To Citizens and Capsuleers of Caldari State in regard to Protests caused by Pirate Subversion

Esteemed Citizens of the State!

We are at War.
The bloody war, that we didn’t want, but that we have to fight in otder to protect our homes from the ancient enemy. The war we are fighting to lift gallente occupation of our Home Planet. While we are fighting to liberate Black Rise from that enemy, another threat appeared and occupied several of our systems, not as much as did gallente, but still, it means war on two fronts now.

Every resource counts, every life counts. Victory means life and prosperity, and failure will mean death. Protesting itself during these times is a borderline treason that can lead to deaths of your families, of your comrades!

A lot of war profiteers and other amoral groups are trying to use our distress for their personal gains. And, obviously, gurista are one of these. Never forget, that guristas pirates are nothing but primitive robbers and brigands.

That fake which they have launched to slander one of our Honorable Megacorporations can cause weak-minded to start protesting, diverting Corporate security forces away from guarding strategic resources, giving the pirates a better chance to commit another robbery. If they steal food stocks, some colony will starve. If they steal military armament, other colony will be left without protection from gallente or triglavian invaders. In that regard, protesting means helping the criminals to profit, and not just profit, but profit on you, on those, who are gullible to fall for their subversion attempts!

Be vigilant, citizens!
Report protesters, reports those who are offering you to join protests, report gurista activity, report any gurista retranslators that they use to spread their fakes and slanders.
Together, we are strong.
Together, we will win.

Glory to the State!
– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.


Dearest Kim-haani,

As a fellow citizen of the State, I look upon our nation and people with not only pride but also with compassion for my brothers and sisters. Understanding your own right to seek your own destiny combined with the obligation to serve the collective order for the betterment of all? That is the true meaning of the philosophies we learn as citizens of the Caldari State. Regardless of which megacorporation you serve, as Caldari, one has an ancient right to protest incompetence and malfeasance among the executive classes; as so elegantly spoken by Wiyrkomi Senior Akimaka Saraki.

With all due respect for you and your accomplishments, Kim-haani, I humbly but firmly ask that you reserve your anger for a worthier target than those so ailing with fear. These protestors have been misguided, not corrupted. After all, we must be the ones who educate those who are in doubt. For loyalty must be built, it cannot be raised.

The Gurista, these petty, spineless parasites have not only fooled the masses - but they have also succeeded in implanting you with contempt against your brethren. And if you cannot look upon those lesser than you and ask yourself why they are in distrust. Then you certainly do not understand what it means to be a leader and a comrade. Look upon those misguided with patience and compassion.

Be the better woman.

Glory to the State.

– Ittan Tatani
Sukuuvestaa Corporation


I am inclined to agree with Ms. Tatani here. There is absolutely no doubt in my heart as to the illegitimacy of that footage, but to express outrage against those perturbed by its release is playing straight into the plans of the Guristas. They knew, of course, that there would be backlash by the megacorporations and that would only serve to cement their lies. The best course of action is to attack and expose the Guristas and their lies, not our own, concerned citizens.

Exercise restraint and focus on the real enemy here, ease the unrest by showing the people who the real villain is. After all, if actual, legitimate footage of an unprovoked massacre came to light, would it not be cause for alarm? Would it not be a sign that at least the forces that performed it are a rogue element that has committed atrocities against the Caldari?

The protests must disperse, that much is true, but the way to achieve this is not to lash out against those involved, the overwhelming majority are nothing but concerned citizens.


Ms. Malitia, Ms. Tatani,

I understand your concern.
However, please understand, that protesting itself is a semi-illegal activity, unbecoming of Caldari Citizen. Whether it is allowed by Corporation security or not, it is still something that a low being like whiny gallentean would do, but not a Citizen.

And as someone coming from military background, in here all sort of protests are strictly prohibited.
I know that demanding such strict discipline from civilians might be excessive, yet we shall not let the pirates to disrupt our system for their petty interests.

Forcing protests to cease is protecting the citizens, same protesters will likely become targets of gurista heists. They’re being used and they must realize that…


With all due respect, Commander, there is no such thing as “semi-illegal”. Protesting, in and of itself, is perfectly legal, provided it does not escalate into actual crimes. You can not expect the same discipline from civilians that you do from military personnel, and using force to break these protests would only serve to lend credence to the Gurista propaganda. We must ease the concerns of the protesters, not cast further doubt onto them by mirroring the LPDS forces shown in the footage.

They will realize that by exposing the Guristas, not by forcing them to disperse.


Oh no, Dear Kimmie, we Guristas don’t need to fabricate nothin’ to cause chaos in the State - y’all fools can take care of that all on your own with the complete incompetence of your leaders!

