My small industry initiative in Venal

So, for the past month I’ve been settled out in the region of Venal in order to keep watch over the Zaibatsu’s Windchime Guru, Suha Raibuya while she manages one of the newest shrines establish aboard the Guristas logistics station of N5Y-4N.

While out here…I wasn’t really feeling just sitting on my ass the whole time we’d be out here. So I figured I find some way to be considerate to our hosts! Do some of the dishes, take out the trash - or in this case, stock the markets.

I’ve already made one public post about supplying the markets out in Venal with Calm Filaments. That however isn’t the full extent of marketing I’ve done out here - For awhile I’ve been building things in-house using the Guristas Production Shipyard station in 6NJ8-V, the capital system of the Guristas.

The emptiness of the markets out here had filled me with inspiration! How else could I put it? I’ve grown so used to the convenience of trade hubs in high-security space, that I found myself baffled at how a single kestrel could cost you about five million ISK out here! On Top of that? Clear lack of quantity, if Venal has it in stock? It’s not gonna be in plentiful amounts and given a large price tag.

So…Why not try and do something about that? I began running up original blueprint designs into Venal to begin research and copying, then take it to the Guristas Production Shipyard in 6NJ8-V to begin fabrication. For materials it was a mix of building a Venture, some tier one mining lasers and heading out to the nearest asteroid belt to get the ore I need…Or scrapping undesirable forces in the region, taking their intact modules and melting them down to their base components. As well as some material stockpiles being obtained by convenient contracts up in station.

Due to my efforts, 6NJ8-V is currently stocked with any Tier one interceptor or exploration frigate with complimenting modules slowly being produced and added to the market. All of which are at the lowest price in the region. And to help give other industrialists out here a chance to build their own goods - spare Ventures with complimenting modules are also up for sale!

As it stands right now, I’m going to continue producing goods out here, fill as many holes on the shelves as I can to bring more trade to this system, I won’t be selling directly to the Guristas - more so Capsuleers in the area. N5Y-4N is the defacto trade hub of Venal due to it being a popular location for Capsuleers to get contract work with the Guristas, but is up a dead-end pipe constellation in the region. The Guristas capital system of 6NJ8-V has so much more potential to be the trade hub of the region, and I’m curious to see if i can make it happen.

Tier one modules and ships are quite underwhelming I know, but as it stands higher grade production is not optimal - and instead of marketing solely to more veteran Capsuleers with more training and qualifications - I’m gonna stock a market that can be of benefit to newer pilots, but also a market veterans can dip into. Tier two technology is something I’m curious of dabbling with, but due to the lackluster supply out here, it would be harder to maintain over just producing tier one goods in bulk. As such, I’m most likely going to continue expanding the tier one market, starting most likely with more frigate hulls and complementing modules.

Ontop of all this, I have put up several buy orders for planetary command centers, 100 of each type for 160,000 ISK a pop. Having command centers on sale out here could help “encourage” some of the local Capsuleers out here to get started on their own planetary production to help stock market with more specialized commodities. Making tier two production much easier in the long-term.

I never saw myself much as an industrialist or merchant, but being out here in Venal has really sparked a passion in me to build and produce goods to sell to other Capsuleers. I dare say it’s a rejuvenating experience! Stuff isn’t flying off the shelves just yet, but with a bit more elbow grease? Hey, anything is possible!

Those Calm Filaments are still on sale by the way…Go ahead, buy one. No one else is buying them.

Current inventory of 6NJ8-V VI - Moon 6 - Guristas Production Shipyard


  • Imicus - [3,999,999 ISK]

  • Tristan - [3,999,999 ISK]

  • Probe - [3,999,999 ISK]

  • Heron - [3,999,999 ISK]

  • Bantam - {3,999,999 ISK]

  • Griffin - [1,999,999 ISK]

  • Breacher - [3,999,999 ISK]

  • Rifter - [2,999,999 ISK]

  • Punisher - [2,999,999 ISK]

  • Magnate - [3,999,999 ISK]

  • Condor - [2,999,999 ISK]

  • Atron - [2,999,999 ISK]

  • Executioner - [2,999,999 ISK]

  • Slasher - [750,000 ISK]

  • Merlin - [1,500,000 ISK]

  • Kestrel - [2,999,999 ISK]

  • Incursus - [2,999,999 ISK]

  • Worm - [63,999,999 ISK]

  • Venture - [Venture 3,999,999 ISK]

  • Badger - [5,999,999 ISK]

