Urgent Communique to Ishukone Corporation re: I-RED Disobedience of Order

TO: Ishukone Corporation
Malkalen V

RE: Urgent Matter of Concern – Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive Attacks on Industry in Caldari Sovereign Space


My name is Ravi Srivasian, and I am the CEO of SESPS, an independent corporation serving the Orpana Constellation of The Forge region of Caldari sovereign space. SESPS operates peaceful mining, industrial, and market freeports in the systems of Eruka and Uchoshi. Our clients are independent capsuleers from multiple alliances and corporations. I took over the corporation in July of this year after its founder, Winston Burnkill, chose to step down and return to employment with the Caldari State’s State War Academy. Although I myself was born in Amarrian space, I have ensured that the essential Caldari nature of our corporation continues under its new leadership. We provide jobs and employment benefits to more than 45,000 Caldari citizens in the Orpana constellation. Moreover, we proudly follow our “Hire Local” protocol to prioritize hiring State citizens who are native to the region we serve.

Over the past two days, our refinery in the Eruka system has been attacked without warning by capsuleers from the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive [I-RED]. I have made multiple inquiries to the purported leader of this organization asking for an explanation as to why a Caldari State-aligned entity is attacking a peaceful commercial enterprise that serves to improve the economic output of the Orpana Constellation of the State’s sovereign space. (The only reply I received was from the fleet commander, who stated that he was merely the person in charge of combat operations and that he had forwarded my inquiry to his leadership.)

The reason I am bringing this matter to your attention is because yesterday, after a brief battle with a fleet emerging from an anomalous wormhole in the Eruka system, the I-RED forces again attacked the freeport refinery in Eruka, destroying the station’s shield defenses. But this time, instead of a singular force of I-RED capsuleers aggressing our holdings, the attacking force consisted of an allied fleet of Electus Matari [EM], Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive, and Khimi Harar [LUMEN] pilots (among other known pirate groups) flying together using Electus Matari doctrine Minmatar battleships.

I am writing to you to alert you to the fact that I-RED appears to be violating a direct order from the Ishukone Corporation to refrain from allying with Electus Matari.

So far, our safety protocols have prevented the loss of life of any of our employees. However, I wanted to alert you to this event as soon as possible in case I-RED or its terrorist allies in Electus Matari and LUMEN take any actions hostile to Ishukone Corporation or other Caldari State interests and holdings.


Ravi Srivasian


Nice try.


Is that what you’re calling your allied defense fleet? “a fleet emerging from an anomalous wormhole”?

The direct connection between your corporation and Kybernauts is well known. I remember an Azbel destruction in Wirashoda[1] that was also owned by your corporation and defended by Kybernauts.

I’m not quite sure how one can claim any legitimacy in the State and yet ally with the forces that have torn the State apart? My own family in Piekura came very close to being reduced to organic feedstock for Triglavian mutaplasmid abominations. Billions were less fortunate.

I will proudly fight any ally of these abominations.

All invaders must die.

[1}: Azbel | Secret Space Squirrels | Killmail | zKillboard


You’ll have to elaborate, because it appears you are saying that since they had structures that were destroyed in pochven, then they are triglavian sympathizers. You also had structures in pochven that were destroyed. Are you a triglavian sympathizer?


Shameful, but entirely expected of I-RED, given their history. Even now they perform continuous and targeted piratical attacks on PKN vessels within the Colonial Development Zone.

I hope the honorable Ishukone Corporation addresses these continuous criminal acts performed by I-RED.

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So why not wardec them?

I’m sure if All invaders must die. that means those association too? Shouldn’t Lux Invicta be working towards removing them from highsec? From the BRs coming out recently, I’m sure it would be a quick and easy war.

I believe it is a well known fact by many that your corporation is a shell entity for Triglavian Loyalists. That said, the Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive, Phoenix Naval Systems and Electus Matari still have poor standings toward eachother. This is unlikely to change due to our EDENCOM activities.

EDENCOM objectives regarding the State’s well being against the Triglavian threat give precedence to some form of cooperation.


The two linked structures lost are the two main losses by Stribog Clade and the protriglavian sympathizers in the Pochven war; the Azbel is the one we took down in our suicide run. SESPS is a Stribog holding corp. I’m sorry for being unclear in my desire to be flippant on the IGS; apparently these battles are not quite as famous as I like to think.


You sir deserve a Gold Medal in the Gaslighting olympics.

This battle report: Battle Report Tool should clarify it look at the defender column. But obviously, evidence that contradicts your point is best ignored, right?


The pilot you are talking to was in some of the battles in Wirashoda against us. They are being intentionally obtuse… which I guess is fitting for a triangle.


No, I didnt know Secret space Squirrels. This is the first I’m hearing of them. So my question and confusion were genuine.

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Do you make a habit out of subordinating your forces under foreign terrorists that you have “poor standings” towards?

Drop the pedantic nonsense. You aren’t performing any EDENCOM sanctioned operation, just as your actions in the CDZ border on outright treason.

I hope you reconsider your corporation’s stance for the sake of your benefactors.


Treason? That’s rich coming from someone who has links with an entity that has physically removed entire systems from the map, effectively stranding millions of citizens to die.

Triglavians and their supporters have no moral ground to stand on. Nor will they find sympathy from State, Republic, Empire, or Federation loyalists on this forum.


This gets thrown around a lot. Each of the entities in Lux Invicta is an equal. Nobody is subordinating themselves to anyone.

It’s such a nonsense talking point.


One of us has links and the other is a violent pirate attacking his fellow citizens and neutral freeports on the suspicion that Kybernauts are using them.

Are we to expect an assault on Perimeter’s TTT next? It too is a freeport that Kybernauts make use of.

Your time in the pirate-infested backwater your lot are deployed to has probably warped your vision, but in civilized space it’s considered bad form to attack people.


There is no suspicion. If Ishukone takes this communique seriously, which I doubt they will, Ishukone-Raata and Lux Invica can supply the necessary proof to solidify our actions.


I am sure it is extremely compelling evidence that you cannot produce for this thread’s benefit.

So, when are we to expect the Perimeter freeport purge?


This is a poor attempt at humour I’m assuming.

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I am of the impression, through the rapidly deteriorating course of this discussion, that retraction of originally stated aggression is not negotiable.

Perhaps, Captain Malitia, you will avail yourself and your Sublimation contingent to act, as I doubt any petition to the Ishukone Corporation will yield favorable results.


There’s nothing humorous about piracy.

I legitimately wish for I-RED to realize the gravity of their crimes and for them to regain their honor through proper service to their Megacorporation.