Message to the Ocean Faction on Behalf of Caldari Labor

Over the last several months, I have worked directly and indirectly with tangentially allied organizations made-up of disaffected State citizens hoping to drive radical, systematic change within the Caldari State. For my own part, this involved disseminating weapons, equipment, personnel, and training from the warclone diaspora within the State as a utility for workers movements and general strikes on State colonies. Revolutionary cells were, by design, autonomous and not beholden to any single command structure. We merely issued the tools and support to the Caldari people to act in the manner they felt appropriate to combat PKN tyranny and correct the course of the Caldari State.

While not my original intention this program would result in the attempted bombing of the Jita 4-4 space elevator, the Torrinos lockdown, and the bombing of CEP Spire. I willingly take responsibility for each incident, and rather than condemn these attacks undertaken by our agents I instead commend their actions and their ability to strike at the very heart of the State and show the cluster that the Caldari worker still remains the master of their own fate. Even under immense pressure and systemic abuse, you cannot tame the wind.

I come forward now not to gloat or relish in the very necessary steps that had to be taken to ensure a future for Caldari labor, but to solidify the myth of the Worker’s Revolution and its role as we move toward a new State in the wake of the destruction at CEP Tower. Let it not be forgotten that the rule of the Megacorporations exists for the betterment of the Caldari people and not vise versa. May this serve as an example of what the Caldari people are capable of executing should the megacorporations lose the consent of the workers of the State.

I’ve made my own vision for the future of the state very explicate and hope that those sympathetic to my political theory continue the work of moving the state toward a syndicalist, left-wing nationalist workers paradise. However, I have also made it clear that I believe in the importance of forming a rainbow coalition to make these ideals a reality and the importance of compromising and pushing workers revolution forward any way we can rather than fixating on radical ideological dogma.

With Akimaka Saraki now at the helm of the CEP and the Mountain Faction signaling their support for his policies of reform and reconciliation to strengthen the State, for the first time I see a clear path forward within the system that cannot be jeopardized now through unnecessary complications like lose disparate warclone revolutionaries. Therefore, I have taken steps to dismantle our network within the State to allow the Ocean Faction the chance to work towards reform unmolested. I strongly encourage those revolutionary organizations we have propped up and enabled in the past to do the same, secured in the knowledge that this is their victory.

They have thoroughly demonstrated that the Caldari work is not powerless, and that those that make progress impossible will make revolution inevitable.

For now though, we must allow the system time to adapt and develop their own plans to rebuild the Caldari way of life. They know full well what we are capable of now if they fail to do so.

(Above: Images taken from repair crews clearing fallen debris surrounding the base of CEP Spire)

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You take responsibility for actions that you admit were not committed by you, are still under investigation, and whom the perpetrating actors are we still do not know?

Well, in that case I take full responsibility for the recent defeat of EoM. It was my actions, no matter how small, insignificant and unrelated, that ultimately lead to the rallying of capsuleers and Empire forces throughout the cluster to rout these terrible enemies of mankind. Please, hard as it may be, I urge you to save your cheers and commendations of me: I am simply a humble servant of my fellow humans.

If you give me a little while, I’m sure I can come up with even more outlandish things that I’m responsible for.


The Caldari fleet marking me an enemy of the State and kill on sight immediately in the wake of the bombing followed by the chase across the orbit of New Caldari made it pretty clear that at the very least the Caldari Navy believes we did it.

I’m not sure where this need to admonish us from this attack comes from but… By all means if you truly believe we didn’t do it and are guiltless schmucks set up by powers beyond our control then go right on ahead. I’d love it for the rumor mill to spin up saying that, so we can be political martyrs. But everything I’ve looked into following the wake of the bombing suggests that I can’t confidently deny this was us. What can I say, we aimed for PKN and somehow hit the CEP. Whoops. It happens.

What I am saying, is that I’m going to need much more than “This thing happened, and even though I can’t prove it was my trite little group that did it, I’m going to claim responsibility for it and use it to push my agenda”. I have no reason to believe you when you claim something that vaguely aligns with your goal was ultimately set in motion by you when you’ve given no reason for me TO believe you.

How useful for you, to posture that you have cells all over and that actions taken by others are your own. And how highly righteously of you to so graciously claim to dismantle these supposed cells when the winds turn in your direction and you are simply carried along.

I’ve been an intelligence analyst and worked in counterintelligence in both the private sector and the Navy. I’ve seen cults, Federal clandestine operatives, corporate espionage teams and political fanatics do much the same you’re doing now: make grand pronouncements claiming the reach and power they’re capable of and taking responsibility for someone else’s actions. I’m not impressed, and I’m not swayed by your words.

When it comes to the Navy targeting you, am I supposed to be surprised? You claim you want revolution, take responsibility for anti-State actions, and revel in the sowing of destruction and misinformation. I don’t see why you wouldn’t be on the Navy’s list, if not simply for the fact that you’ve proven yourself at odds with the State. On top of that, I don’t even know the context of your supposed altercation with the Navy. For all we know, you took potshots at them first.


I think the fact alone you’ve written us off as a “trite little group” despite very clearly knowing little of the situation is revealing enough on its own what you’re really saying here. Forgive me if I don’t entertain it.

