Malkalen V - Moon 1 - Ishukone Corporation Factory
Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive Regional Headquarters
Department of Public Affairs And Relations


Instead of a text-based post, a recording begins. Julianni Avala appears standing at a metal podium, an I-RED symbol sharply woven into the titanium. Behind her is a holographic backdrop of the Caldari State symbol. Her expression is one of determination, brows slightly creased as she looks directly at the camera.

It is with both anger and sorrow that I come to you all regarding the ongoing situation in Intaki and the surrounding systems. For over a decade, Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive has had an active presence in the system of Intaki, establishing close diplomatic relations with the Intaki people, both capsuleer and baseliner alike. We have supported the area with a large variety of assistance, including industrial convoys, system patrols for pirate activity, emergency aid for those in need, and most importantly, stepping back to a passive stance when the Intaki people wish for little to no interference.

She pauses, letting the words sink in before she continues. Her next words she speaks firmly, pressing her fist to the podium with each of the three.

Over. A. Decade.

We have worked hard to balance active and passive assistance so the Intaki can flourish as the strong-willed, powerful people we know they are. Many of our employees call Intaki their home, whether originally born there or otherwise. It is no secret that I-RED in particular holds a deep respect for the people and their culture. We have carefully nourished the seed of friendship, bit by bit, until it has slowly grown, its leaves reaching up to the skies with vibrant life.

I am here to tell you that I-RED vehemently condemns the Federation’s actions this day, placing the people at an unprecedented risk with their invasion. At this moment in time, our directorship will be holding an emergency meeting to discuss I-RED’s next steps in the constellation. In the coming days, there will be another public release with an update to this situation.

She pauses again, taking a breath and sternly looking into the camera.

Make no mistake, I-RED will not step back so easily from the foundation of our relations with the Intaki people, unless they explicitly ask us to. We will continue to assist when asked; we will continue to nurture the plant of friendship; we will fight if necessary; we will defend if necessary.

Effective immediately I am establishing a neutral diplomatic post at Intaki V - Moon 5 - Astral Mining Inc. Refinery. Its doors will be open for discussions from all parties involved in this conflict to provide an avenue for diplomatic counsel, peace talks, emergency aid, and assistance with declaration of asylum. Access will be granted only to those effected or involved by the invasion.

More information will be released in the coming days as we gather resources.

The video feed cuts off.


For over 10 years I have had the pleasure of calling Placid and Syndicate my home. While as tempting as it may be for a domestic Caldari citizen to call living in these regions a culture shock it truly wasn’t. The Intaki people both in Placid and Syndicate share a fundamental trait with Caldari - the unrelenting desire for self-preservation and prosperity. I now proudly call many of them my colleagues and friends.

The surprise incursion by the Federation Navy into Intaki and adjacent systems is a complete affront to those ideals we share. While I can’t say it was entirely unexpected given the rising tensions across New Eden and massive military buildups by the Federation and State, it is nonetheless disappointing.

In keeping with a traditional mindset set forth by Otro Gariushi, I sincerely do hope for a rapid cessation of violence in and around Intaki. The voice that should matter most right now are the voice of the Intaki people and their chosen government of the Intaki Assembly. I-RED stands at the ready for whatever may come.

For Ishukone. For the State. For Intaki.


Wow. Ten years of saying “the Federation should take steps to remove Intaki and its environs from the warzone” and just when I’d given up on it all together, they do it.

I guess I should start angrily posting about Sansha’s Nation again. Maybe I can cut it down to five years next time.


It doesn’t look like the Federation could be able to push that without thorough information and preparation of insiders in the Intaki system. Of course, they do have FIO, but I doubt it could be pushed in without insider work. These insiders probably should be able to hold control of the system and act very inconspiciously.

We know that I-RED alliance for making blue pacts with gallente militia, declaring wars on leading Caldari military corporations that were fighting against Federal invaders, and known for attacking blues.

And now, while we do achieve our objectives in these critical system, while we hold victories across the warzone, turns out Federation invades - and rather successfully into systems… held exactly by this alliance.

Make your own conclusions.

