A day of reckoning - we come for en Waro

I approve of those peoples’ fight for their beliefs and the freedom of their Chosen.

The abomination that is CONCORD-sanctioned slavery must be purged.

Destroy highsec.

Freedom for the Intaki, the Matari, the Ealur and everyone else who’s still languishing under the derelict empires, waiting for the generations of torment to end.


I have no idea what the lost Idama would want in this situation, nor does anyone. All we have are the teachings of elders past and present, those who have gone before.

I have nothing but pity for those innocents lost in the Kingdom. The greatest victims of evil regimes in history are always their own citizens, those people who are merely going about their business.

It is not difficult to imagine a man in Torash-Kaman going to his place of worship to offer supplication to his Great God, the spirit of the universe. He would be taking his shoes off to enter the temple, ringing a bell which sings out a sweet tone into the busyness of that place, a tone which drowns out all the other noises into stillness. In that stillness he would find his God. He would think of the times in which he had failed to be as righteous as all Khanid are charged to be, and ask his God to forgive him his failures.

And then from above, death would strike, killing that man and others like him.

Men like Chakaid and the Sa-Baron Atazil Kufail don’t pay the price for their villainy, it’s the common citizens that always pay. Just like in Malkalen, or Hueromont or Nouvelle Rouvenor. Normal people pay the price for the evil of the great and powerful.

And just like in the examples above, violence is a cycle that only continues.

The teachings say this:

“Never in this world can hatred be stilled by hatred; it will be stilled only by non-hatred - this is the central law of the eternal.”


Do remember that an enemy combatant losing a life is not particularly a surprise, nor is it terrorism. I don’t consider old CalMil members to be terrorists for engaging in plex warfare just as much as I don’t see AmarrMil or MinMil members to be terrorists for that alone.

He wasn’t bombing civilians with literal dirty bombs (or at all) because of some falsely conceived notion that a peace loving Idama with several lifespans to show for their ideologies would say, hey, you know what sounds peaceful? Killing kids. Get over yourself.

So because a person is a soldier makes their death all the more acceptable? Interesting.

If you really believe all the tasks handed out by militia agents are only against military targets, then you really are as fancifully idealistic as the Federation you adore so much.

And yeah, true maybe the Idama would speak against the attacks myself and the other members of Tears of Reschard did. But of course, we will never know that so long as her mind is enslaved. Guess we have to get her back home to find out eh?

No, military personnel who sign up to be in the military and partake in military actions as military personnel against other military personnel are, in fact, pretty much fine to shoot if you’re the opposing faction’s military personnel. That’s how war has worked for a while. While I don’t doubt militia agents suggest that militiamen and women attack targets of opportunity, telling someone they’re a terrorist because they did war stuff (and just assuming they did horrible war stuff) while in the same breath going, “WELL SHE ISN’T HERE SO U DON’T KNOW 4 SURE LOL” is inane. Not to mention I rarely talked about idealizing the Fed; if you’d spent even five minutes going through my post history, you’d know of how critical I am.

You make assumptions because it suits your ideologies and your bloodlust. To purposefully ignore decades and decades of someone’s proven personality and predictability because “they aren’t here” is idiotic. To not err on the side of not being a genocidal maniac is idiotic. To not even have rockets that work in YC121 is embarrassing. Get over yourself. My spit is your rain.


So because a person is paid to kill, knowing fully well they might be killed in the process for a cause makes their death all the more acceptance?


It’s called a negative aspect of their job, to die defending those who’s job doesn’t involve the risk of being killed…



Maybe that’s what you shall concentrate your efforts on then? We probably could be allies if you’d attack fedos instead of the Kingdom, because while you’re attacking our existing allies, you’re the enemy.

The foolishness of people who truly believe they could simply “prescribe” someone of being a terrorist truly amuses me. Only your own actions will decide whether you’re a terrorist or not, definitely not someone’s words or prescriptions. I am not going to claim, however, that this time he was wrong: even a broken clock shows correct time twice a day.

What I want to accent on, is that denouncing is a weapon of cowards and a pity attempt of a threat while they themselves implicitly admitting they can’t do a thing against you, rather than fling words at you like rotten gallentean puppets.

Will I take actions against you? I’ll say honestly: I don’t know. I despise people who attack civvies, it’s a weak and pathetic move and usually below level of competence of someone whom I’d consider a worthy opponent, so you clearly can see lack of interest of fighting with you. On the other hand, as a soldier of the State it’s my duty to protect people of the State, Empire and Kingdom, thus in case somehow our paths will cross - don’t expect mercy from me. For I don’t look only for worthy opponents to test my merits in combat, but also to exterminate any and every enemy of the State, Empire and Kingdom who will stumble on my path to Victory for the State.

