Finding a way in Industry

I have been playing the game for a little while, I have a few skills in industry and have a few BPOs that are fully researched. i’ve made a little bit of money selling T2 items I have made in Jita but a number of items have not sold and the price there is very low so I will hang onto the items. I am ok with that, not an issue.

To counter it in some way I was thinking oif selling the stuff outside of Jita, maybe in a region that doesnt havea major trade hub however I am struggling with the “how” of this task.

What steps can you take to find a system to sell in and what kind of items to sell there?

The problem I am having is that whilst I can see the many many stations that items are for sale in, I cannot seem to be able to tell what has been sold in any given station, I cannot even tell by constellation so what steps need to be taken to try and find an alternative to a trade hub to sell my manufactured goods in.

Greetings, this tool is awesome to find markets


If you want to discuss more and get some chat about industry , feel free to add me to contacts

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HI, thanks for link, i’ve visted this website before, it seems just a replica of the ingame market screeb, buyers and sellers prices, but you can of course check multiple regions rather than the one you are just in, how does it help find markets? I cannot see what is being sold elsewhere, only what is being offered for sale, or what people are willing to buy, often at stupid low prices.

What it gives you is information about how many items are being bought in a region, where the main sale points are (and compare with DotLan), an indication of the demand and thus the likely profitability.
Look at the number of orders in each system, that start to show how busy the market is in that system. There are no designated “trade hubs” they just became busy because people found them convenient locations - and they thus became busier. Which drives activity on the market consolidating them. Emergent behaviour.
This isn’t “industry” it’s “market theory and understanding”. Industry is only viable if you understand the need that exists for your products.

You are interested in the history tabs, not the current orders. And you want to look at the different regions not the whole of New Eden. Be aware, while prices away from the main trade hub are often better, the turnover is lower. A lot of knowledge helps, so for staging areas near major conflicts may be a good choice. Pick your items based on what the local need is. People don’t buy just because you are offering to sell it - they buy because they want that item at the price you will sell it for.

You will not get a list of “item (x) sold for (price) in (station)”. You need to look at the information presented by SCC and understand what it means and work it out.

Yes - EveMarketer has all the information from the in game market (slightly behind for “reasons”). But it does cover all regions, not just the local region. Which makes it very useful for research.


Your first mistake building in or near Jita. The industry index is way to high to turn a profit on building anything. Suggest build farther away from trade hubs and training into freight hauling. Plus if you seen latest report items will not be increasing in value anytime soon as their is a surplus of ore in the t1 building market. T2 market still settling in after last major cit update.

The volume of ore being mined has been increasing while the destruction volume has stay constant or even decreased which means market volume flooding. This means prices will drop. Some of the market issues all start with delve region. Goonswarm is the OPEC of oil they can control easily the market place by controlling the volume mined. Did not do the math but believe Goonwarm alliance in Delve mine more ore then all other regions put together.

Tip I have if you see minerals dropping stop production and let others take the loss on the ride down while you wait for it to bottom out:) Building while prices are falling are never good things unless you have people who already purchased that item from you. I often will spend all liquid isk when markets bottom out and build at my discretion selling only when market is in my favor. Otherwise I will hold the assets for later time in the market. Remember learn to read the market and let it come to you.


Mentioned market websites do give you some options to quickly check on regions (and trade hubs) even if you are not there in game.

But these sites will not get you further to find a (or many) product you can build and sell. In theory you could have a look at each item in the market and calculate if it is worth building and selling, but this is not possible with a little more help.

This Tool looks kind of scary if you use it the first time and guess you will have to invest some time to understand how to use it, but this tool provides you with a lot of information about markets and industry.

Will this tool tell you exactly what to build and where to sell for what price? No… But it kind of gives you a pretty raw oversight what could earn you some isk with industry. You can quickly try out different things like “buying material with sell orders or buying material with buy orders”, and of course many more. What you do with that oversight is up to you then.

Just for Disclaimer: I am not using the above mentiond tool because i write my own (simmilar) tool. Easier to customize it to my needs. But i had a look at it, and it is a great tool for everyone doing industry.

Hope this helped alitte

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Stay away from Jita Destroyer market in Jita. Prices over inflated because of burn Jita event. You will loose out your butt till prices reset in Jita.