  • Corax - [9,999,999 ISK]

  • Caldari Shuttle [999,999 ISK]


  • 5MN Microwarpdrive I [199,999 ISK]

  • Capacitor Flux Coil I - [399,999 ISK]

  • Nanofiber Internal structure I - [199,999 ISK]

  • Small Shield Extender I - [299,999 ISK]

  • Small Shield booster I - [299,999 ISK]

  • Small Cap battery I - [350,000 ISK]

  • Magnetic Field Stabilizer I - [499.999 ISK]

  • Mining Laser Upgrade I - [499,999 ISK]

  • Small Core Defence Field Extnder I - [999,999 ISK]

  • Small Ancillary Armor Repairer - [499,999 ISK]

  • Small Remote Shield Booster I - [399,999 ISK]

  • Warp Scrambler I - [499.999 ISK]

  • Warp Core Stabilizer I - [1,999,999 ISK]

  • Ballistic Control System I - [499,999 ISK]

  • Expanded Cargohold I - [150,000 ISK]

  • Relic Analyzer I - [499,999 ISK]

  • Data Anaylzer I - [750,000 ISK]

  • Reactor Control Unit I - [399,999 ISK]

  • Stasis Webifier I - [399,999 ISK]

  • Core Probe launcher I - [299,999 ISK]

  • Miner I - [499,999 ISK]

  • Ice Mining Laser I - [499,999 ISK]

  • Light Missile Launcher I - [499,999 ISK]

  • Light Ion Blaster I - [399,999 ISK]

  • Light Neutron Blaster - [499,999 ISK]

  • Rocket Launcher I - [499,999 ISK]

  • 1MN Afterburner I [699,999 ISK]

  • 75mn Gatling Rail I - [399,999 ISK]

  • 150 mm Railgun I - [499,999 ISk]

  • Salvager I - [399,999 ISK]

  • Warp Disruptor I - [399,999 ISK]


  • Guristas Inferno Rocket - [800 ISK]

  • Guristas Mjolnir Rocket - [800 ISK]

  • Guristas Scourge Rocket - [800 ISk]

  • Guristas Nova Rocket - [800 ISK]

  • Guristas Antimatter Charge S - [1,000 ISK]

  • Core Scanner Probe i - [199,999 ISK]


  • Calm Dark Filament - [299,999 ISK[ - [Currently in Y-4CFK]

  • Calm Electrical Filament [ 750,000 ISK] - [Currently in Y-4CFK]

  • Calm Exotic Filament - [499,999] - [Currently in Y-4CFK]

  • Calm Firestorm Filament - [750,000 ISK] - [Currently in Y-4CFK]

  • Calm Gamma Filament - [750,000 ISK] - [Currently in Y-4CFK]

  • Station Containers - [3,999,999 ISK]


There’s … a problem, with Abyss diving in nullsec, Mr. Yaken, that being that it leaves a certain specific, findable, probe-able point which, unless it dies in the Abyss, a ship carrying valuables is guaranteed to pass through soon. On return from the dive, that ship will be actually more vulnerable than one arriving through a gate because it won’t arrive cloaked, and it’s even possible by certain methods to stop it from just diving back into the Abyss again.

It may be that no one would be watching for such a thing, but, it seems like something people might be reluctant to do unless they can be more or less sure of their safety on exit.


Agh! Fine!

Then i know what i need to do now, I’m get a hold of a Gila, either an entire hull or a blueprint copy to build off of - and get it fitted up and I’ll start using these filaments myself. I’ll get ahold of that Triglavian tech and stock the markets out here with whatever i can get my hands on…My holes i fill? The more sales i’ll start seeing. Making myself a step closer to making 6NJ the trade hub of Venal!

Those are the lowest prices in the region? Ouch.


I’d bring my prices down a bit more, but I’m a little concerned of someone else buying out all my stocks and resealing it for twice the amount. It’s a matter of maintaining a lower and more enticing price, but making a total buyout from another party a little more costly.

The prices out here have really gave me a new perspective on assets as well, like i said, tier one tech frigates can cost you several million ISK where in Jita you could get it for around one hundred thousand kredits. Something that’s dirt cheap in Empire space is worth practically fix times that out in this region due to the lack of activity in these parts, as well as the lack of any actual industry or marketing initiative being taken by Capsuleers in the area.

You pay more for the convience of having this equipment in arms reach instead of having to import it yourself from one of the trade hubs in the mainland.

