A day of reckoning - we come for en Waro

The degree of “semi-official” professionalism of NADSC has been duly noted.

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Kinda makes you wonder when the Amarr are going to pull off the Hat trick and enslave the CEO of a Caldari Mega…

It’d be hard to do, since CEO positions aren’t directly hereditary or permanent. A CEO in a position to wind up enslaved would probably be replaced pretty much immediately-- not that it wouldn’t be a problem.

What would be totally possible is for a member of the Chief Executive caste (the Great Families, essentially Caldari nobility) to wind up in Amarrian hands somehow. I could imagine that being a pretty big issue. I could also imagine it being handled really quietly behind the scenes, so it may already have happened a couple times.

Or perhaps more appropriately the path of none. While ‘the path’ is different for all, its destination is clear, and seems at odds with… vengeance. But then we often kill what we want, getting what we want.

Attacks on civilian populations are always unjustifiable, usually ineffective and, in this case, hypocritically irresponsible. While ISM continues to hope for a negotiated solution, we acknowledge that other solutions may be more effective, which these attacks are not.


While I find myself incredibly sympathetic to the Intaki plight and cause in this situation, its my duty to inform @Aeon_Amadii and any other warclones collaborating with the Tears of Reschard terrorist group that they will be blacklisted from Bosena Accords membership, benefits, and contracts unless they cease operations in the Khanid Kingdom within 72 hours. If independent warclones are identified and continue to operate alongside the Tears of Reschard following this initial grace period, their names will be reported to CONCORD SARO and marked for collection and recovery by the Glatisant Tribunal.

This decision was reached based on policy laid down in our founding charter, put in place not only to protect civilians from the sort of rampant destruction seen in Molden Heath but to protect independent warclones by policing our own community and cracking down on rogue warclones that threaten to disturb the delicate balance we hold with New Eden.

It is neither in the interest of the Idama, the Intaki people, or these warclones themselves to carry out terror bombings and attacks that target or disproportionately endanger Khanid civilians. While not all independent warclones subscribe to the Bosena Accords charter it is my sincere hope that we can disincentivize these rogue mercenaries as much as possible and direct them to more worthwhile and far less psychotic contracts.


With due respect to Mr. Eskola-Fae, who died and made you king of clone soldiers?

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Oh wow.

Well, no one died. I was elected by the Round Table Assembly, comprised of other warclones, passed down to me from Khada Fury, previous “king of clone soldiers” and the original Warden of Avalon after the position was formed. It’s all in our charter, I can send you the legal document and list of signatories if you really must know.

Assuming I was never elected however, or if I had no legitimate title to being “king of all warclones” are you really going to chastise me for attempting to hold my fellow warclones accountable for committing actual, no-bull-■■■■ warcrimes? Is that the level of contrarianism we’re approaching at the summit now?


I’m confused as to why Mr Eskola-Fae addressed his ultamatum towards Mr Amadii at all.

After all, Armadii encourages those who wish to avoid an escalation of hostilities to explore diplomatic negotiations, and it seems clear to me that Icarus Conflict Solutions are not planning to take part in any warcrimes against civilian targets in the Khanid Kingdom in collaboration with Tears of Reschard.

It is confirmed that ICRS and their supplies are intended for use only in a defensive capacity, and that their deployment is to be restricted to systems within Syndicate space.

Such preparatory measures in reaction to a perceived threat of retaliation against domestic Intaki targets, in line with some of the concerns others have raised here, seems to me to be entirely reasonable.


I think someone needs to go back to training their reading comprehension certificate after this slight misstep.

However, I do none the less echo the sentiment about warclones sticking to their word and not going into any offensive operations against the Kingdom in support of terrorists. I can appreciate partaking in defensive measures under contract against possible retaliatory attacks, however, so no foul there.

This is a genuine point of criticism. If the weapons truly are intended for defense and won’t find themselves funneled into the hands of the Tears of Reschard then we have no reason to blacklist any of these independent mercenaries. Acting in defense of civilian lives, in fact, is one of the few circumstances that our charter allows for the deployment of warclones regardless of CONCORD or Bosena Accords approval.

Far too often weapons intended for “defense” find themselves in the hands of bad actors in these sort of guerrilla conflicts, which was where our primary concern was directed when addressing Amadi-haan. So long as these soldiers remain in Syndicate however and aren’t associating with the ToR then so far as I’m concerned their actions are legally and morally justified according to our charter. Having said that, our firm insistence on not collaborating with ToS still stands for any other warclones found to be supporting these attacks.

