Guristas 'Prosperity' story index


So after 50+ short stories surronding the Guristas and an idea tossed to me by a friend, I made this thread to serve as an index with links to all my differnt stories ont he Player Fiction subforum.

This long series of stories is surronding the economic efforts in Venal as a ressult of establishing a trade hub in the system of 6NJ8-V. It goes into detial about what new economic advancements have been made and follows the lives of several characters responsible for contiuning the efforts.

I will be updating this thread with any future stories I put up.

Relevant Characters


Suha Raibuya

The literal cheery face of the spike in economic progress in Venal, Suha Raibuya is both a devout loyalist to the Guristas and devout teacher of her own interpretation of Caldari Wayism. Going by the name ‘Windchime Wayism’, Suha is a self-proclaimed Guru that sees it as her spiritual mission to enlighten others in her spirituality. Ontop of that, she’s also the brainchild and owner of the whole Prosperity Network and eagerly works to find new ways to improve the quality of life in the region of Venal.

Avio Yaken

The Capsuleer muscle and representative of the Venal Prosperity Network, Avio Yaken was a firmly aimless mercenary turned diehard loyalist and industrialists thanks to the imminent relationship he shares with Suha Raibuya. While clearly wielding most of the power and influence in shaping 6NJ8-V Into a regional trade hub and bankrolling a majority of the Network’s programs, Avio seems to volunteeringly play a role as a second in command under Suha’s leadership.

Utatis Parinen

Head director of the Venal Prosperity Agency, Utatis Parinen is a disgraced Dread Guristas commander whose last shot at redemption is to act as the Guristas’ own spy and Suha’s potential executioner if the upstart becomes too ambitious. Utatis is a coldblooded and jaded professional with a tendency to indulge in ruthless methods to achieve a desired result. While to the Guristas he’s their man on the inside, to Suha he’s a trusted confidant and someone she relies on to carry out her dirty work.

Mumo Lang

Mumo Lang is the skittish and docile Executive Officer of the Prosperous Venal Depository. Her past experiences are traced back to Syndicate space acting as a personal accountant in the Intaki Bank for several wealthy Syndicate families. She would later be blacklisted from the bank after a debated incident of her either mishandling her client’s funds due to incompetency and being ousted or intentionally sabotaged her clients out of petty revenge. Either way, out of a job and unable to work for any other bank in New Eden, she lands a job running Suha’s newest institution to help bring economic prosperity to Venal.

Suha Chibis



1 “The Capsuleer I serve isn’t like the oth-”

  • Starting out in Venal, Avio Yaken tries to start working with the Guristas and clean up their space of Rogue Drone threats. Despite trying to aid the Guristas, there is still alot of distrust given his status as a Capsuleer.

2 “That is the worst looking windchime I have ever seen.”

  • One of the first stories looking in the Childhood of Suha Raibuya as she begins to pick up her attraction to Caldari Wayism after her own father is killed by Capsuleers while serving the Guristas

3 “You wanna buy this? Really?”

  • Another look into Suha’s childhood as she meets with frequent Gurista who stops by the colonly to offload and sell nick-knaks and small personal items taken in raids to the colonists

4 “Only thing that’s pussy here is the contact list on my Neocom.”

  • Trying to peddle her spiritual teaching to other Gurista, she has to deal with the occasional heckler at talks she hosts at her shrine aboard the Logistical station in N5Y

5 “Is that doubt I hear?”

  • A Gurista Production miner is fearful about being resigned to a F.O.B in Caldari space and the potential of being killed by Capsuleers or arrested by State forces

6 “I’m calling it how I see it, cousin.”

  • Avio’s family members and previous employers begin questioning Avio’s motivation after he’s developed and extremely close relationship to Suha and worked heavily on boosting the Guristas’ economic capabilities

7 “You heard me, you’re an embarrassment!”

  • Wanting to become a Gurista, Suha applies to join her colonly’s militia force but washs out in record timing. therefore crushing her initial dreams of being a pirate like her father and peers

8 “They’re machines!”

  • A manager for a Spliterz team contacts a skilled drone technician looking for work to create a rogue Drone fighter for future spliterz matches, the drone technician however sees some ethical issues with this.

9 “BOSS is always recruiting”

  • Litterally a meme post i did after my alliance Brotherhood of Spacers got done raiding Tenal of people farming Guristas sites.