In that case I will be glad to extend an invitation for you to visit our facility, where we will explain in details for you what does taking responsibility means, and where you will bear the consequences of this responsibility as was established by law of Caldari State, made by Caldari and for Caldari…

… provided you have enough Honor and Courage to follow your words and determination to do what is expected from those who call themselves Caldari.

Strike Commander, if I may… are you a practitioner of Caldari Law, a representative of the CBT, or other such legal institutions tied to any of the given Megacorps or CEP? Additionally, if I may, the dictat of Honor is separate from the Requirements of Law.

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If by some awkward reason you have any doubt in my competene, you shall fill in a correspondent form or at least contact my FO, direct superior or my secretary through respectful channels so they could easily dismiss any of your prejudices, instead of making a nuisance of yourself with such shameful unprofessional conduct in public forums.

If I will get a request through the proper channel, you will get a reply, otherwise I recommend you to cease wasting my time and shaming name of your organization any further.

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You should not pretend to speak for every single Caldari worker. I come from a working class family, and started working at the age of thirteen to supplement the family’s income. Neither I nor anyone from my family or extended family agrees with what you have said. The State’s current system has served our people well since the start of the secession war. What you are doing is taking advantage of the aftermath of the Triglavian invasions to push your agenda by means of terrorism. If you or your ideas had merit, you’d have been able to push them from a chair on the CEP.


Until the day I die I will never understand the fixation of my countrymen to somehow insist that the diseffected members of the state that have systemically allowed their self-interests and material conditions to errode while their actual ability to effect change has been constantly undermined should just…

Surpass untold billions of corporate ghouls ahead of them on the corporate ladder to take leadership in the CEP, and surely the fact that we are not on it is purely because our ideas don’t hold merit. Somehow I doubt even those that head the CEP actually believe that, what with the now leading head of the CEP being a Seituoda blue blood that inherited their position.

Like I have a hard time believing you were all born this stupid. Just wondering at what point you all got hit on the head.

Moreover the simple fact that a reformist now heads the CEP out of a shared interest to placate workers rebellions and riots is demonstrable fact that, by your own standards, the sentiment has very real merit even if it doesn’t reflect your personal views. Y’know, the views of an incredibly privileged capsuleer.

In contrast to what your attempt at character assassination insinuates, I do not live any differently when I am outside of the capsule than I lived before I was found to be compatible with capsule technology. This is because a privilege even greater than capsuleerhood is to live one’s life in a manner that honours our parents, our ancestors and their ways. That is our way. None of your words or bombs will change that.

How noble of you to live in auster circumstances now that you are a capsuleer, really takes the sting out of all those billions of statesmen unable to feed themselves or their families or who were drafted off to die in the war under incompetent leaders for a State that won’t allow them basic reforms without first gunning down protestors or syphoning trillions in larceny.

You’ve come off as a class traitor, and a textbook example of survivorship bias. Its common fallacy, and not particularly as insightful or original as you think it is when you try to bring up your supposide working class background as justification for why people that still live in those conditions and will never have the opportunity to lift themselves out of it should just pull themselves up by their bootstraps or be happy to live in squalor. If anything, its pathetic.

My brother was killed in action in Urhinichi whilst serving in the navy. The man I wished to marry took the tea after failing to stop the Triglavians. My father was injured by debris from the CEP spire bombing. I know what it feels like to be stung. But not famine, because Ishukone provides for it’s people.

And you come off as a traitor who in this very thread admitted to being indirectly responsible for trying to sabotage the very system that provides our citizens with work, housing, food, water and education. Our people have access to all basic necessities of life, and thus the non-existent lack of such things is no reason for riots or terrorism. The reasons for such are the performance of the navy and corruption. Both of which are problems that must be rectified, but not in this way.

Whilst both your utter disrespect for the ways of our ancestors and your acts of terrorism are by themselves sufficient reason to disqualify anything you attempt to dictate to our governing body, the thing that draws my attention moreso is your apparent membership of a corporation which styles itself in a Triglavian manner. No sane citizen should listen to a triangle sympathiser, and certainly not the CEP. You sow dissent to further the goals of outside threats.

What do you even think you’re talking about?

You’re either incredibly naive or completely insincere if you can’t conceptualize the fact that the state has millions of dissociated State dissidents and expats, and people that either cannot work or do not wish to work under unsafe, unsuitable conditions in a system where collective bargaining and union rights have been in decline.

Ishukone might have its own welfare system, which is one of the chief reasons why I am now advocating for allowing the CEP time to reorganize under the Ocena Faction but that isn’t the case for the other, more neoliberal corporations. Accounting for so called “non-entities” in the State, the State actually has the largest impoverished population among the four empires.

If you’re bringing personal anecdotes into this as a gotcha, then I won’t be squeamish about my own history as someone that was trafficked from Lonetrek into Venal as an indentured “contractor” specifical because I had fallen through the cracks in the system that the State has been unable or unwilling to fill. Not everyone has the benefit of growing up in a petty bourgeois Ishukone family. Acting as if the cracks don’t exist or outright insisting there isn’t an is issue altogether though is either a tone-deaf insult to those everywhere with stories like mine, or a deliberate lie to take the wind out of genuine grievances against the status quo.

