[I-RED] Diplomacy Contact Update


Malkalen V - Moon 1 - Ishukone Corporation Factory
Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive Regional Headquarters
Department of Public Affairs And Relations

Warm greetings, summit.

Following an extensive sabbatical I am please to report my return to the fold as I-RED’s Head Diplomat. While much time has passed and ties have changed for better (or worse), I am confident I retain the knowledge required to successfully represent the alliance in matters of public relations.

That said, in the event there are discussions needing to take place, do feel free to contact me with a mail or through a private conversation if I am available. I want to be clear that these private discussions are not only available for positive relations, but also open to negative topics so I may work to provide a solution or compromise in situations where it is possible.

The Intergalactic Summit has remained much the same as I remember it, so any public announcements, statements, or replies made by myself on behalf of I-RED will be done so in a way so as to avoid any potential disagreements that may turn into circular arguments. I am quite certain most will agree this to be a method that will filter out at least some of the same old back-and-forth that can happen on this platform.

I look forward to returning to this role and helping shape I-RED’s diplomatic portrait once more.

For Ishukone. For the State.


Welcome back, Avala-haani.


Congratulations with your return!

And since you’re a diplomat, I am presenting you with an open and public diplomatic note. I am not doing it in a private as you requested, simply becasue it’s not for discussion and negotiations, it will be presented in an ultimative form and I am not going to accept any compomises or otherwise argue about it ad nauseum.


The following members of your alliance:

Astonished Man
Dred Pirate Wesley
John Revenent
Pappy Boyingtone
Superleggera Ameobahn

are to be relieved from alliance duty within 48 hours from publishing of this note for crimes of: Awoxing. Otherwise ALL members of the alliance will be considered complicit and will be treated accordingly.

Please excuse me for the short notice and unconditional demands, these are result of history of the alliance, that is known for its hostle and treacherous behavior towards Caldari State.



Shut up.


Ms Kim,

I’ll refer you to the attempts by the Triglavian loyalists in Stribog and their allies to conduct diplomacy openly on this venue. You will see that it is the Ishukone-Raata’s policy not to engage in diplomacy in the Summit

As such we will not consider this in any capacity and consider the matter closed.

Kind Regards,
Alexandre Hinkelmann


Ah, the commander’s level of crazy hasn’t changed.


Quite a jump back into things, so it seems. Thank you for the welcome back.

For what it is worth, I do hope at some point in the future we will find common ground once more. Things may be much the same on these forums, but they are certainly changing outside of it and I know I’m not the only one concerned with the volatile state of matters throughout the cluster.

Be well and fly safe.


Strike Commander:

You know I hold you in high regard as a soldier of the State. In the war against the Federation you are a peerless pilot and your resolve is unbending as steel. The enemy hears the name of Commander Kim and knows fear. For this reason I have tried to be as fair and neutral as I could in arbitrating your continual grievances with other militia pilots.

However, I have observed your behavior becoming increasingly erratic since you left CCDM. This latest incident is outrageous and here I must draw a line and strongly object to your reckless behavior.

It is shameful for you to make this display of disunity before jaijii eyes. We may have disagreements, but to call for violence against fellow Caldari in public is a jump too far. We must have decorum. Even if in the past our people have come to open blows, it is our duty to ensure it lays there, not to escalate. And even if violence is unavoidable, it must be done with tact and honor. Your unprovoked aggression against Amarr allies in a Calmil fleet was without either.

I urge you to cease this behavior and control yourself. If you do not there may be serious consequences.


Calling for violence against your countrymen is indeed deplorable, hnolku.


A familiar face is always welcome. Good luck on your return.


We’re all putting the bands back together, eh?

Welcome back to the show.


You know, I bet GalFed pilots are reading this thread and laughing their asses off.

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I similarly protest this public nonsense, the blue-on-blue incident and the erratic behaviour.


Your lack for diplomatic resolution noted.
Changes to your standing were in effect 25 days ago.
Excuse me for lack of earlier notification - this issue and your alliance are not that important and only serve as a distraction from my duty to the State.

Please make sure you notify your members so they wouldn’t complain why they’re being treated not better than frogs.

Glory to the State!
– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

No one cares.


You don’t have any merit to speak for others. You’re yourself one of the perpetrators, and you’re the traitor who was running this alliance when it was declaring wars on the most merited State corporations, while signing blue pacts with Gallente militia.

You’re just a petty dishonorable traitor, if you had at least a glimpse of self-respect or Honor you’d drink the Tea already, but you’re too coward for that. You don’t care about Honor as well as I see, I expect it from someone like you.

And I don’t remember actually giving you permission to address me, thus be so kind, go kiss my afterburner and learn your place.

All enemies of the State WILL DIE.

I am the Empire, the Federation, the Republic and the State, and you, a small part of me, dare you call me a traitor?

Projecting I see.


Good to see you return.


Welcome back. You have always been my favorite I-RED diplomat.
I’ve had some concerns concerning I-RED during your absence. Perhaps you are aware of some, perhaps we will discuss some. I look forward to meeting you again regardless.


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