What eve really needs right now is alot of wars. With the current market surplus you can not ask for a better time to go to war with someone with items as low priced as they are. The other thing that hurts things is when corps like Goonswarm interfere with other zones just when things are getting fun. There for a while Amarr FW was alot of fun and picking up then all these null sec pvpers felt left out of the action so next they had to show up in the zone and interfere with the events unfolding.

Think at one time we were fighting Minmatar peeps along with Hull Pen, Snuff Out and a few other pirate corps, the Amarr civil war. Also Goonswarm had to start showing up on top of that along with some other null sec corps. Honestly I think Goonswarm will become to powerful in this game and they will be the demise of this game yet!


using Eve ISP per hour is indeed recommended for larger industry ops. Or at least a blueprint calculator to find out the actual cost of building sth.

As for evemarketer (or the ingame market) - it shows you the daily turnover in the history tab, which is a good indicator if sth will sell quickly in a market or not.


Manufature indexes ATM by number of jumps from jita:

  1. Niyabainen is 3.8, sobaseki 4.18, ikuchi 4.63
  2. tunttaras os 2, paara is 2.61, vesito is 2.89
  3. Kylmabe is 0.1, Vaankalen is 1.4, isikano is 1.45
  4. urhinichi is 0.95, obanen 1.37, erenta 1.63
  5. geras 0.1, juunigaishi 1.16, sirseshin 1.27

up to 7jumps

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oh yea… save 2 cents and spend big time on hauling…

Proper way is Big Data Analysis.
just analyze “monthly report”. you see that Most Destroyed Ship is Thrasher.
go to Zkillboard and check… most of the thrashers have 280mm something gun.

produce that ■■■■ in Jita, you dont even need to undock.

every Thrasher or Catalyst gives you 250,000 of profits Very Easy and Fast.

that is proper way to find a way to Industry.

(send me 1million isk as Thank You Gift)

I do agree that Big Data Analysis is the key, BUT the reasons and way you describe is not big data analysis. At least not the best to get you a lot of isk.

Why? Because Markets and Industry is not necessary connected to kills.
Corp A can loose 300 Trashers. As long as they compensate with their ore and their internal production, it will not affect the Thrasher and Gun Market in any way.

I don’t say that Trasher is a bad way to do profits, i simple don’t know. I just say that if Thrashers are profitable it does not need to have a lot to do with zKillboard.

In the end the simple answer to make good isk with indutry:
find the products with the best isk/hour profit. since you have to take into account many aspects, that is indeed a very compicated challenge.
Selling 1 Thrasher a Day for 250k profit is not a lot if you can sell 100 other products a day with a profit of just 25k.

As i said: Eve Isk Per Hour can give a direction here, but it still missing some cruical things like: calculated sold quantitys per day, average market price movement and some more features.

You can make the best product with 1 Million isk profit. If you can’t sell it because a station trader will not let you stay in first place at sell orders, you will not make any isk. The same when you sell 1 of those in a month.

To get back to the start: zKillboard is the same here: it can give you a clue where to look for good profits but don’t take it for more than a direction that is worth having a look at when trying to find good products.

I mainly agree with you. but isk/h is actually not that interesting, because you have no idea how long it will take to sell your stuff.

An example : the scorch bomb are worth something like 4M isk/h if you build them right now.
However the daily volume exchanged is something like 4h of production. so in a day, with one line, you produce 6 times more materials than you can sell.

I tell you that because I made many experiments.

I have experiments like that cluttering the place up as well. Lesson: Turnover and Diversification.

Being able to saturate a market isn’t an achievement.

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indeed, diversification is the key.

Watch “Market - Price History” on YouTube

Now I try to build a model to find good commodity, it can show how long the aim commodity in a fixed number can sell, and the price suggestion. I use the data from esi, and Ternary normal distribution to get it. it will finish in next one or two week. I think this can give you a lot of help. If you interesting it, I can share it to you. I’m new to come to EVE, I want to find someone to collboration

That’s why I put SVR in the program.

SVR being ?
Simulate Virtual Reality ? :smiley:

Sales to volume ratio.

Always a great ratio… I think