Our citizens are given every opportunity to be productive members of society, and aren’t disenfranchised lightly. When things did go wrong, the man was exposed by Gariushi and efforts were made to redress the grievances by means of restitution, resettlement and re-employment. Those who genuinely can not work due to mental or physical disabilities receive assistance. Those who simply won’t do their part will reap what they sow.

Never encountered such a thing as a union. Not interested in foreign ideas.

The Megas have a responsibility to look after their citizens. If a Mega fails at that to the point of gross negligence, the CEP will intervene.

Triglavian sympathizers have no right to tell the CEP or the Caldari people how to live.

Show us the statistics that support this epistemic claim.

If you are going to make that claim, explain what happened instead of being vague.

I have no idea what kind of Gallentean insult that is supposed to be. Everyone in my family works hard and served their time when conscripted. The same goes for everyone else I met during my time as a baseliner.

If there are cracks they need to be fixed, but bombings won’t fix them. I’ve seen enough of our people die during the invasions. I don’t need to see our people kill one another in a time when we should be diverting all of our attention and effort towards strengthening the State in the wake of our losses.

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We’re getting closer and closer to uncovering that grinning skeleton underneath. I predict within five more posts I’ll be listening to you explaining why artists, academics, and degenerates don’t deserve the right to exist in a post-scarcity society because they aren’t of any economic value.

Foreign? It was a workers general strike and collective bargaining that lead to the Armor Forge rebellions. It was workers movements that gave rise to the first Provist organizations. Split hairs over technicalities on the term all you want, the concept of union bargaining is far from a foreign concept. Moreover, its a sentiment increasingly gaining steam among protestors from Landfall City to Torrinos regardless of what you think. Pretending otherwise, again, leads me to believe you’re either playing dumb or are too genuinely uninformed to be having this conversation.

Yes, that is exactly why the CEP came to the rescue of those protestors at Anin after they were gunned down by Lai Dai. Oh ■■■■, wait.

You could have saved me the time and effort and just gone immediately to this accusation instead of pretending there was any other reason for your skepticism.

This is common knowledge and the worst kept secret of the Caldari “meritocratic” labor-based caste system. There is far more easily accessible documentation out there to support this fact than any sort of assertion that the State is in any way shape or form a welfare state.

This is pretty desperately grabbing at straws given I never asked you to lay out your specific traumas to try to debunk them. But frak if you insist. Dad was a Lai Dai technician. Got in over his head trying to climb the corporate ladder, became a non-entity for it. Committed suicide with my mom shortly after I left home, which as I’ll remind you is a fair common occurrence in the State given we have by far the highest suicide rates than any other empire as well. I was forced to take on responsibility for the debt he had left behind, and the regular payments were more than a job working the assembly lines and living in the barracks could provide. I started taking up ‘compensated dating’ under an NoH gig-work contract, everything after that… Just got worse.


You have access to a neocomm don’t you? You don’t need to submerge yourself in theory to not be entirely ignorant.

I dunno, lets wait this out. Seems like a bomb might have been just the thing we needed to take PKN down a notch and bring about a new era in the State, this time lead by the Ocean Faction including those supposide Ishukone welfare reforms you venerate so much. Believe me, I look forward to seeing them exported to the other Megas.

Might I remind you of the existence of the State Worker’s Union? The single largest, and primary union operating across all 8 Megacorps, Tereven-haani? The lack of knowledge of its existence, especially from one of the worker class, is particularly unnerving. You say your family is hardworking, yet you nor they are aware of the exceptional service the SWU provides to those in your family’s rung of the corporate ladder?

In fact… the SWU coordinates with the myriad of megacorp based worker organizations and sub-unions.

I expect that sort of ignorance from a disenfranchised such as Ms. Eskola-Fae… but not so a loyal member of The State.

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You say this as if either of these did our people any good.

Then you should have no difficulties explaining it instead of monologuing.

We’ll have to see about that. I trust my fellow citizens to remember the values that unite us.

The Ocean faction called them out for their misconduct. With them gaining a majority on the CEP alongside the Mountain faction, it is my hope that Megas from Lai Dai will see the error of their ways and take a page from Gariushi’s book.

I can cite at least two other reasons such as:

  • Your desire to radically alter the Caldari way of life,
  • Your support, both moral and material, for terrorist bombings,

Even if we assume that you are correct, which I hesitate to do as there are no official statistics, the entire concept of meritocracy is that you reap what you sow. If you sow nothing, you reap nothing.

The State is a coalition of eight megacorporations which manage their employees, and it is true that some of those have not caught up with the times and adopted Ishukone’s approach to doing things. I consider it inevitable that Gariushi’s reforms will spread from Ishukone to the others.

That is saddening to hear. Your parents did the honourable thing, but the notion of your life being ruined by inherited debt is wrong, as you were not responsible for his actions. Especially if it involves NoH contracts at any point.

Yes. That context helps me understand your angle.

Why would I go out of my way to look for information about something when we already got by just fine on our wages and the services provided by Ishukone?

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