While I can understand it if I-RED has concerns regarding their interests, I do not understand some of your comments regarding the invasion, like “placing the people at an unprecedented risk”. As far as I understand, this is an attempt to permanently remove the systems from the war zone, which should indeed provide “hope for a rapid cessation of violence in and around Intaki.”

I do support I-RED in not stepping back easily and you standing ready for whatever may come.
I also welcome your initiative to establish a neutral diplomatic post. I would have considered visiting it, but I do not think I can be considered an effected or involved person to a sufficient degree.


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If I was an uncharitable person, I’d say the core of the gripe is that the question of Intaki’s sovereignty has finally been settled, and they didn’t get the answer they wanted. These people were never going to accept that the majority of Intaki’s population has always wanted to remain a part of the Federation.


Che, it is always good to speak with you and I am glad you brought up what I said about unprecedented risk.

When I say this, I do not necessarily mean that the Federation will outright attack people. I do not necessarily mean that the State will outright attack people, either.

What I mean when I say an unprecedented risk, I mean the risk of taking the area by force during a time when tensions are increasingly high. Everyone is angry, and most of those angry people have the means and drive to act on that anger should the flames be stoked by those in power.

As has been seen by announcements from both parties, this invasion was not a part of peaceful collaboration. I fully believe that concessions could be made if an agreement was actually discussed.

What concerns me the most is the people of Intaki and if they themselves had a say in how this happened.

And by all means, you are welcome to the diplomatic post once it is fully established. If anything, you could provide an ear for families to speak with, or assist in convoys for people should they decide they must depart.


I do not believe I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you formally. It is a shame it is under such circumstances, but nevertheless, here we are.

For I-RED’s part, this is not about being upset over one answer or another. Please see my response to Che for further details on that.

I would also invite you to the neutral post once it is established, that we may discuss further as I believe it important to try to understand all viewpoints.

Oh, hello. I’m an acquaintance of I-RED’s, from the bad old days.

For I-RED’s part, this is not about being upset over one answer or another.

Which is why, while I dearly wish I could believe this, I don’t.

I’m sorry that you have the negative impression you do. Again, I would invite you to the post when is open if you wish to discuss further.

Let’s just hope that over the next few days, everyone calms down. While I understand that the Federation’s sudden move to re-establish the security of Intaki has been… jarring, let’s keep in mind that despite years of occupation by the State… these systems are, and were always, under the Yulai Accords, Federal space. S’right there in the first of the breaking news pieces:

This is one of the dangers of the Pendulum: one side or the other ‘takes’ space and occupies it. Maybe they even declare they can harvest the resources there, be they natural, human (Floseswin) or cultural (see Lai Dai’s plundering of Intaki sites) and everyone just goes ‘yep, that’s war, that’s their space now’… except it’s not.

The limited nature of the CEWMPA conflict means it’s all a farce. Nobody’s allowed to win because those systems aren’t really contested, only the national-level squatters’ rights to them are.

It’s time to end the Pendulum. The Yulai Powers need to learn to solve their problems like freaking adults for a change instead of always resorting to some tantrum that inevitably involves hiring waves of murderhobo capsuleers to go blow up in their name.


I wish with all my heart this was possible.


I don’t think that the primary concern with these developments relates so much to whether the space is ultimately recognised as Federal sovereign territory or not, but rather the fact that the occupation and control of them was explicitly agreed to be up for contestation as part of the terms of CEMWPA agreements. By taking this action, the Federation appears to have unilaterally undermined a multilateral agreement and broken its legal obligations to the other signatories to allow control of those systems to be contested under CEMWPA terms.

Now, I do want to be careful as not to fall into the all-too-often-seen pitfall of conjecturing too heavily about the specifics of the legislation, given that the actual text of it has been closely guarded by the relevant authorities and never released for capsuleer perusal, but it does stand to reason that if unilateral actions to withdraw systems from the conflicts were permitted, we’d already have seen such actions taken by other empires. For example, one would have to assume that the Republic would have made use of those same rights to withdraw Turnur, Vard, and Egmar from its conflict with the Empire once the transmuters were deployed.

