A Calling to my Siblings in the Caldari State

I push forth this calling to my Brothers, sisters, and others who are trapped under the iron hand of the State. I bring a much needed message to you all. The Brothers Of Freedom are not dead yet, while we have suffered many setbacks since our inception our organization is hardly doomed. The Corporations have merely realized that the more the workers hear from us the more they sympethize. Our activites are still numerous, and our numbers still grow. The state merely prefers to arrest our members on falsified charges, and to rigourously suppress reporting of our activites. The Truth however is simple. We. Will. Not. Die. The stability of their order is but a paper facade. Non entity settlements are a veritable firestorm of rebellion. While the State often claims that the genocide of these communities is required for corporate expansion. This is often just another tactic to prevent revolution spreading to places where it will be harder to prevent. Many of these communities are in open revolt. I implore all Citizens of the State to pledge their allegiance to the cause.

We have an offer for you. Wealth, comfort, anonymity and safety. No more running, no more worries of whether this organization to which you belong will destroy you. A new life.


Ooookay, so, considering the situation that doesn’t sound like a terrifying level of overpromising at all. The one thing the Dissociated often have in abundance is nothing to lose, and if you’re in a shooting war with the State it doesn’t seem like you can possibly guarantee any of that.


This is referring to a long term societal goal. Not an immediate short term one.

Wait what? Is it another fanatical freedom-worshipping cult?
Leave that crap out from the State and get the hell out to a cesspool known as the Federation or somewhere in Null security space.

As for now, all my crewmembers will be screened on any relation with this cult of freedom, if any of them will be found guilty in association, they will be trialed for Extremism and discharged with dishonor.

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Offering “wealth” to a population of trillions … even if you win that’s going to be a difficult goal.

Also, how is “anonymity” useful if you win? Wouldn’t that mostly be useful in staying hidden during the run up to the big revolution?

Or are you offering the Caldari, a culture that mostly lacks this concept … privacy?

I … I’ll leave to people with more investment in the State than I to respond properly, but, gods and spirits-- well, Ms. Kim’s as usual a little, ah, forceful, but, I’m not sure her reaction’s entirely unrepresentative.

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Your kind are nought but but the Parasitic elite who feed off the misery and toil of the hardworking and just. Never forget, when our turn comes, we will make no excuse for the terror. Your kind will be crushed under the revolutionary stampede of the righteous and free!

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I am a Civire, so do not think me an outsider to Caldari society. But this is offered primarily because we lack it.

Our means for offering wealth are the transfer of all means for manufactoring into the hands of worker owned entities. The wealth produced by them will be owned by the populace.

Anonimity is as much an insurance against tyranny as it is an ethically desirable goal

Thanks for considering me Elite, you’re probably the first.
But most definitely I am not Parasitic, since I am not a Gallente.
And terror? Really? Terror is a poor man’s war. It has no effect on us. Go ahead and try, we’ll laugh at your pity attempts as we smite you down as other criminal scum.

Mutiny attempts during wartime will be punished by death.

What a convenient excuse to always be at war. Makes it easier to crush any threat to your unearned status

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Gods and spirits, pilot. . . .

The “Citizens of the State” are going to see you as another Gallentean attempt at subversion, a Federal cat’s paw. (Never mind that the Federal economy’s pretty libertarian actually.) Setting aside old ways doesn’t generally go down well with Caldari workers, and, well, the Dissociated are the Dissociated; people won’t listen to them much even if they are in a position to have a lot to say.

I’ll wish you luck because you’re going to need a lot. When you’re done, maybe look up Avio Yaken? He’s been trying to help out the Guristas in Venal. They’ve maybe got a few places for Dissocs and frustrated idealists.

This is a heartwarming response Comrade. Yes, The Gallente are often more an immitation of democracy and freedom than any real autonomy. And this Avio sounds extremely interesting, are you able to tell me more?

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Why? Kaalakiota and the State seem fine to me.

A Caldari citizen belongs to The Company, not a delusional fantasist.

Um. If that passes for a heartwarming response, I feel a little sorry for you, Ms. Hakaari. You must have had a hard time. I guess that’s not unusual for jaalan, though.

Avio’s a former comrade from Pyre Falcon; I guess he’s from one of those families that’s got enough connections to be individually pretty strong while not owing loyalty to any megacorp. It allows a lot of room for independent thought I guess.

He’s currently trying to get capsuleer-side markets up and running in Venal.

The Guristas are more a pirate organization than proper rebels, but it’s not like the two concepts can’t kind of blur. If you want a revolution, they might represent a better chance than the Brothers of Freedom, not least because they’re, well, practical.

If your morals won’t let you work with such people and methods, then I wish you a glorious last stand. (Not that you’ll die easily, being, I assume, an egger yourself.)

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Does the fact you consider yourself Property not speak to how degraded we have been by our near enslavement to a small group of Oligarchs?

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I’ve already worked for the Guristas in the past. I doubt I would be a capsuleer without their assistence.

Obligation to the corporate spirit doesn’t seem degrading to me insofar as it offers common cause and social unity. Dissocs are always a destabilizing element within the State – it’s why so often they must be excised to ensure the harmony of the Caldari body politic.

Well, good luck.

I’d avoid dancing with Veik. She’s another Falcon, but kind of the diametric opposite of Avio, and the whole “corporate ownership” thing might be way more literal in her case than it usually is.

It’s a long story I only tentatively believe myself.

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I am actually annoyed now that you openly offering contact of the infamous never-do-well gurista pet to ayone. Gurista shall be eradicated, not contacted with.


I have some respect for those who follow their convictions, Ms. Kim, even if those beliefs will bring them into conflict with me and mine. Sometimes I forget that, but, circumstances have left me with a lot of time to think lately.

And Avio has some interesting ideas. Maybe something will come of it all.


Geniune conviction is a precious thing and worthy of respect

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