10 “I don’t want your ship”

  • A contact of Helmatt’s harriers meets with a Angel Cartel pilot string trouble in Venal and tries to recruit him into Lucash’s branch of the Guristas.

11 “Why? You trying to whack your dealer or something?”

  • A greenhorn from the Caldari State is in search of her sister who suddenly betrays the Caldari Navy and defected to the Guristas. Using the Venal Prosperity Network, he meets a Angel Cartel arms dealer to buy a weaponfor self defense and get some information on where to start looking

12 “You could say I see him as a role-model.”

  • After holding a talk at her Shrine, Suha meets a pilot of the Fatal Elite who’s trying to honor a fallen comrade, Suha takes the time to express how much she admires Fatal and sees him as her role-model

13 “What? I’m not a prude…”

  • Wanting more information on Ship technology, Suha chews the ear off a factory overseer of Guristas productions about frigate blueprints.

14 “Hello User!”

  • Two Guristas argue over these strange pop-ups they get while browsing the Prosperity Networks for Augmentations and Drones.

15 “One Name.”

  • Detecting something suspicious between Lai Dai and Quafe after the Guristas make off with a bunch of Subcranial nanocontrollers, Suha tries to use her infrastructure to gain more information of whats going on

16 ” It’s just the winds.”

  • Trying to get her spritiual teaching off the ground in her home colony, she faces push back from the Commander of the militia and forms a mob to show him the support she has.

17 “Don’t drink that!”

  • Guristas love booze, and her colony did more than just make food with all that grain. Suha at her youngest in these stories learns a bit about the production of moonshine.

18 “Sounds like an opportunity!”

  • Avio and Suha talk about the potential Morphite can bring to the markets of Venal after bringing in a giant whole of Mercxoit

19 “You blackmailing me now?”

  • A Gurista spy is trying to make a run for it after a job and needs to make a pit stop at a shady dock in deadspace. The owner however tries to extort him for large amounts of cash for a small problem knowing he’s a wanted man

20 “Onera Koioki.”

  • After reciving the dog tags of many deceased gurista, Suha talks about the flaws of Gurista strategy and how those in cahrge may be the real reason so many Gurista are being slaughtered

21 “We call it free enterprise.”

  • a contact of the Venal Prosperity Agency meets with a hip-hop artist living in the Federation to come out to venal to do a concert.

22 “Are you a Vepas or a Lucash kinda guy?”

  • Trying to plot a raid, a veteran gurista gets into an argument about who is better, Lucash Helmatt or Minimala

23 “You think I’m making this up?!”

  • After a shockign effective raid by the Guristas. an Ishukone watch commander is questioned by representatives of PKN interstellar about what happened and where the raiders were hiding

24 “I want you to track down this worm.”

  • A cyber attack against the scrip network in Pure Blind has happened while Intara Direct Action launched a raid against a Guristas outpost, the coallteral of this attack ruined an operation Suha was running in State space and has angered her to the point of getting invovled with finding a solution to this cyber attack.

25 “Some Navy washout named Jirai Laitanen.”

  • Take a strole back to YC 94 with the Guristas just starting out as leaders of an established yet obscure pirate gang talk about the damage inflected to them by these upstarts

26 “Contrary to popular belief, I consider pornstars to be athletes, not actors.”

  • Wanting to connect with the youth of the Guristas, Suha purposes an idea for a children show that will prepare children for a life in the Guristas. However Venal isn’t full of holo-reel actors, so she must make do with what she has…

27 “Oh no, I just snuck aboard a prison transport and strangled three people with a garrote just to come say hi to you…”

  • In disguise, a mercenary under Suha’s employ sneaks aboard a prison transport to liberate captured operative’s of Suha’s failed plans

28 “Our docking rights are so legit that the Amarrian Empress can swear an oath on them!”

  • Guristas smugglers run into trouble with some Customs officers while trying to offload cargo. Thankfully for them, they’re dirty."

29 “There is a conspiracy surrounding PKN Interstellar.”

  • Noticing a thread in various news reports, Suha Raibuya pieces together a conspiracy surrounding PKN Interstellar and it’s various investors.

30 “Do you know how Fatal died?”

  • As a way to build reputation as a public figure, Suha Raibuya makes weekly visits to medical centers in Venal to meet with the various Gurista laid out from recent raids or attacks. With this visit particular, she comes across a peer from her childhood.

31 “A toast to the future residents of Venal!”

