A day of reckoning - we come for en Waro

In late YC120, Wafneque Erilon, an Ida monasteries monk from Intaki Prime, came across one Ailoea en Waro in the Khanid Kingdom. Erilon has used prophesied physical characteristics to strongly suggest that en Waro is the continuation of an Idama that passed away on Intaki Prime in YC99. Despite peaceful attempts by Erilon and the Ida monasteries to secure en Waro from Khanid slaver Sa-Baron Atazil Kufail, en Waro remains shackled to his whims, her mind suppressed by a transcranial microcontroller. En Waro, if it is to be true that she is indeed the “Lost Idama”, is someone of significant importance to Intaki who are adherent to the Ida.

While a fair number of our employees do not subscribe to the Ida faith, we nonetheless wholly support the desire of many of our people to bring Idama en Waro home. Almost a year has passed since en Waro’s discovery by Monk Erilon. Action from the appropriate authorities has been minimal, or non-existent. It seems the powers that be have forgotten about this significant issue. Today, Tears of Reschard reminded them the severity of this problem.

We applaud the brave souls of the Idama en Waro Repatriation Front, who valiantly attempted to retrieve en Waro from the ship she was believed to be held aboard in from deep within Khanid territory. The lives of those courageous men and women who were lost in the ensuing battle are not forgotten. Their sacrifices empower the future. And today, they have been avenged.

Tears of Reschard has successfully carried out an attack specifically targeted against Sa-Baron Kufail and his territories. We have spread Freedom, Justice, and Vengeance across six inhabited worlds in the Seevadin constellation of the Khanid Kingdom. Meanwhile, Royal Khanid Navy response will be dampened thanks to attacks carried out aboard the RKN stations in the systems of Gehi and Vezila.

An assortment of makeshift atmospheric rockets were assembled during the planning stages of this attack. All rocket series were reinforced with crystalline carbonide metal plates to withstand entry into terrestrial world atmospheres. Every rocket also came equipped with a supercomputer system to coordinate incoming transmissions from command ships via transmitters, as well as guidance systems and thruster vectors via the thruster control console. Each rocket was powered by a nuclear reactor which, if a successful landing path was achieved, served to produce substantial toxic radiation via a meltdown reaction controlled by the command craft. Rockets were ferried to their planetary targets via modified Exequror-class vessels. Upon successful launch from the command ship, each rocket took anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes to conduct a full systems check before being ordered to their targets on each planet.

The Freedom series of rockets specialized in stable atmospheric flight at high speeds. They were loaded with Deathglow which was loaded into nozzles and released into the planetary atmosphere if everything went smoothly. An appropriate craft to incite freedom and rebellion based off of the results from Kahah, Thebeka, and other recent uprisings.

The Justice series of rockets were laden with explosives and designed to target capital cities on target planets. Upon entering an appropriate distance from the target city, the rocket would fracture into several components, essentially becoming multiple bombs which would inflict heavy damage on infrastructure and life.

The Vengeance series of rockets were loaded with a toxic concoction of viral agents loaded into dispensers which aerosolized the mixture into the atmosphere of the target planet. These rockets were designed to cause severe health issues for afflicted individuals, and possibly death if left untreated for too long.

In order to slow any response from local RKN forces, the two RKN stations within the Seevadin constellation were incapacitated prior to launching the planetary attacks. Aboard each station, six inconspicuous containers were detonated in order to overwhelm station resources. Three laden with explosives, and three laden with potent viral agents for each station, respectively.

Attack breakdown:
Gehi IV - Freedom, Vengeance
Gehi VII - Freedom, Justice
Ham IX - Freedom, Justice
Ham VIII - Freedom, Vengeance
Upt III - Justice, Vengeance
Upt V - Vengeance, Justice

With our attack complete, Tears of Reschard forces are now retreating from Khanid Kingdom space. We await to see the full results of our efforts.

Let this be a message to Sa-Baron Kufail. We will not rest. We will not relent. You have been afforded too much leniency. That ends today. We will come for you. We will come for your property. We will come for your family. We will not stop until Idama en Waro is free and safe on Intaki Prime where she belongs. You have an unparalleled level of savagery, but we shall aim to surpass it.

Tears of Reschard

In the meantime, I will provide updates below regarding the attack:

Update 1: Upt V Vengeance rocket experienced a critical malfunction while attempting to breach the planet’s atmosphere and subsequently disintegrated

Update 2: Ham IX Justice rocket was shot down prior to fragmenting due to advanced early warning city defenses; the resulting plummeting wreckage caused minimal infrastructure damage and killed six people


Every p’vrevaghar shamajaakah better be warned. They give us our Idama back or people die.

Alar Chakaid, you wekotun, take notice.

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I am sure that @Alar_Chakaid will respond to this with the proportionate measures for which he has become renowned.

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What sad things a terrorist has to do to stand out these days.

I won’t quite say I can’t understand. But you realize what happens if (1) you fail to exceed your target’s savagery and (2) somebody takes your name as a suggestion on how to respond? There’s basically just one Intaki world, after all. The likely consequences of hitting it are severe, but … well. That’s not stopping you, is it?

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You are going to get her killed, you stupid, vile, heinous man. And after you have gotten her killed, you will blame the Khanid for it. Not the sa-Baron, not the King, but all of us. And she will turn up elsewhere, eventually, won’t she? Another baby Idama, and planets of dead, diseased Khanid. This is what you want!