I can guarantee you only one thing: I will not be looking for you on purpose. However, I will be anticipating to see you in space.

Atazil Kufail is dead.


The reports of “minor slave revolts” and Kufail’s… Ku-failing are interesting but leaves one wondering what in gods names’ is going on planetside along this rebellion. With Intaki Prime in shambles and the Syndicate embattled in their own conflicts it begs the question of who might-- forgive me there’s no pleasant way of saying this-- “holding onto” the Idama at this time. There is so much turmoil in New Eden that these news reports have been a relative footnote with little if any information on this incident.

It’s entirely unclear if the ToR is responsible for these uprisings or not. I would advise interested parties take a proactive stand at this time and scramble to locate the Idama before she trades hands once again, ends up surrounded by the wrong people, or gets killed in the ensuing chaos and forces the Intaki to start this whole accursed practice all over again.

As always, the Bosena Accords are more than happy to assist in any independent planet-side intelligence gathering or rescue efforts in Khanid.

Assuming they weren’t killed already alongside the rest of Lord Kufail’s retinue.

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These terrorist actions will not be forgotten.

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The Intaki People will pay for this outrage.

I told you this would happen I TOLD YOU. And you put a MISSILE on her! You deserve worse than anything in this cluster can do to you. Oh my God.


Good, remember what happens when you cross the Intaki people.

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If recent reports surrounding the fate of Sa-Baron Kufail are to be true, I can only hope that the supposed Idama en Waro is safe and out of harm’s way. This entire chain of events has been nothing but a tragedy. Now, Intaki Resilience Advancers must turn our attention to Intaki Prime, where Onikanabo Brigade mercenaries have desecrated sacred Ida sites. One can easily suspect that this was a direct retaliation to the attacks carried out by Tears of Reschard against the Khanid Kingdom. I hope to learn more on the situation soon.

Still, despite the darkness which has shrouded the cluster as of late there is some light of hope. It is unfortunate that it took the various tragedies of Rilnais, Kahah, Thebeka, Ham, Upt, Matar, and so many other worlds for appropriate action to finally take place. But at least there is finally action in motion. It would seem that the empires are mobilizing production of suitable terrestrial and low-orbit defenses for populated planets. Intaki Resilience Advancers greatly supports these actions, and hopes for expediency. We implore the Intaki Assembly to invest in such infrastructure to supplement their current security contracts. We will seek to initiate various charitable funds to assist planets with limited budgets for such infrastructure very soon.


Everyone can be gotten to. Don’t forget that.

It is an interesting response in terms of who needs what at this time, and why anyone would work for anyone else, in retaliation, or for pay.

I honestly don’t understand the initial action. Violence begets violence, if you want to extract an individual, try a little subtlety.


What a shame these Intaki terrorists have brought upon themselves, and by extension the Federation as a whole. It would seem that retribution has been swift. Although it has been contained to Intaki Prime, who is to say that Khanid seeking to cause more harm won’t target other Federal territories?! Entirely irresponsible and shameful. I will be recommending action against Tears of Reschard and the Idama en Waro Repatriation Front to the United Republic of Aristidia government.

In the wake of the latest news from Ham VIII, I have travelled to the system to see what I can establish first hand.

Having completed a number of scans and surveys above Ham VIII and Ham IX, I can confirm that the data appears to discredit the public statements made by the Royal Khanid Navy.

Unfortunately, the claims by Tears of Reschard were not fabrications, as asserted by the RKN, and the attacks did take place.

This also leads me to believe that the unrest on Ham VIII was not simply a minor slave revolt, again as asserted by RKN commentary.

While this validates criticism against Tears of Reschard’s foolish actions, there may be some room for hope.

If the RKN’s comments have been shown to be unreliable in response to these events, there may be some reason to doubt reports of Kufail’s fate, or that of his retinue. Under the circumstances, however, I am not confident that we will be told anything different soon.

It is my hope that Idama en Waro was not on Ham VIII during the attack, and that her location and wellbeing can be determined somehow.

We will of course seek out any new information that may come to light, and I will spend the rest of my time here in Ham attempting to learn more.

Mr Aristide, while it is true that Tears of Reschard carried out a series of ill-advised terrorist attacks against civilian targets, the Idama en Waro Repatriation Front bravely attempted to rescue the Idama.

This is exactly the kind of direct action that appears to have the support of many in the Federation when it comes to Matari strikes against the Empire. Are the Intaki not to be granted the same courtesy when looking out for one of our own?

In contrast to some of the noises coming from elsewhere in the Federation, I again offer my support, and that of the Intaki Liberation Front, to the IWRF, and ask that they contact us.

For the Idama.

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