But, hey, if we see megas shootin’ their own people? Yeah, you can bet we will do what we can to continue exposing the lies of the Caldari State.

On that note, if you know any State citizens with discontent towards the CEP, feel free to send’em my way! I’d love to chat with them about the protections and competency available within the Guristas.


This should escalate quickly.

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That’s Commander Dear Kimmie for you.

Drawing shooting people with CGI doesn’t mean we have any lies. You just have a vivid fantasy and bored hands for all these stuff. If we shoot someone, it’s invaders and occupants.

Sure thing, give me your address. I know a squad or two of nice State citizens which is quite discontent towards the CEP for lack of decisive action against primitive robbing scum known as guristas pirates.

Look, if that footage is CGI then the Guristas clearly are in the wrong line of work and should be taking over the holo-reels market. The quality of authenticity in that footage is top notch and we could put all the billion ISK studios to shame.

I wouldn’t even be mad if it’s really fake - that’s some damn impressive editing.

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I cannot tell if you are incredibly technologically illiterate or just picked the most obvious possible lie to tell. Simulacra rendering in real time are incredibly commonplace among capsuleers, even if you have somehow avoided any mainstream entertainment produced in the last couple of centuries. A bored teenager with mediocre equipment could cook that thing up with their friends, the only merit the Guristas deserve is managing to broadcast it.

Honestly if all it takes is a bored teenager to manufacture some footage to send State citizens into this much of a frenzy then that’s not really much of a compliment to the citizens of the State.

You’re making the state seem REMARKABLY easy to manipulate.

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If this is supposed to be an actual argument then I see you carry on the proud Guristas tradition of being a consistent embarrassment online. You released footage that you alleged to be true over multiple channels and exploited a hurt and recovering people. Of course a small minority would be swayed by your lies.

All it takes is one of my fingers and I can end your life. Does that make you REMARKABLY easy to kill?

Crowd simulations can be identified by noise patterns. It is a problem intrinsic to modeling randomness, and falls beyond the ability of any data scientist who has ever lived to fully overcome. If the videos were simulations, it would have been trivial for Lai Dai to demonstrate it.


Actually my post was neutral in the possiblity being of a fake is up there.

My money is on it being true, but hey - I’m not blindly saying it is. Can it be fake? Sure. I’m open to that possibility.

Well I’ll just be back in a clone. So hey, if you wanna get it out of your system I can oblige. I don’t mind. I can even get a kestrel and wr can have a little tussle! Make it a bit more fun. If you just wanna pod a capsule then just set it up and I’ll give you what you want.

This is also true… Should be elementary to break and show the public. Why all this doubt? If they’re innocent then go the distance and prove it.

Who would win? A bored teenagers shitty edited footage of a crowd getting mowed down or the trillion ISK mega corporation with a wealth if technology at their disposal.


Lai Dai and the rest of the Forest faction can only talk about how they haven’t done no wrong. But obviously they’re holding on to the camera drone footage of the massacre for dear life for good reason.

Now, now, let’s get one thing straight here, yeah? The only embarrassment here is the embarrassment of a self-proclaimed Kybernaut pretending to still give a damn about the State they once served. Pick a side, Triggy, ya ain’t foolin’ no one!


Now to her credit I’m to believe they have some justified reasoning behind their actions. It’s not my place to jump to that conclusion. I’m sure if I heard em out I could maybe see some logic in their way of doing things.

Do I agree with it by default? Nah, it just low hanging fruit unless we knew the details.

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Plural you, referring to the Guristas.

If you are being incredibly haphazard about production or need to simulate truly colossal crowds, sure. The crowd depicted is neither that massive nor in frame in its entirety at all times. This was intended to at least look plausibly real, rendering individuals would solve this issue, it wouldn’t take that long with enough processing power. Again, the single teraflops of processing power of our capsules alone is sufficient to render a simulacrum and environment in real time. Don’t pretend that making a convincing forgery is that hard with dedicated hardware.

Ah my mistake friend. Appreciate the clarification.

I mean you’re dismissing this footage as being nothing more than an edgy bored teenager of making so Lai dai in all its wealth and resources should have zero issue breaking this sim down. In record time, they should (and why wouldnt they given the severity of the issue) toss a giant team at this right away.

Hell why didnt they do this before declaring it’s a fake? I know I’m critical of the Megas but I dont think they’re this incompetent.

If the Guristas are as crummy and incompetent as you make them out to be. Then why hasn’t Lai dai exposed them right away?

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Access to processing power and dumb actor AI do not make one a particularly skilled filmmaker on their own.