Not sure if this is the correct place, but as I consider it a general question rather than something on a specfic industrial thing I posted here, feel free to move.

I am interested in peoples opinions on whether they think Eve has the capacity to cater for the small scale industrialist?

According to eve-online status monitor there are 28.8k players online atm. 1900 of these are in Jita right now. The null sec blocks have their own industrial might and there must already be hundreds of smaller industry focused people out there already trying to make their own mark.

It is extremely difficult to carve out your own niche. Jita is still themain trade hub but 70% of items either are being sold at a loss (I mean in terms of what I can personally make it for) and another bunch of items have so few sales that with the cost of the BPO it is not cost effective to buy/make as a smaller manufacturer.

That leaves the small guy fighting over the remaining items in order to try and sell. As someone that did industry, stopped doing it and then has dipped his toes back in with a very small number of items. I find myself stil frustrated with it and would appreciate others opinion on the state of industry as is.

Furthermore is industry really only suitable to those that develop their own tools that plug into the API of eve.

Trolls will be ignored.

By loss you mean if you buy all the materials and then build the item.

Try gathering your own materials.



No, you cannot compete in Jita. Sell ammo in less populous regions and you can do just fine.



It’s really not, but the fact that you think that is good news for marketers like me.

Yeah, if you want to be lazy and think you can get away with just sitting there in Jita, buy a BPO, and use it by buying minerals off the market and building the items… you’re not gonna have a good time.

This made me realize something.
You’re not asking about a small scale industrialist. You’re asking about a lazy one.
I change my answer to “No”, EVE doesn’t and shouldn’t have the capacity to cater to a lazy industrialist.

Yeah, idiots will still be idiots. Until they git gud and develop a brain, they’re gonna be fighting over things that waste their time.

Translation: “If you don’t give me an answer I like, and one that validates my already established opinion, you’re a troll.”

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Dont do it in Jita, simple


I’m having similar issues and concerns. I’m trying to get in to trading and, in the future, production but given how competitive things are in EVE and how willing people are to accept low profits (and me then having to compete with those) it’s certainly not easy especailly not with low skills, low understanding and a lack of assets. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about that. It should take time, effort and investment but it’s certainly daunting.

From having a chat with a number of people, reading the Wiki and watching a bunch of guides I’ve come to the following conclusion: don’t do what everyone else is already doing because that just means more competition. That means NOT doing the obvious and instead finding your own niche, it’s the finding of said niche that is giving me trouble but as I see it it’s the way forward.


ah the old ore I mine myself is free theory, I haven’t heard that for a while :slight_smile:


It is until you show up with your cult.

Ah the old cite an extreme example…

Exactly how much did you expect to make for sitting in a station, buying the BPs, buying the mats and reselling the items produced? The margin is next to nothing because the risk is next to nothing.

Other corps, with more than one player, are gathering mats, undocking, taking risk.

And you expect to compete buying mats at retail?

You don’t think that is a bit entitled?

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Thanks for the detail.

Depends what you are making, I dont have the means to check all the items but a lot of the items that i felt were within my reach in terms of buying the BPO etc were loss making or so little profit it wasnt worth it.

Not at all, I am not just sitting in Jita, I tend to look at how much of something sells there though as that is the main trade hub, I do sell in other trade hubs too (as i mentioned I dont know how to research outlier places and thats on me. But if something only moves 10 of something a month in Jita then generally it will sell less (it at all) elsewhere. (again at least on the items I think are within my reach).

See, and now you revert to yur normal insults… its not about being an idiot it is maybe about not having the knowledge to go about doing something and no one in eve will give you that knowledge and there is no way to really look it up, so you have to try and figure it out yourself.

No, i dont need people to agree with me or give me an answer i like, i just dont need tossers that serve no purpose but to insult.

That’s why I didn’t even respond.

It really doesn’t.
Again, if you’re only looking at buying components off the market and using that to build, you’re doing it wrong.

Yeah, those are idiots. The smart ones are the ones that keep to themselves and don’t go around publicly crying and whining about it.

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You can use the in-game map to find out where there is activity. There are also out-of-game resources. Any type of activity has potential - either there is ore that you could buy there for less than Jita prices or there is consumption (of ammo, crystals, and ships) that you can replace through industry.


If isk is your goal ,true your margin is better if you mine the mats yourself valuing your time at 0 isk, but as has been pointed out in thousands of threads about this it is often more profitable to just sell the ore/mins rather than go through all the hassle of making something for a smaller profit.

I used to be a highsec industrialist. The money started getting good by the time I quit, but I was tired of playing Eve solo and spending most of my time docked up. Naturally, I believe that you can make some good money in industry, but don’t recommend you do it for the money. You can make good money in many different careers, so I suggest picking the one(s) that you find the most enjoyable to do.

Also, I can’t code, so I made a spreadsheet and imported my price data from Eve Central/Eve Marketer. Hopefully, this tutorial is from 2018, so hopefully it will be up to date.


I just liked the idea of producing an end product, I dont really mine although I do have a PI setup for the things that I do make.

I am looking through activity on dotlan at the moment trying to find a place to go to do some research, but I don’t think viositing one system for an evening will give me any clues, I would think i would need to hang around there for a bit to see if i gain some knowledge.

There are plenty of niches if you think smart. As for tools I’ve used fuzzworks API for price data for quite some time which feeds my Game of Spreadsheets. Takes some time to build up but on price refresh I know what materials are up/down, where the bargains are and what the margins are on each of my BPOs/BPCs. This isn’t chest beating, it’s just the way it is if you are a solo manufacturer, gotta find an edge somewhere.

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Fuel blocks seems to be a good entry-level niche for a starting industrialist.

A few certain planets to produce some PI will go a long way in making that competitive too.

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You don’t have to. You’re choosing to compete.

I was thinking of fuel blocks in combination with some of the reactions that use them, I live in a WH so my main has access to lots of gas sites. I amnot sure how viable reactions are though, ive never done them before.