The Intaki Crisis : The Intaki Diaspora Responds


Ida practitioners are aware of the cyclical nature of all things. Destruction begets creation that begets destruction. Wildfire is followed by green shoots that will one day burn again. So it is with the flames now burning on Intaki - conflict cycled anew that, while part of life, demands action.

Though the Intaki people themselves are scattered like seeds across the garden of New Eden, we all fall from the same ancient tree. Across Placid, the Syndicate, neighboring regions of both the Federation and State, and beyond, many of us share one unifying concern: the nurture of Intaki Prime. Some among those, hitherto disparate, have come together as collaborators under one banner: daridas intakitun, The Intaki Diaspora.

Mindful of the temperance required by our diverse perspectives, the signatories commit:

  • to undertake collective action, wherever possible, in pursuit of our shared concern for Intaki Prime;
  • to recognize and respect in each other both our shared and diverse views; and
  • to seek sympathetic entities and individuals to join us in making this collective commitment.

As we do not wish to challenge the sovereignty of the Intaki Assembly, we will operate in consultation with it whenever possible.

The ongoing mission pursued by the Diaspora involves:

  • security operations within the Intaki system;
  • paramilitary operations on the surface of Intaki Prime;
  • promoting the Intaki V-5 Trade Hub;
  • exerting economic pressure on the sponsors of attacks on Intaki Prime; and
  • humanitarian relief and cultural restoration efforts in response to the recent attacks.

The Diaspora’s member organisations are united in the hope that our collaboration will deliver lasting, concrete benefits to the people of Intaki Prime.

Like the cycle of all things, the Diaspora’s membership is mutable. It is founded by the following signatories:

Intaki Prosperity Initiative

Icarus Conflict Solutions

Chatelain Auxiliary Response

United Neopian Federation

Dusk of the Old Horizon

We are daridas intakitun, The Intaki Diaspora.
drut aditun
phirm ilenge


Namas Tayam

The Intaki system is significant to many of us for different reasons.

To some of us it is our home. To others it holds a deep significance due to our ethnic heritage and it is where our forebears came from, and to others still, it is an important member state of the Gallente Federation.

It is therefore understandable that the events leading up to the current crisis on Intaki Prime have prompted a number of reactions and responses.

While some have chosen to take direct action, these responses have been accompanied by a number of public statements, declarations of intent as well as the expected commentary responses that follow. The result is a situation that is perhaps not as clear to follow as it could be.

Therefore I would like to provide a very brief summary, bringing all of those discussion threads together, just as we in the Daridas Intakitun have come together.

Late last year, the Intaki Liberation Front made a public statement 1 regarding the discovery, and failed rescue attempt of Idama en Waro. When the extremist group Tears of Rescard took matters into their own hands 2, and carried out terrorist attacks in a number of Khanid systems, they set into motion a series of events now referred to as the Intaki Crisis.

As attacks against civilians on Intaki Prime began, a number of concerned individuals and organisations gathered at the Intaki Security Summit3 to discuss how to respond.

Almost immediately, the military situation escalated, with the arrival of Lai Dai Protection Service troops, raising concerns4, 5 from those within the State, and the deployment of the Internal Watch by the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive6.

What was the Intaki Security Summit has since evolved. The availability of some waned, and we have seen an increase in concern from those with a stronger bond to Intaki itself, and the seeds of the Daridas Intakitun were sown.

While some among us have debated and theorised7 the reason for Lai Dai’s sudden interest in the Intaki system, the crisis has prompted others to move assets and personnel in and out of Intaki and surrounding systems8, 9, in support of Intaki’s interests.

Others still have responded to Lai Dai’s aggression against civilians, by listing objectionable items on the open market from LDPS stations at inflated prices10, or undercutting Lai Dai’s prices for other commodities, with the object of targeting the megacorporations cash flow. Steps have also been taken to mitigate any potential acts of aggression by Lai Dai11 in response to these efforts.

