[I-RED/PLESCO] Anti-Insurgency Response Initiative

Vlillirier III - Moon 2 - Wiyrkomi Corporation Factory
PLESCO Regional Headquarters
Internal Watch Command

This initiative covers all forces under the delegated board purview of the Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch [O-RIW], Ishuk-Raata Special Operations and Tactics [I-SOAP], Ishuk-Raata Divisional Oversight Committee [I-RDOC], and Ishuk-Raata Security Contractors under sub-division SN-443-B-9.

The Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive under the continued directive of the Placid Economic Security Commission has begun a new string of anti-insurgency raids against those under the agency of the Guristas Pirates, and through “Deathless” affiliation, the Angel Cartel. The ordinance has also been expanded to encompass those who operate with the intent of aiding these organizations within the Venal, and Yasna Zakh regions.

During the raids and intermittent checkpoints conducted throughout Guristas territory, the Ishuk-Raata subsidiary Kairiola’s Legacy will continue their efforts against Guristas forces actively conducting insurgencies along Caldari sovereignty.

As of YC126.03.19 security forces have reported skirmishes against both independent, and aligned Guristas contractors conducting duties for the pirate entity, inflicting the loss of 27b in asset loss.

No public information has been made available on the extent or duration of this operation, but the public can expect updates in the future.

For the State!
For Ishukone!


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