I’m glad we could resolve this in a timely manner. @Aeon_Amadii thank you for your patience, and we wish you and ICRS luck in all your operations.


Mr. Eskola-Fae, my concerns have been confirmed, in fact. If you were only enforcing your rules on signatories, then it’d be one thing. After all, evidently the Round Table Assembly elected you to be their spokesperson, and those who’ve bent the knee to you presumably knew what they were signing up for.

My issue is that you think other organizations require your approval for operations, with your posting ominous deadlines, threats of action, and indeed tribunals against those whose actions don’t fit whatever politics you approve of. You have no legal authority to exercise a tribunal authority, excepting perhaps the authority conferred by your having guns. The organization you threatened here is not necessarily a rogue clone soldier organization, as you claimed. There are corporations, alliances, factions that have not accepted your arbitrary and evidently capricious rule, and are fully within their legal rights to operate without being subject to your authority.

As has been stated here, I don’t think any of us are advocating for reprisals against civilian populations, terrorist attacks, or anything of the sort.

However, I am advocating against accepting the arbitrary display of authority by toothless organizations as anything but what they are.

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Most everyone else here likes to sabre rattle, why not the warclones as well? The threats being presented amounted to “we’ll set you red” and “we’ll tell the authorities on you” which, in and of itself, should be enough to demonstrate their toothlessness. No point getting too worked up over it, Priano

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Apologies, Mr. Onzo. You’re right. The threats are likewise toothless. I’ll pay it no more mind.

It’s not for you to blame anyone in being toothless, especially with your combat record and your cowardly behavior coupled with inability to stand for your words or answer for your crimes.



Toothless claims or not, it’s indicative of the crown others find themselves fit to wear over the Intaki, The Syndicate, and independent contractors in general. As much as we would love to be in the good graces of The Bosena Accords or CONCORD they have precisely zero jurisdiction over any of our operation sites both in legality or in military presence. That is if you exclude the plentiful tags of deniable ops agents that the DED seems fit to donate to our growing collection whenever they overstep their bounds…

We’ll be watching.

I have been busy for some time touring various colonies in Placid, so please forgive my late response. My heart swells with sadness and disappointment at the carrying out of these attacks against Khanid Kingdom civilians. I echo Suresha Bataav’s sentiments in that while I share the anger regarding Idama en Waro’s situation, this is not the way to go about ushering change.

En Waro would not want this. This is not the Intaki way. Tears of Reschard and the Idama en Waro Repatriation Front should know better.


To the terrorist Organization known as Tears of Reschard,

I was wondering if you looked at the long term of your organizations goals and the possible repercussions of what your current attack has accomplished?

In the face of a terrorist attack local populations usually ban together out of national pride and outrage against the organization that has conducted these attacks. People are no doubt flooding recruitment stations across the Kingdom to join up and fight. Also you have created possibly more terrorists in the future.

By your actions how many orphans and families have been torn asunder? People with the fires in their hearts for vengeance against your people. These future terrorists that you help create will take their anger out on who? Other terrorists? Most likely not because they cant find them. They will hit against the innocent people like what happened to them. Creating a cycle of violence and death that seems never to be broken.

I have thought long and hard about what to do about terrorism. There is the idea to strike back 10 times the amount against the other group. To create fear and to propagate the idea that any attack against the Empire would bring about woe and destruction to anyone else in a magnitude not worth it. I believe some people in the Empire may back this strategy.

However, I do not take in those rules of engagement. Mainly because an innocent must never be killed in any conflict. In any war these things happen. However, they must be avoided not encouraged. By striking innocents you have sullied your name and damned yourself a criminal. You will be hunted most of your life for these crimes and its truly a pity. For it was planned amazingly and your faith while strong is wrongly placed. Pity that such a capable person should fall so low.

I do not envy your future. You will be hunted like a rabid slaverhound. You will always sleep with one eye open and fear every station you undock. For you will fear the vengeance of so many people against what you have done. Their souls cry out for vengeance and will haunt your sleep. That is what we remember. That is the justice we will seek. For those that could not defend themselves. For those that can not speak. We will speak for them and their outrage.

May God forgive your sins.

Kyle Saltz

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Lot of people around here claiming what an Idama would want and what the ‘Intaki way’ is these days… Never know - they could pull that TCMC out of her dome and she’d be even more of an asshole than Heth…

Plenty of time has passed and we have been waiting quietly. Now to emerge again.

