deadly force without warning.

Glory to the State!
– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

Ms Kim, is your default response to try to duel people? You seem to care more about duels that the civilians you pretend to protect.

As Ms Vynneve and I were challenged at the same time, I presume this is a 2-on-1 duel you are proposing?

Mme des Larmes,

I do hope you are less quick to take offence than Ms. Kim, because by reason of my profession I take especial exception to the activities of CODE, and my reputation would suffer as much from losing a duel to Ms. Kim as from winning it fighting alongside the likes of yourself.

Given Ms. Kim’s access to infomorph technology, there is no loss to either of us by her fighting us in succession.

You say supervision, I say occupation, she says filthy mouth.

The wonders of irregular verbs.

Ms. Kim,

Given that you still have given no indication that your concern for the goings-on in the Intaki system extends beyond internal Caldari politics, to include the welfare of my people under Caldari occupation, it will be my pleasure to give you satisfaction. I choose frigate-class as the weapon. I will have my second contact you privately to agree a neutral location.

No, each of you will have to reply for each of your slanders separately, since you bring two different groundless accusations against my person.

And the challenge issued does not related to civilians to protect in any case. It is answer on your personal behavior.

Speaks the woman who at the beginning of this thread made the groundless accusations of medical experimentation on Intaki V. When do you answer on your personal behavior, pilot Kim? If this is the representation one can expect from someone speaking in support of Lai Dai, I can see now why they sack monasteries and medical facilities.

I accept your choice of weapon and will be waiting for the contact.

As for internal Caldari politics, I would like to disagree with this. In this case I am worried not only about well-being of the State as a whole, but also our cluster, since the repeating of Kuvakei’s story is a security threat for everyone. If Ishukone with Federation indeed use Intaki for the development of zombified or TCMC-ed soldiers under pretense of some sort of religious cult and medical research, it’s in all our best interest to help Lai Dai to deal with this issue while it is localized to one world.