On Civil Unrest in the Caldari State

Disclaimer: the following does not represent an official stance or reflection of values from the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive, nor our parent corporation of Ishukone.

The following is a transcript from a recorded broadcast on the Ishukone capital world of Malkalen V; the video broadcast itself is available through various State-sponsored media

<… Korbin Lavius, dressed in plain attire, addresses an assembled crowd at the Gariushi Square Central Plaza within the city of Vorautta. He appears to ponder out to the crowd as they chant in unison ‘Workers are the State!’

“My fellow Ishukonites, my fellow citizens, my heart aches as the latest news to circulate amongst the news outlets - the possibility of Lai Dai Protection Service forces gunning down protesting Lai Dai citizens in the Solva settlement on Anin V. I hope to the Ancestors that the official stance provided by the ‘Forest’ faction is indeed true - that the broadcasts were nothing more than complete fabrications by the treacherous Guristas Pirates. I truly with every fiber of my being hope that what they claim is true.”

<… Korbin clutches his heart and shakes his head; the crowd roars.

“However, I am not here to spread slander about Lai Dai or the rest of the ‘Forest’ faction, for we are all of us the Caldari State. And the Caldari State is hurting right now after the events of the Triglavian invasion. I am not a Lai Dai executive, and thus am not privy to the true course of events that allegedly unfolded on Anin V. But mark my words - if indeed it comes to light that LDPS did murder their own citizens, I will exercise every corporate connection, every resource, every ounce of blood of my being to ensure that those LDPS leaders responsible for allowing such an event to occur will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of corporate law. Right now as I speak, Lai Dai citizens gather in protest around the Lai Dai Corporate Spire on New Caldari Prime just one system over. More than eight years ago in the space beyond the planet, more than 2,000 protesting citizens from Kaalakiota were mercilessly butchered by Home Guard and State Peacekeeper forces acting under the influence of the Caldari Provincial Directorate. There will not be a repeat of those events.”

<… The crowd erupts in phenomenal cheers, roars, and applause; Korbin waits for several moments until it subsides to continue speaking.

“Now, regarding the ongoing civil unrest in the State, I firmly stand side-by-side with you all - the diligent and honorable workers of the Caldari State! My heart is with you, my spirit is with you, and my physical being is with you. While stationed as a colonial security director in Syndicate, I watched in horror as system after system fell to the Triglavian Collective. Billions of lives lost and stolen from us. The ineptitude of State Armed Forces leadership was readily apparent as functional naval doctrines were clearly not succeeding in repelling invading Triglavians. I felt shame. I felt anger. This could not happen. This should not happen. But it did, and now we see the aftermath - billions of State citizens dead or trapped in Pochven. This is unacceptable.”

<… Once again, the crowd erupts in a thunderous roar.

“To be Caldari means many things. Our people is a strong people. A determined people. An honorable people. Throughout the course of history, our people endured challenge after challenge in the pursuit of simply surviving, and being better - emotionally, physically, mentally. The events which unfolded last year are just another great challenge facing the Caldari people, and how we respond will be a true reflection of who we are as a people - of who we are as Caldari. Will we choose to sit idly and continue on as if nothing has happened? Or will we mobilize and flow like the ocean to adapt and change what needs to be changed in order to preserve the continuity of our great Caldari State? The choice is clear to me, as I am sure it is to you all.”

<… Chants of “Workers are the State! Ishukone for the State!” reverberate throughout the Gariushi Square Central Plaza.

“I will continue to work on behalf of the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive. I will continue to work for the Ishukone Corporation, and the Caldari State. But most importantly, I will continue to work for you all - the workers of the Caldari State. I will seek out my contacts within the Caldari Armed Forces about reorganizing our military doctrines and structure so that the Caldari State will never experience another failure like the Triglavian invasions again. For Ishukone! For the State!

<… The crowd echoes the final chant of Korbin. The Ishukone corporate anthem can be heard playing throughout the plaza, as Korbin exits the stage and disappears into the crowd.



Don’t mind me I’ll be over here munching on some popcorn. All this talk of “the State this” and “the State that”, just be honest with yerselves already, yeah? Your leaders have failed you over and over. Do somethin’ about it. Or join us! Be happy to have ya on board.


My friend, you’re very eager I can see this.

I think Korsavius here deserves a bit more respect. Where other loyalists will just dismiss the footage outright because the Megas say so. At least this man is keeping an open mind about this. He’s not immediately buying into this stuff being fake just because the Guristas put it out. Give him a little credit.

Frankly an investigation should be underway any minute now to look into these claims and we’ll see once and for all if Lai dai did the dirty deed.

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Sympathy from the Ocean faction towards the ongoing workers movement within the state is an… Interesting development but a welcome one. I seem to remember a time where Kaalakiota and Caldari Steel were the ones furvorantly chanting for proletariat revolution against the fetless liberals in Ishukone who had weakened the State. I don’t really have a point there, just sincerely funny to me how things change.

If you had asked me in YC110 I would have had my personal doubts a neoliberal corporate institution like Ishukone is willing to institute the sort of broad reforms necessary to stem the bleeding of the State. In my short time philosophizing with likeminded patriots however I’ve sincerely come around on the idea and recognize that there is a strong vein of class-conscious nationalists able and willing to push for the sort of left wing policies needed to consolidate our losses, salvage the working class, and rebuild public trust in the State.

I have immense respect for I-RED for having the bravery to publish this statement and pray to the winds that organizations like them can push Ishukone and the rest of the Ocean faction to actively take steps to reform the state against the Forest Faction criminals.

After all, those that make reform impossible make revolution inevitable.


Lai Dai may indeed be responsible for this. Certainly, there are elements within any organization of sufficient size that will act independent of leadership, and will have to be called to task when and if their crimes are uncovered. Time, along with audits, will tell.

Perhaps the Guristas have done a good thing, releasing this video. If it is proven true, that is. I will commend them for that.

But at the same time we’re talking about an organization that kidnaps, traffics and enslaves people. Produces and distributes illicit and dangerous drugs. Organizes theft and sabotage rings. Extorts innocent people. And murders on a whim. Whatever small gem of goodness they have shone in this is washed away in the sea of filth that is the Guristas lifestyle.

While some within Ishukone-Raata may sympathize with Lavius-haan, officially this statement isn’t supported, nor is it a official release by any member on the Directorship.

We do, however, continue to stand by our parent corporation, and her allies. We will continue to act in accordance to their policy regarding the worker’s right to gather in protest, and condemn the heinous acts committed by members of Lai Dai Protection Service. Should they be true.

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Thank you for the clarification, I understand that it’s important to clearly distinguish between I-RED policy and individual members and respect the disclaimer.

All the same, I still hold respect for I-RED and her parent company as well as the Ocean Faction at large for respecting the voice of the people in the State. It’s certainly more than I can say of CBD and Lai Dai.

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