…I don’t even know what else to say, or what else you could do. You are already using nuclear weapons, plague, and poisons on us. Will she be proud?


Now, I don’t believe that this “attack” is anything more than a pile of turd, but in case there has been the slightest bit of consequence, I hope the perpetrators are in capacity to repel any retaliation against settlements in Syndicate and Placid.

I’d hate to be dragged into a fight by a bunch of sockpuppets with angry faces drawn on them, only to have them hide between our legs as soon as danger presents itself.

On a final note, it was the Idama’s will to find new life outside the Federation, and it isn’t for a terrorist wannabe to determine where she is free and safe. If her path leads her back to homeworld, so be it, but as it stands her slavery is not any less acceptable than any other’s, and you’re not doing anyone a favor here.

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As Suresha of the Intaki Liberation Front, I would like to make it clear that both the ILF and the Intaki Prosperity Initiative alliance distance ourselves from these ill-considered acts of terror by Tears of Reschard.

For a group dedicated to the memory of the attack on Reschard V thirteen years ago, attacking civilian planetary targets was a particularly thoughtless act.

I echo the sentiments I made late last year, when I said that I empathised with the strength of feeling that drove the Idama en Waro Repatriation Front to their brave rescue attempt.

I understand the anger that is felt among the ranks of Tears of Reschard. I share that anger.

But there are better ways, and we have not been idle.

So, I reach out to both the Idama en Waro Repatriation Front and to Tears of Reschard.

Let’s discuss this.


This is the exact opposite of what the Idama would want. Violence solves nothing but only serves to drive more hatred and violence in return. You will only give Chakaid and the other Blooders in the Kingdom more support by attacking civilians.

Recently I was the target of an attack. I survived but innocent people was hurt and one even lost her life. The only thing that attack caused was more violence and more blood being spilled. I know the ugly face of terrorism, it’s around me every day in the city I live in. So please listen to the voice of reason and stop this. Killing innocents will solve nothing, only make things worse.


I-RCN has released a news piece which relevant information pertaining to this attack. More updates as we get them.

For those who follow Ida, something to consider:… the path of least resistance.


As part of NADSC’s capacity as Shipping and Security providers for the Nadire District, I will be recommending to the District Parliament to proscribe the Tears of Reschard as a terrorist organisation of severe threat due to the usage of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) agents in their attacks in the Kingdom. We will also be recommending that this proscribing be undertaken at the Federal level as well as by their counterparts in the Chief Executive Panel.

Terrorism is not the answer to resolving this issue surrounding the supposed Idama, especially when directed towards civilian targets. This goes against everything the Federation stands for in principle, a Federation of which the Intaki helped to found and have consistently proven themselves to be a major guiding force in the Union. With this action committed in their name, you do nothing but disgrace what they stand for. I am pleased to see organisations such as the Intaki Liberation Front, although we see differently on many issues, condemn these actions as the loathsome and criminal deeds that they are.

NADSC will reserve the right to carry out further actions if necessary to preserve the stability and security of the Nadire District, as well as the greater Sinq Laison region if called upon.


Labels mean nothing to us. The Khanid dogs will continue to burn in their homes until our demands are met.

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shut up lol

EDIT: The above statement is a semi-official press release from NADSC.


You were warned. Last time this was brought to the attention of you Khanid, the only voice that responded was this idiot.

No voice decrying the imprisonment of our most enlightened one, no voice in objection - only in mockery. You had nothing to say then so kindly have nothing to say now, vaanijhun.

What does the DED have to say about capsuleers directly and openly sponsoring dirty-nuke type attacks against a sovereign territory? As much as I despise the Baron myself, this goes too far. If the DED can threaten licence revocation for failing to hand over dead bodies and using automation software packages, will it take action to stop this?


Icarus Conflict Solutions is announcing our aid in this current situation as of now. While we are sympathetic to any lives lost, we recognize that diplomacy has indeed failed in the months since the first announcement of this incident. We understand that violence is sometimes the only message adamant individuals will accept, as is evidenced by this matter having largely gone unnoticed until yesterday’s events. This in mind, we encourage those who do not wish to see heightened hostilities to cease diplomatic stagnation, and immediately open up to negotiations with involved parties.

To further solidify the severity of this matter, ICRS has recently accepted a shipment of small arms cases meant for our ground divisions in Syndicate. As we expect those loyal to Kufail to retliate - likely against the Intaki as a whole - these armaments have been officially designated to be supplied to infantry clone freelancers who sign on to a currently pending contract. Per CONCORD regulations these forces will not be fielded in an offensive capacity outside of The Syndicate and will instead be employed to provide auxiliary support and defense of assigned areas. The details on this contract, supplied forces, and any necessary updates on our official position will be released in the coming days.


This crisis presents an interesting opportunity.

I think this Ailoea en Waro needs some additional programming to her TCMC. Imagine her giving a broadcast speech to the Intaki people, a speech in which she denounces the Intaki religion and demands submission to the Amarr.

Hearing from her would make many people feel a bit better, I’m sure. As for the rest of that…no. NO.

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Idama en Waro is Reborn, and has lived numerous lifetimes here in Intaki, all without the aid of capsuleer cloning.

That Nauplius thinks the TCMC she currently endures offers the Amarr any permanence to their claim on her soul is laughable.


I don’t think you’re as alone in that second opinion as you’d think…