Well, people are obviously buying so can’t complain on the prices. It just really drives home the point that contracted logistics firms are such a life saver to me atleast. I’d be bankrupt in a month if that were the low end prices on what I fly without acquisition being outsourced to a corporation which specializes in procurement and manufacturing combat ships enmass.

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Well hey, the Guristas do pay well enough for anyone out here looking for some work to make some money…

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If you’re going to dive in “unclaimed” nullsec, I guess I’d suggest finding a place in a remote system that can’t be scanned from any of its major celestials, maybe something like a dead-end system where there are a couple far-flung outlying planets. Set up a safespot in the empty spaces between celestials and use it for diving. I’d suggest never, ever diving when there’s any random person in Local, watching; they may guess what you’re doing and summon friends.

Though, it’s also possible that hardly anyone hunts for divers in nullsec because, well, diving there’s a somewhat crazy thing to do. While you’re braving the Abyss, you have no control at all over what’s happening at your entry point. Unless you’re with a coalition and can rely on a standing security fleet to have your back or you’re in highsec and have CONCORD behind you, it’s a pretty big risk.

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I’ll take your advice into consideration, Thank you Aria.

With respect, I won’t take their money. If our interests align I’ll work separately but along side them, much like any of my enemies or really anybody else. I will not act for them nor take money from them, nor will I support their interests.

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I respect your stance and won’t hold that against you, pilot. Nor could i, you’re speaking rationally

I do wanna say however is that when i talk about “work” out here, Ii’m mostly referring to running security operations out here and removing some unwelcomed guests.

Cartel typically run some disruptive operations out here, along with mercenary outfits under employ by “someone” to stir up some damage. Rogue drone hive sprouting up and even the Amarrians can be found lurking in these parts, looking for fresh slave fodder.

Hell, while i know you got a reputation as a combat pilot, but the Guristas also need some Capsuleer hands to move cargo or dig up some rare ore out here.

The number one thing i learned out here aside the absurd price on some goods on the market, is that the Guristas are just as human as those found in the State, Empire, Federation or Republic. They got their own little civilization out here and i just can’t help but have something of a soft spot for them.


Killing the likes of the cartel, drones, ect would most definitely fall under mutual interests. Their projections into The Republic, State, federation, and even the empire (surprising I know, what can I say I don’t condone profiteering off of my enemies any more than I do profiteering off of my own) is what I’m opposed to. I am certain in their own regions they are much like anyone else. They generally aren’t when they cross their borders.

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You don’t think you can apply that to any other nation out here? Yeah, the big four are all the same when they stay nice and tidy in their own borders, but once they step out, typically nothing good follows.

And I’m not just referring to the big headline news incidents like Caldari Prime or Esmen III, All the little shadow engagements throughout Empire space that they Capsuleers to take care of.

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I think you’ll agree that touting your freedoms, as your kin define the word, and demanding conformity for the sake of said definition is not akin to open piracy as a stereotypical standard. When gallante raiders start ransoming civilian vessels then that would hold water. The Guristas are first and foremost a pirate organization. That’s not bad apples, that’s motis operandi for the organization itself. You can say the empire commits similar atrocities, I frequently say that after all. They are not officially sanctioned in the way the Guristas are with piracy.


Generally not, but yes, it’s a crazy thing to do. If you are going to do it, have scouts. At least then you can have some warning.

Is there any advantage to doing it out there? I thought all filaments ended up in the same abyssal space.

Speaking in terms of Venal and why I supplied the markets out here with filaments…I’d like to see a market for abyssal goods increase out here. More Triglavian tech to sell and purchase, as well as increasing a demand for specific starships.

…All long term pipe dreams of mine. Though it’s looking like ima gonna have to do more than just supply the markets with simple calms…I’m gonna have to do some diving myself.

If you’re taking the proper precautions, like, you know, doing it in space you control, with intelligence networks able to warn you if there are roaming gangs coming through, then yes, there’s a very simple advantage that shouldn’t be overlooked:

Nobody is going to shoot you when you come back from diving into the deepest parts of the Abyss. In HS, CONCORD’s suspect flag is a giant banner that says ‘hey! Shoot me! You might get good loot!’ either because they were abyss-diving, or they were can-flipping, or any of the other things that gets you set ‘suspect’ by CONCORD.

So, much like everything else about non-Provi nullsec, the advantage is safety from random malice, if you invest the time and effort needed to have that safety.

And if you don’t have firm control of space or can’t trust the people who do, then there is no reason?

There is no additional benefit to diving from nullsec, no.