I don’t think there’s much that can be said in the Federation’s defense here. I have often, despite holding many misgivings over its political positions and internal culture, held a degree of begrudging of respect for the Federation as an actor that has historically tended to stay true to its word given in the Accords and their subsequent agreements, but recent actions have gravely destroyed that reputation. I hope that its citizenry will see reason and hold its leadership accountable.

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The impotence of the Chief Executive Panel is plain to see. Again the State will have to sit idly by as events unfolds and no one can react. Meanwhile our Intaki friends will get back under the jackboots of federal troops.

Ah yes, the jackboots of Federal troops, Federal troops, the Federation, of which Intaki is a founding member who you invaded and auctioned off!

Gods and spirits, you people aren’t even pretending to be rational about this!


Oh, I understand that, but again, nothing like this happens without active diplomacy, unless someone is looking to start a war. I suspect that the moment the order was given to light the cynos—at the Presidential level, mind you, not to the individual ship captains—a missive was delivered to the Inner Circle by the Gallente rep that stated that the Federation was invoking some provision of the CEMWPA treaty that lets each power designate which systems are part of the warzone.

Remember, we don’t have the text of the treaties, so we can’t really make informed judgments on what they do and don’t allow. Still, we do know that initially, each of the four Powers chose which systems they would place into CONCORD’s receivership for the militia war. The language of the treaty is probably (given how diplomats work) worded to allow for ‘oh crap, that was a typo, we meant Egmar, not Egmur’ corrections, and creative interpretation of that wording no doubt will be cited as how the Federation decided to withdraw those systems from the Warzone.

With that notification given to CONCORD before the cynos actually lit, the movement of Federation Navy military assets simply becomes a preventative measure. ‘Sure, you CalMil guys can keep fighting while CONCORD accepts our notice, but we can just doomsday your butts, too’.

Not necessarily. To do so would, in many ways, be an admission of defeat by the Shakorite regime, and that is something that will simply not happen.

I suspect, given the nature of the Federation and their political system, when the dust settles, we’ll find they had every single jot and tittle in order to do what they did… and that is half of what’s pissing the State executives off. Nobody likes it when the other side pulls some underhanded trick… and does it legal-like.

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Wasn’t it the Intaki who told you Feddies that they didn’t want your jackboots stomping all over their planet? I seem to recall them rejecting Federation military might many times. I guess though, that since the Federation views Intaki as Federation property, you believe it’s well within your right to interfere in matters they asked you not to? Just as it was well within the Federation’s “right” to offer lucrative contracts for companies to produce combat drugs for them, then after the hard work is done yank the funding out and destroy people’s livelyhoods. And oh look, combat boosters are now legal and the Fed buys a whole lot of them.

Duplicitous and conniving is what the Federation is.

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Wasn’t it the Intaki who told you Feddies that they didn’t want your jackboots stomping all over their planet?

I am a “Feddie” and I am also an Intaki. Kindly cease to speak for me and mine, and cease to pretend that one cannot have loyalty both to the Intaki people and to the Federation.

that since the Federation views Intaki as Federation property

I’m going to be charitable and assume you just weren’t around for the time the State auctioned off our systems, or else weren’t reading the news, because if not, this statement is putting you on some seriously untenable moral lowground.

Just as it was well within the Federation’s “right” to offer lucrative contracts for companies to produce combat drugs for them, then after the hard work is done yank the funding out and destroy people’s livelyhoods.

Go back to hell, Snake.

I guess having less grubby hands have access to Intaki is to be celebrated. See ya!

And that has gone swimmingly for the Intaki system and assembly hmm?

Even from the beginning of CONCORD when the Federation founded it; Intaki has been treated as a dumpster for the Federation, not even drafting the system itself into the highsec standings for proper policing and security, and then thrusting it into the warzone to keep the Intaki in turmoil and flux.

I really cannot understand why many Intaki choose to willfully and blindly follow the Federation and serve as its punching bag. There is nothing benevolent in their intentions, you praise them for removing Intaki from the same warzone the Federation put them in, all while turning your cheek to an orbital naval operation not seen since the Gallente tried for a second time to invade Caldari Prime.

This is the definition of 2 steps backwards, 1 step forward and then bowing and praising their boots ignorantly.