  • Seeing the unrest and destruction int he Caldari State caused by the recent Triglavian Invasions, Suha Raibuya gloats about the influx of new residents that may very well come to Venal to not only get away from the Triglavians, but the government that has failed their trust.

32 “She’s…She’s SO cute!”

  • A Dread Gurista soldier is confronted by a compatriot for his strange and sudden change in dieting and outlook after meeting Suha Raibuya In person.

33 “Kidnap?! You were not kidnapped! You were liberated!”

  • Suha meets with a “refugee” mother that was evacuated from her trig occupied planet by Guristas forces in the area assisting with evacuation efforts. Seeing it as Kidnapping, Suha tries to explain that it’s more of a liberation.

34 “■■■■ you Suha.”

  • Suha Raibuya returns to her home colony in Venal to meet with the closest thing she’s had as a father figure laying on his death bed from crippling illness. Yet not crippling enough to get him to shed any kindness towards Suha.

35 “… It’s a dating app now?”

  • Two Guristas discuss the recent update to the Prosperity Network that allows you to set up a profile and be matched with other users across the region for either short-term or long-term relationships.

36 “Have a juice box and go sit in the corner.”

  • The kidnapped refugees from before doesn’t sit well with people higher up in the Guristas chain of command, more so when it’s discovered the Gurista that did the kidnapping were heavily influenced by Suha. This usurping of the chain of command doesn’t slide under the rug and a very stern - and polite - message is sent Suha’s way.

37 “I want to be just like Fatal!”

  • Now under pressure from having annoyed people far more powerful than her, Suha retreats into hiding and is confronted with her insecurities and failures of living up to be the person she admires the most, Fatal.

38 “Look, we’re libertarians, but we still got rules.”

  • A user on the Prosperity Network selling bootleg clothing and goods and advertising them as the real thing is tracked down by the Prosperity Agency and confronted in one of his storage units.

39 “A symbol of prosperity.”

  • Suha returns back to her homeworld once again to get back in touch with her roots and meet all sorts of familiar faces with her childhood. Despite many giving her praise for her efforts topside, not even the people she respects the most believe she is or ever was cut out to actually be apart of the Guristas.

40 “What are we even fighting against?!”

  • The Rogue Drone cultural Exchange office in Callie has been bombed for the second time,This story - While admittedly loosely and kinda shoehorned into the wider Guristas arc - takes a look at the people behind the bombing and their motives for taking this action.

41 “I wanna see them ‘Prove’ themselves financially.”

  • Avio Yaken discusses his logic and strategy to disrupt trade in the newly formed Pochven region by taking advantage of it’s logistical and industrial hadicaps.

42 “Brand new - Plastic sealed - Captain Cosmos action figures.”

  • A Gurista pirate claiming his share of the loot after a successful raid, explains to another pirate his plan to start a business back in Venal selling toys at a markup.

43 “I can’t confirm or deny that…”

  • The Guristas have a contingency plan for everyone, even those that go out of their way to support them. Utatis Parinen, disgraced Dread Guristas is given one last shot at redemption by spying on the growing economic movement in Venal.

44 “I own a limited edition Clear Skies box set.”

  • A Gurista looking to start up his own Holo-Theater in Venal sits down with a representative of the Prosperous Venal Depository to secure a loan for his business

45 “… Welcome back Suha!”

  • After receiving a sever threat from the Guristas and laying low for several months, Suha returns top-side to resume operations in pushing economic progress in Venal.

46 “This list just keeps getting more lewd!”

  • Getting to work right away, Suha Raibuya acts on her newest idea of creating the newest and most stimulating magazine Venal has ever seen! Bad Bunny! Featuring exclusive photos of Suha herself…

47 “Ja’Tier”

  • Having knocked over some expensive holdings of artwork across the Caldari State, Guristas pirates meet with their employeer aboard the Rabbit’s Warren and learn about the humble turned pariah artist named Ja’Tier Dele.

48 “I’ll skin you alive.”

  • As easy as the Capsuleer market is easy to exploit in Venal, the same applies for the common man. Utatis Parinen is sent to negotiate for the release of some essential medical supplies that were bought up by a local Casino owner to gouge for a profit.

49 “We’re fighting for the betterment of our country! Something you clearly don’t understand.”

  • The Triglavian Invasions have left the Caldari State in a whirlwind of civil unrest with citizens taking up arms to vent their frustrations at the government that has failed them. A perfect opportunity for the Guristas to sell some weapons to the aspiring revolutionary movements springing up.

