Petition for Guristas Standing Reset

To Whom It May Concern Among the Leadership / Recruitment Services of the Guristas,

May it never be said that I do not love my people, and feel an immense amount of pride for the potential that an independent Caldari nation holds in the world. Since becoming a capsuleer, I have dutifully and faithfully worked within the structure of the Caldari State to ebb out a living among the megacorporation structure. To an extent I do very much still believe that a corporate-guild structure organised by trade unions remains the most sustainable model for the future of our people rather than a federal welfare state or a centralized empire.

All of this is to say, I spent many, many years of my life serving the state under the belief that I was working to support an ideal that I saw among my fellow statesman. This, as you can imagine, has put me at odds with Guristas Pirates a number of times over the years in anti-piracy operations on behalf of the Caldari State. I always felt a kinship with the Guristas but up until now we have always been put at odds by fate and circumstance. They’re by and large my fellow statesman and, in many ways, the ninth megacorporation that constitutes the greater Caldari nation. I always thought that perhaps if the Caldari State ever truly lived up to the potential I see in it, there would be no need for the Guristas to do what they do.

I wondered if there was any merit to that, and began to do my research on the organisation; sure enough, many of the most senior and celebrated members of the Guristas were once disenfranchised and rejected by the State. Many of them, frankly, had a background very similar to myself and suffered from many of the same systemic injustices that I always brushed of as “just something you have deal with” as a part of what it means to be Caldari. Rumors of Fatal and Rabbit’s… Companionship as one of the reasons for their mistreatment from the Caldari Navy particularly resonated with me as someone that has faced similar discrimination within the military.

It changed me a lot, finding that out. Without revealing too much or getting too far into it I’ve undergone a number of changes that have forced me to reevaluate who I am and what my place is in this world. While I am still fiercely proud of my fellow statesmen and all that the Caldari can be, I’ve come around to seeing the deep foundational issues inherent in the State while growing increasingly sympathetic of the free, punk-rock lifestyle of the Guristas. I’ve thoroughly transformed from being an unquestioning bootlicking nationalist to something of a social revolutionary. I now realise that the system can never change while we remain complicate to it. Circumstances, however, kept me seperated and forced me to bide my time within the Empires as a quiet malcontent. With @Avio_Yaken’s Venal Prosperity Network project however I finally saw an opportunity to cast off the chains of the state and make a break to the freedom and opportunity of Venal.

You can imagine my disappointment, however, that the status rating I had incurred with the Guristas from my time working in the Caldari Navy has remained overwhelmingly negative. Given the previous history of some 90% of Guristas senior leadership before undergoing a change-of-heart extremely similar to mine however I find it incredibly hypocritical to continue to penalize me for my past actions. Leaving the State, particularly the Navy, has been a critical transformation for me that’s felt like to waking up from a bad dream. Now that I’m awake, I want to live in a world where I can be the master of my own fate. I want to be that idealized version of myself that I see in all my fellow Caldari; rich in cultural heritage and protective of our right to self-determination but unaffraid to offend and unhindered by any ■■■■■■■■ fascist, militaristic, elitist hierarchy.

I wanna be a Guristas dammit, and I’m not afraid of starting from 0.0 to provide it. Just, y’know… Please gods and spirits is it really right or necessary to make me start from -5.0? Reset my status and I’ll ■■■■ all the stars in the north for you, I swear it.



Gurista are the worst of the scum our cluster can vomit.

These dishonorable traitors deserve nothing more than full extripation. They are the typical what one would call a “pirate” who strike innocent traders and sell countefeit goods. Their so-called “anti-piracy” raids are nothing but banal turf wars against other pirates, and in that game they are probably the largest organization with the largest turf.

The dishonor of being gurista can be washed only with their blood. Their time will come, and they all will end either dead or locked in cells, like every thief, murderer and pirate shall be.

All filthy punks who will dare to support these degraded criminals will be brought to knees in front of the tribunal and will answer for that.

Glory to the State!

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You can bet I’ll be standing tall if I ever find myself infront of some corporate tribunal.

As for your post @Morgan_Wulver, I don’t have any clout with the Guristas and therefore wouldn’t be much of a vouch. Though i do support you’re desire to come pitch in with the Prosperity Network, could always use another Capsuleer in these parts trying to help out, While i can’t convince the Guristas themselves to do anything, i can see about helping you repair those standings another way.



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Speaking generally, if you’ve acted against a faction in the past, regardless of your reasons, it’s perfectly logical that they’d want more work out of you before they’ll trust you than they would out of a pilot who hasn’t done anything to them. If you really want to make up with them, you better start doing whatever to those stars, because you’ve got a lot of them to do it to.


Agreed, ma’am, but, maybe if he links up with like-minded people doing their higher-tier dirty work? They might trust him faster if their more-trusted contacts do.

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Oh, Kim. Of all the fellow Caldari I’d met in the State I’ll miss you most you little… Gremlin you. Do visit me up north once I become a pirate king will you? Seeing a naive, idealistic bootlicker like you does me well by reminding myself how far I’ve come.

Thank you for the assistance and acknowledgement. While you may not be a true Gurista affiliate your organisation’s ties in the region finally made Venal a stable and viable place for a young, independent capsuleer to establish themselves in. I would appreciate any assistance you might be able to provide. Having said that, so far as I’m concerned, you and your people have already done a great deal for me.

Hmmph. Well, now that you mention it, I’ve kept my ears to the ground and might know of a certain opportunity out in Obe that may help me clear the air between myself and the Guristas…


I wouldnt exactly call it stable just yet, but certainly better stocked than before. As for helping you get on better terms with the guristas, perhaps you can contact me via mail or other communications more discreet than a message board, feel me?

It has been my experience that a healthy market is one of the key elements of a stable community.

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Agreed, though I’m just arguing the stability part is still in the works, this isn’t high security turf, therefore Capsuleer residents are typically a lot more trigger happy without CONCORD holding a gun to the back of their heads.

Soothing that kind of aggression is…A complicated matter that needs time and a delicate touch. Once that’s sorted, maybe then I’ll consider the area a bit more stable - For now, it’s all just a process that’s still far from completion.

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