LDPS Landing on Intaki Homeworld

Following the disclosure that Lai Dai Protection Service personnel have deployed on the surface of Intaki V, I performed a cursory reconnoiter of the orbital stations and planetary infrastructure of the Intaki homeworld. Anticipating an evolving situation, the present aim is to continue to monitor the planetary system for activity pertinent to the prosperity of Lai Dai constituents.

Local pod-pilot traffic from 0800-1000 NEST was limited primarily to State Protectorate and militia partisans. Intaki V low orbit was clear of visible transport or military vessels. Upwell deployables showed no abnormal activity, though an IHTA Tourism depot appeared to be on remote lockdown.

The Astral Mining Refinery at Intaki V Moon 5 continued to host convoys of Ishukone haulers under escort by Mordu’s Legion sentries. There were no apparent restrictions on transit in-and-around this or any other local facility.

No encounters with LDPS vessels were made, suggesting the planetside deployment is complete.

Lai Dai citizens shall continue to rely on the Service to defend our interests. Good fortune in parting. ⅊

It’s good to see the LDPS takes the lead in providing the security for the system, well known already for harboring piracy and fifth column elements from the State.

I would like to offer my services and Protectorate forces for security of Lai Dai property from a potential attack, would it be from Federal agents, collaborators or well known traitors operating in the vicinity of the system.

Glory to the State!
– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.,
State Protectorate