"Brand new - Plastic sealed - Captain Cosmos action figures."

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"It’s no secret that that stolen cargo is sold over the Prosperity Network. Despite her naive tendences, Suha is aware of this and designed the Network with this in mind. The Guristas have a strong industrial sector when it comes to military assets, but severely lacks the industry to produce any civilian goods - thus the economy of Venal depends heavily on ‘imports’ of various luxury goods and consumer products stolen in raids. Typically, individual Guristas would sell any valuables or personal effects they lay claim to in a raid to a fence that would take the goods for a low price and sell them back in Empire space for a profit. The Network however cuts out the fence and instead encourages anyone to pick up the service, and start advertising what it is they have to sell to people in Venal. A smart pirate could even use this service to start up their own business and use their piratical career as a means to supply and fund it…

  • Utatis Parinen

“Brand new - plastic sealed - Captain Cosmos action figures.”

November 8th YC 122

Kirras, Cargo Hold of a privately owned Badge-class Industrial in deadspace.

“What’s in here… Oh no way! Hey! I’m calling dibs on this crate!”

“■■■■ you got going on over here Helk?”

“Ay-ay-ay! Step off Morello! This is my loot.”

“Ease up! I ain’t here threatening your claim.”

“Damn right.”

“I’m just curious what gots you so excited and calling a claim so quickly. What’s in the crate?”

“Oh? Alright, doubt you’d even see the value in this cargo. Check it.”

“… The hell?”

“Brand new - plastic sealed - Captain Cosmos action figures.”

“… Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why are you so giddy over a bunch of action figures? This has to be the most underwhelming claim I’ve seen out of this entire crew yet.”

“I knew you wouldn’t see the value in it…”

“Enlighten me then.”

“This right here, is an overlooked market back in Venal. Your reaction is just evidence of how neglected it is and nobody had jumped at the opportunity to fill it. People hot families and ■■■■ back in Venal, right? And what’s a family without children?”

“Two adults with a pet dog and cat?”

“We’ll address pets in a moment. Point us, people are having kids. And kids need toys… Gotta give them something that keeps them entertained and quiet! But nobody is making or selling toys back in Venal. Because nobody is thinking about the kids there.”

"I got better things to be concerned with.:

“My concern is my financial game right now. And I can make some pretty good cash on the side and start up my own business back in Venal.”

“You’re creating a business?”

“Yep! Helk’s Plundered Toy chest! The greatest and most reliable toy distributor in Venal!”


“Mothers and Dads will pay good money for ANY kind of children’s toy out there! The customer base isn’t huge or anything, but are absolutely starved for this stuff!”

“… My man you could be selling crash or hand guns right now and be making three times the amount of cash instead of bothering with this plastic junk.”

“People get shot over selling dope or hardware. Nobody gets ■■■■■■■ shot over children’s toys!”

“Except that guy over there who got shot ten ■■■■■■■ times by you.”

“He pulled a gun, ■■■■ him. Point is I’m gonna let other people fight over that market, and instead establish my foothold in a market other people are ignoring. Not only will I sell children’s toys, but thanks to you giving me an idea, I could start also collect dog and cat toys! They’re like children anyway, right?”


“This plan is ■■■■■■■ brilliant you dont even comprehend how ahead of the game I am. I’m gonna not only establish some good income off selling this stuff. I’m also going to be building a brand and putting a reputation behind that. And you Morello, are gonna be my first supplier.”

“…I’m sorry?”

“You. Are going to help me get ahold of more toys by claiming any shipments of children’s toys we come across in raids.”

“No I’m ■■■■■■■ not.”

“Not unless I pay.”

“… Go on.”

“I will buy any crate of toys off you. I don’t care what it is, it can be knock-off plastic building blocks for all I care. It can be some Amarrian toy with a concerning amount of religious undertones and I’ll buy it. No questions asked what it is. If it’s something that’s top brand and really cool, I’ll pay top scrip for it.”

“Don’t you think supply for this brand of yours will be unreliable if you’re solely supplied by raids?”

“Just how it’s gotta be done… Maybe, and just maybe - As a long term goal, I can start up my own production lines and design my own toys. That however is way out of my league and for now, gonna settle on supplying it though what I do best.”

“I mean it’s one way of doing it.”

“The first real step of this business venture is to acquire enough funding to sponsor raids against ships carrying nothing but toys! We’d never hit it, but if I can bankroll it and get an entire ship worth of toys to sell? Man this business is gonna explode like this ship’s escort fleet did!”

“I never figured you to be much of a businessman. More of a drunk with a gun…”

“I just took a moment and started to think about how I can maximize my profits. The Guristas pay me well enough for showing up and ventilating a few people. If I want more cash I need to take the initiative to get that money. So how would I do that? By selling my loot more efficiently. Stop being lazy and going to a fence every time to dump all my loot for a small portion of it’s value just so I can make a quick scrip. And instead, I could sell all the stuff myself at my own price to the people that need it. This Prosperity Network back in Venal makes it way more easier for me to advertise my goods for sale and get my new brand out there. I’m thinking I can maybe rent out some space on the Rabbit’s Warren in 6NJ and open up an actual storefront for people to go to, but otherwise I’ll use the Depository as a middle man to make the transactions. Give the customer some security in not having to deal with me directly.”

“Sounds like you got this all figured out”

“I really do if I’m being honest. Never have I felt so excited and motivated to go plundering for toys before. And I think I finally met someone who is starting to come around to what I got planned.”


“Yes… How would you like to be my Quartermaster for Helk’s Plundered Toy Chest?”

“… Quartermaster?”

“Yes! See, the whole aesthetic for the brand is pirates, so I’m the Captain - the CEO - and you’d be the Quartermaster - the Vice President - of the company.”

“… So would I have to wear a suit and sit behind a desk?”

“■■■■ no, you’d be on these ships looking for toys to plunder. Can’t do that behind a desk.”

“Sounds good to me, I’m on board ‘Captain’.”

“Excellent mate! We’re going to make the most premier toy distributor Venal has ever seen!”


I think I have to hide my crates full of dolls now.

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