[I-RED] Public Release: Regarding Recent Events In New Eden


Statement on the CEP spire bombing

The Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive wholly condemns the attack that took place at the CEP spire in Landfall City on New Caldari Prime.

Whether the attackers were ideological extremists in the form of a new wave of Provists, Guristas attempting to sow the seeds of chaos within the State, or some other mysterious entity does not matter - I-RED stands firmly by the authority of the CEP and the eight megacorporations. We stand able and willing to help the Caldari State persevere during these tumultuous times.

To any disgruntled State citizens, know that we believe in your right to protest, as outlined in the Ishukone Corporation employee charter and emphasized by TNR (Ocean faction) figureheads. But understand that acting out in violence will only serve to help the enemies of the State. This is unacceptable during such a challenging period in State history. We must be responsible in our expression of dismay. We must remain steadfast in our loyalty to our parent mega, and to the Caldari State. We must endure.

To any Guristas who seek to undermine the authority of the CEP and the Caldari megacorporations - know that you will be hunted down ruthlessly if you continue to interfere with State matters. Venal was spared the attention of the Triglavian Collective, but don’t be so sure that they won’t strike null-sec regions in the future. And if and when the time comes they do, we will remember your crimes against our people.

I-RED will enter and remain in a heightened state of security for the near future. We will continue to protect, defend, and advance the interests of Ishukone and the Caldari State as we always have. We await further orders. For Ishukone. For the State.

Statement regarding the alleged awakening of the “Second Provist Movement”

It has already been thoroughly stated by the Chief Executive Panel itself - the Provists are enemies to the Caldari State and will be treated as such. Provism is an extreme ideology that has proven itself detrimental to the well-being of the State in the past. Much like the disavowed ideology of the Templis Dragonours, Provism hurts the strength of the State. I-RED will engage in the removal of any Provist elements across all our facilities as needed, and we will protect the authority of the megacorporations and the CEP as we see fit.

On that note, the capsuleer corporation New Provincial Conglomerate [N.PC] headed by Lukas Mikonen has been set with negative standings and is considered kill-on-sight by I-RED forces. I-RED forces are to attempt non-lethal arrest of all N.PC forces they come into contact with, but open fire permission shall be a standing order if non-lethal measures fail.

Following the public remarks by Bosena Accords [BOSAC] capsuleer, Niina Eskola-Fae, they are henceforth set with negative standings and are considered kill-on-sight by I-RED forces. I-RED forces are to attempt non-lethal arrest of all BOSAC forces they come into contact with, but open fire permission shall be a standing order if non-lethal measures fail.

The integrity of our great Caldari State matters more now than ever. Willingly encouraging violent revolt against the authority of the megacorporations and the CEP is treason, and will be dealt with to the fullest extent of corporate law. One people, one Caldari State.

Statement regarding the current status of the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive

These recent weeks have been extremely trying times for many people across the cluster. I-RED is no different. Currently, our forces are engaged with heavy fighting versus a Nation incursion in the JQV5-9 constellation of Syndicate. Back in the home regions of the State, civil unrest has been ongoing ever since the failures seen during the Triglavian Invasions. Now, more recently, we mourn the loss of life due to the cowardly bombing on the CEP spire in Landfall City of New Caldari Prime.

The road ahead is long and challenging.

Effective immediately, baseliner immigration into I-RED facilities across the cluster shall be heavily restricted to only those passing rigorous background checks. An exception will be made for those immigrating into the Utpattia Protectorate, an I-RED sponsored colony in the system of A-3ES3 of Syndicate - but security clearance will still be selective. The Ishukone-Raata Enforcer Fleet [I-REF] reserve forces are currently being called into action and stationed across various locations in Syndicate and The Citadel.

These are difficult times, but I-RED stands ready to heed the call to action. We will persevere as we always have. For Ishukone. For the State.

Statement on the Kahah III destruction by Equilibrium of Mankind

The Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive expresses the deepest sympathies for all those who were under the guns of the terrorist EoM forces. This attack is truly the most reprehensible and sinister event to occur in New Eden since the Triglavian Invasions of last year.

While I-RED forces were unable to respond en masse due to the majority of our forces being preoccupied with staving off the Nation incursion in the JQV5-9 constellation in Syndicate, we were able to send a small taskforce of capsuleer Enforcers to assist our allies of PIE and LUMEN.

Over the coming days, I-RED will gather and donate what surplus resources we can to assist in the rescue and recovery efforts for Kahah III. We stand firmly alongside our allies in the Empire, and hear the call from Empress Catiz Tash-Murkon to hunt down EoM operations wherever they may be throughout the cluster.


Weapons and equipment issued to the brave patriots of the State were given as measures of self defense while they assert their right to protest, issued in response to the alleged extrajudicial murders of striking workers on Anin. I would assume that I-RED would find it agreeable that in the face of unjust corporate tyranny the workers of the State are entitled to self defense. Our own combat logs will show that even when supply transports were intercepted by Caldari Navy forces, we did not open fire on the Navy themselves and sought to keep them at a standoff distance instead.

I can neither confirm nor deny our involvement in the attack on the CEP Spire until we have more information. I can however positively say that while PKN corporate offices were cited internally as an area of potential conflict should PKN affiliated-security teams attempt to silence protests, there was no discussion of CEP Tower and the explosion there came just as much of a shock to us as anyone else. The situation in Landfall City is chaotic, made even worse by the lockdown enacted by the State Peacekeepers. I understand the reaction to mark us red as a precautionary measure and won’t ask you to change that, we will simply remain mindful of the distinction and do our absolute best to avoid any and all contact with I-RED for the time being.

If we receive concrete, actionable intelligence proving our operatives involvement you can expect an statement of our own and internal measures to address this depending on what we uncover about the incident. Given the recent EoM false-flag attacks however, I would caution you to consider the very real possibility that legitimate workers protests movements within the State were used as a scapegoat for yet another EoM plot to spread discord.

If that happens, I would hope that I-RED would be receptive towards taking a more nuanced stance towards our operatives within the State. We are always open to rapprochement with our fellow Caldari statesmen, and discussion on progressive policies we feel are desperately needed to prevent the further collapse of the State.

Lastly, I would like to clearly state that while this was an operation undertaken using Bosena Accords agents under contract that it was organized separately by individual Caldari expatriots within the Accords and was not a unified executive action taken by all of the warclone clans of the Bosena Accords. I, as well as my partner, worked independently to organize concerned ex-Caldari citizens who hoped to spread positive change within the State and did not act under any particular order from the Round Table Assembly of Avalon, the warclone trade union congress.


The Excubitoris Chapter is pleased to have such stalwart allies as the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive.


LUMEN thanks I-Red as always for honoring the special Alliance between the Empire and the State.


Your clarification has been noted and any standings adjustments will be done following an internal review.

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