Tears of Reschard has thought about your offer. Really there is nothing to discuss. We’ve made clear what our intentions are against the Khanid Kingdom. But, sure, just to entertain the cluster maybe we can arrange a date you and I. Tea and a chat while we discuss these matters and more? Maybe things like the eradication of Serpentis or ways to achieve full Intaki independence from the Feds?

Well, that is nice. I wonder if the Feds ever considered you a terrorist yourself for all the Federation lives you took while in service to the State Protectorate? Something to add to your proposal maybe.

Yeah, hon, I’m just gonna go with what the fella above said regarding you and everyone else in this thread who has stated what they think the Idama would or would not want. Anyone shackled to slavery at the whims of a madman would desire to be set free. This isn’t a debate to argue.

Yeah, that is a lot of fancy talk from someone who believes in an empire which has built their entire civilization on the enslavement of ethnicities they deem unworthy. The people you claim allegiance to have established themselves on the corpses of millions of Minmatar innocents. Your words mean nothing. You and every other Amarr loyalist can politely go ■■■■ yourselves. Preferably ■■■■ Khanid first so we can return our Idama back home. Thanks.

Now that those responses are out of the way, onto business.

Here is the final update for the planetary attacks that we were able to gather based on local news from the areas we struck and our own intel efforts:

Gehi IV

  • Freedom successfully dispersed its Deathglow contents over a thousand square kilometers on the planet; unfortunately a nozzle array issue sprouted early in the process and the resulting product was far too small in its dosage to prove any potency once it reached the surface; the rocket did successfully complete its landing sequence and emitted radiation among an agricultural community of several thousand people who were promptly evacuated
  • Vengeance successfully dispersed its viral contents over several hundred square kilometers on the planet; the intel reports we received for the target path we calculated were erroneous, however; we were expecting the target area to include a few large residential areas but they were largely unpopulated; radiological dispersal device (RDD) functions were aborted due to the lack of any nearby suitable targets

Gehi VII

  • Freedom successfully deployed its contents over an area a few hundred square kilometers wide; sizable populations were affected which included both enslaved and non-enslaved groups; riots, violence, and carnage are still ongoing; RDD functions were unable to be carried out due to damage received by the rocket’s transmitters, so orders were not able to be relayed from the command ship
  • Justice successfully fragmented over the large city of Seghara; casualties reported in the hundreds; notable targets struck in the ensuing explosions were a regional hospital and museum

Ham IX

  • Freedom successfully dispersed its contents over an area a couple hundred square kilometers wide; the area turns out to be relatively lightly populated but the results are the same as what happened on Gehi VII; landing sequence was successful and RDD functions carried out in a primarily agricultural rural community
  • Justice, as mentioned in the original post, was shot down prior to fragmenting due to an advanced early warning city defense system; minimal infrastructure damage and six people were killed in addition to a couple dozen sustaining lesser injuries


  • Freedom successfully deployed its Deathglow over a heavily populated center of the planet; according to our statistics, this was the most successful Freedom out of the four we launched; local authorities are still struggling to maintain the resulting chaos; RDD functions were unable to be carried out due to the rocket spontaneously exploding shortly before initiating its landing sequence
  • Vengeance rocket was partially successful in delivering its payload over a fairly populated area of the planet; unfortunately it was shot down halfway through its target path because intel we received about the area failed to note that a planetary military base was in close proximity so local air forces quickly mobilized


  • Justice successfully fragmented over the capital city of Torash-Kaman; casualties in the hundreds; notable infrastructure damage reported; noteworthy targets hit include a locally famous worship center and several local government buildings
  • Vengeance was successful in deploying its contents; however, intel reports we received about the target area proved to be incorrect; the region was extremely sparsely populated, and thus this rocket was entirely ineffectual; RDD functions aborted

Upt V

  • Vengeance, as stated in the original post, experienced a critical malfunction while attempting to breach the planet’s atmosphere and subsequently disintegrated
  • Justice was shot down shortly after entering the atmosphere of the planet

Overall we are pleased with the results of this wave of Freedom, Justice, and Vengeance rockets. We are disappointed with just how many issues arose with this batch of rockets, as well as the various complications that arose during the attacks. They were, on a whole, not as successful as we had planned, but these things happen of course. Simulations can only predict so much.

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