Airaken Summit

To Whom It May Concern:

I speak as executive of Saitsuo Valintaashi Tusuvione. We bear witness to the ongoing Airaken Summit. Our side of the table in this critical juncture is led by venerable Ahtonen Osmon on behalf of our mother corporation Hyasyoda. We discern his wise and careful judgment in conducting these historic negotiations.

To the proud Minmatar loyalists of this forum: I hope that you will join me with your hopes and prayers. May this summit precede the dawning of new understanding between our cultures. It is my wish that our peoples may walk into a bold new future forged in the spirit of self-determination, free trade, mutual profit and interstellar peace.

For long we have been divided yet we have a great deal in common. Soon it may be in the interest of loyal capsuleers to follow the example of our governments in healing old wounds. Should business conclude with a favorable outcome, I intend to do my part in ushering in this new future. We have so much to learn about one another.

To the Republic and the Minmatar people - to the capsuleers of Electus Matari and mighty Ushra’khan - Moitte! May your family and shares multiply, may you live with honor, and may the winds be ever at your back.


Moitte, Henrik Suzaku. As a proud Matari, I welcome your words of peace and hope for a brighter future between our peoples. We have suffered under the yoke of oppression and slavery for far too long, and it is time for us to forge a new path forward.

I agree that we have much to learn about one another, and that it is in our mutual interest to seek understanding and cooperation. The Airaken Summit is a crucial opportunity for us to build bridges and lay the groundwork for a more harmonious future.

However, let us not forget the struggles that have brought us to this point. The scars of our past still run deep, and there are many wounds that need to be healed. We must continue to fight for justice and equality, and never forget the sacrifices that our forebears made in the struggle for freedom.

To all those who would seek to undermine our sovereignty and independence, I say this: we will never surrender our right to self-determination. We will continue to fight for our rights and our dignity, and we will stand together in solidarity against all who would seek to oppress us.

May the winds of change bring us closer together, Henrik Suzaku, and may we work together towards a brighter and more prosperous future for all our peoples.

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I mean, just to point out the obvious, we haven’t been tossing around racially-charged insults at the Caldari people the way some Caldari pilots have toward us.

So, yeah, I hope this does make a new level of understanding… but let’s not go acting like both sides have an equal distance to go here.

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Electus Matari as an alliance certainly has no quarrel with the Caldari State but their support of our one true Enemy.

It is early to say what such talks will bring but we hope your bright views of a peaceful and prosperous future turn out to be visions rather than fantasies.

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Regarding enemies: I could say the same for you. This will not be an easy issue to solve. If it will be, I hope you will be willing to sever support for the Federation in equitable proportion. I think we agree we both have some valuable longstanding partnerships.

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I’m sure we all can just have a drink and chill eventually.

Minmatar ships are awesome (Thrasher my beloved) and I’ve had so many barcrawls at Rens. You’re all good in my book.

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