Our grouping of corporations and alliances is not formal in the way that some may be familiar with the coalitions of the outer regions of New Eden. We are not bound by structures of governance or policy.

We are simply a collective, sharing an intrinsic bond from which our concern for Intaki springs.

I am proud that the Intaki Prosperity Initiative is counted among the Daridas Intakitun. The Intaki Diaspora.

Pratya yavati

Suresha | Intaki Liberation Front
Intaki Prosperity Initiative


The members of the Intaki Diaspora can continue to consider I-RED aligned with the goals you’ve set out to achieve. However due to the unfolding situation and it’s continued volatility that the various groups involved at present, we cannot commit fully to your cause.

As the Intaki Security Summit has waned in it’s ability to produce results, and representatives have centralized their commitments, the Directive will be forced to withdraw to a independent position and remain completely at the disposal of our parent corporation, Ishukone.

We look forward to continuing diplomatic dialog with all organizations interested in seeing this conflict come to a peaceful end.

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So what I read from all this is all that time sat in meetings didn’t do anything, the people of Intaki are still at risk and all the capsuleer agencies are going to just do their own thing and hope for the best?


Is there any evidence anyone can point me to that shows any capsuleer group has done anything to protect the Intaki people or - and here’s a radical idea - talk to Lai Dai and see what their concerns on Intaki are and try to find a middle ground? If not, maybe it’s time to just let the megas sort it out and try not to accidentally gift Lai Dai potential weapons of mass destruction by giving them free toxic waste, for instance.

Miss Larmes, Suresha Bataav has provided all of this information in his summary with associated links above. It is my personal opinion that while the meetings served a purpose, delegates who initially showed support stopped attending and talks stagnated. Those who remained were forced to delegate among ourselves and we decided that the best course of action was to form a coalition of like-minded individuals. Frankly, this was long overdue.

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I understand this but I shall put the implied question behind my statement more prominently so it cannot be glossed-over in a glib replay:

What’s different this time?

The Summit wasn’t a waste as you imply. We accomplished what we initially set out to do, what I meant by my statement was as time went on we witnessed a cohesive breakdown with interested parties.

Ishuk-Raata has done much in our attempts to secure assets in space and on the ground, as have members of the Security Summit. You should refer to the thread for more information.


I shall ask again, what’s to stop this group having ‘a cohesive breakdown with interested parties’?

You know as well as I do that capsuleers are worse than a Slaver Hound in an abattoir when it comes to the latest cause célèbre and the only people with a real stake as I see it are Ishukone, Lai Dai, ILF, IPI and possibly I-RED if Ishukone want them involved. Beyond that, what’s to say people won’t get bored and wander off like last time?

Maybe - just maybe - it’s time to facilitate talks between Lai Dai & Ishukone and find out if there’s a compromise that a) doesn’t need more bloodshed and b) doesn’t require easily distractible capsuleers to get in the way?

Ms des Larmes

That’s not entirely accurate, no.

The discussions that took place as the Intaki Security Summit successfully supported the ongoing efforts of the Intaki Prime Relief Effort, and a number of participants committed to providing relief supplies, and other resources to that work. This was invaluable to those affected on the ground.

Additionally, a number of ISS participants committed personnel and other military assets, in support of local Intaki government forces. While some of these troops remain in place today, others have redeployed elsewhere in the Viriette Constellation.

As Ms Amadi has said, just as our friends in I-RED recognised that the Intaki Security Summit had run its course, we too realised that its potential had suffered due to the limitations of some delegates’ availability and participation.

We are pleased to hear that I-RED are at the full disposal of their parent corporation, and I am personally confident in Ishukone’s legal case against Lai Dai and the Onikanabo Brigade.

To answer your question, what is different now?

What you have identified yourself, as shortcomings in the ISS, follow a well established pattern in Intaki. Organisations from far afield will engage initially with good intentions, only for their attention to drift, for other matters to become a priority, until it is those of us in Intaki who remain to continue.

For those of us in the Intaki Diaspora, almost nothing surpasses the significance of the Intaki homeworld. For those of us who have lived and worked in the Intaki system for years, many of our own staff and volunteers have themselves been, or have close friends and family who have been affected by the crisis.

Our commitment is absolute.


Ishukone is more then capable of facilitating talks. Capsuleer organizations have a tendency to disrupt, and this is definitely a matter we should avoid disrupting.


It is a fair question. I hope some of the responses and, perhaps, rereading the first two posts in this thread, draw your attention to the variety of ongoing and concrete actions that are being pursued.

I would echo Bataav’s observation of capsuleer behaviour in and around Intaki. The signatories to this declaration have, to varying extents admittedly, a collective track record of consistent local activity which should reassure you that we are not going to become distracted.

That said, there is quite a low limit to what we can achieve if the principals in this conflict remain determined. None of us are in a position to facilitate talks between Lai Dai and Ishukone! We have been talking to a Lai Dai capsuleer citizen who has shown an interest in the hope of building a bridge there but, frankly, this is above all our pay grades - which leaves doing our best to tinker around the edges.



From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your concern…

Actually, no. All that time sat in meetings clarified everyone’s positions. And the capsuleer agencies that used to just do their own thing and that are choosing to remain involved are going to work as a group. I have been hot-headed. I will now be reined in. Some of the other signatories have actually tripped over one another for lack of coordination during this crisis already, but that will not happen again.

I’ll speak for myself only, as this regards actions undertaken before the intakitun manifesto was agreed and signed.

As I said elsewhere (linked to by @Bataav) the Intaki system, being a 0.1 security system, has no CONCORD customs. Which evidently presents a problem for the inhabitants. I have done my best to enhance the surveillance of access points to the system. In fact I am doing that on an ongoing basis as it involves monitoring wormholes on a 24-hour cycle.

I have not heard from Lai Dai Protection Service about my lawfully-entered market orders at their stations. They seem to be the ones not interested in talking to measly capsuleers.

You make it sound as if the Intaki V conflict is a primarily a disagreement between Ishukone and Lai Dai. It isn’t. The primary aggrieved parties in Lai Dai’s actions are the sovereign government of Intaki V - namely the Intaki Assembly - and the Ida monasteries.

You are implying that just allowing Ishukone and Lai Dai to reach a settlement would solve the problem. That is not necessarily the case. Ishukone might well agree to let Lai Dai run rampage planetside, in exchange for compensation elsewhere. There is no reason why Ishukone or Lai Dai would need to have the best interest of the people of Intaki V at heart in their bilateral negotiations.

There was no accidental gift. Either Lai Dai confiscates my stuff, in which case they’ll see me in court for breach of lawfully-entered market orders; or they buy me out. Moreover, toxic waste was chosen precisely because it is listed as a commodity that Lai Dai Protection Service supplies for sale at their own stations. If they want weapons of mass destruction, they don’t need me to provide them - accidentally or otherwise.

So, your point was…?

:pray: Namas, Ange

Or they let the orders expire, at which point you’ve wasted money and achieved nothing. (Hint: This is what they’ll do.)

Hint: that buys me 90 days and then I can roll the orders over.

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And still achieve nothing.

What would satisfy you more, Arrendis, that I try nothing or that I achieve nothing?

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I can’t speak for Arrendis, I’ll be satisfied if you fail to achieve (presumably not on purpose) a calamity of some sort.

You’re literally playing with radioactive waste. And while Lai Dai seems to be considering doing the same thing only worse by moving it into places where it stands a constant chance of being aerosolized by a rail gun round, I have way more chance of persuading you it’s a bad idea and you should try something else.

Rest assured I will be trying something else in the near future.

I’d say “oh good,” but you mean “additionally,” not “instead,” don’t you?

Because escalating a confrontation with one of the State’s more militaristic megacorporations is going to lead to good things?

Putting words in my mouth now?

Keep on keeping on.