50 “Speaking of Amarrians”

  • A new branch of the new and radical Sedevacatist Amarrian orthodox church church is opening up in a corner of Venal, which earns the attention of Suha and her immediate staff. Along with news of a aspiring Guristas sympathizer in Amarrian territory.

51 “You know she’s going to spit in your food now, right?”

  • On his lunch break, Utatis Parinen stops by a local diner aboard the Rabbit’s Warren only to encounter his watchdog that questions If he’s still capable of seeing his job though.

52 “Do I look like a merchant to you?”

  • Annoyed at fences exporting stolen cargo out of Venal and back into Empire Space, Suha Raibuya enters the business for herself and meets with a gurista captain to discuss buying their loot.

53 “You wanna know why it’s called crash?”

  • Utatis Parinen drops by the office of Mumo Lang to talk to her about an unhealthy drug habit that is putting her life at risk.

54 “Hey! My art is phenomenal!”

  • A local colony street urchin ad graffti writer by the alias of ‘Okiku’ approaches a shady captain in an attempt to secure a ride aboard their ship and out of the colony to evade colony authorities

55 “I don’t snitch to the police!”

  • In an attempt to negotiate a deal with aforementioned captain, Okiku has flagged herself as a rat after threatening the captain with blackmailing them for their illicit cargo and their ship suddenly being impounded by local authorities soon after

56 “What? Don’t trust me?”

  • Coerced into assiting the captain and his crew, Okiku aids the criminals in their escape from the colony by using her skills to gain access to the hanger to let them in

57 “-I’ll buy her!”

  • Meeting with a Guristas smuggler to get her fix on some high quality blue Pill, Suha Raibuya makes an unlikely transaction when a stowaway is discovered aboard the Gurista’s ship.

58 “Have you tried slapping the s#@$ outta her?”

  • Immediately after, Suha sits down to with Okiku to get to know her only to met with a rebellious and uncooperative youth that she had no plan to deal with.

59 “Touch me.”

  • In the middle of a intiment moment between Avio and Suha, Avio opens up about how he’s been manipulated and taken advantaged of by Suha for her own goals.

60 “Can’t ask for better health insurance than that.”

  • Utatis past ad a failed Dread Guristas Commander catches up to him as he faces several people that served under him and were wronged in some way due to his incompetence.

61 “I was attacked by a staircase”

  • After a brutal beat down, Utatis is hospitalized for his injuries and is visited by Suha.

62 “You know what kind of candy bar this is?”

  • The Guristas have leaked incriminating financial records on PKN Interstellar executives and barracks across the 3 mega corps are “distribution centers” for such information. A crackdown is underway to contain this material.

63 “A suicide bomber.”

  • After some words of criticsm towards EoM, Suha Raibuya brought unwanted attention on herself from the genocidal cult and an attempt on her life was made in the form of a suicide bomber.

64 “Trust me.”

  • A fearful and freshly traumatized Suha Raibuya sits in hiding while the cult is still at large, under the pressure of feeling partly guilty for the attack that resulted in the deaths of some of her followers and paranoid about another attempt on her life. Mumo Lang sits down to provide some comfort with Suha’s emotional struggle.

65 “You poor thing.”

  • Graffiti artist ‘Okiku’ finally reappears on Suha’s radar after getting arrest by station security aboard the Rabbit’s Warren. Suha decides to pay her a visit in hopes of trying to establish some ground with the troubled girl.

66 “Record labels are the biggest thieves in New Eden.”

  • Moving forward with expanding her ventures and opening up more oppertunity in the Region. Suha lays out her intention to establish a regional record label.

67 “Comes off as one giant vanity project to me.”

  • Checking in on how ‘Okiku’ is settling in, Suha makes another attempt to get to know Okiku more, but is instead met with harsh criticisms about the motives behind her intentions

68 “You’re busting my balls here.”

  • Spacelane Patrol pulls over several mining Transports in the Torrinos system and find a wealth smuggled of Guristas holoreels. Figuring them to be more Guritas propaganda trying to take advantage of the current tensions in the State, they instead find something else…

69 “… I don’t like this planet.”

  • Having to open up a new shrine after the first was destroyed by a EoM suicide bomber, Suha Raibuya ponders on the new space-bound shrine being located in orbit of the Terraformed world of 6NJ8-V IV

70 “No, you’re a manipulator.”

  • Wanting to 'Spend time" with Okiku more, Suha takes her out to see her new shrine’s completion. In the process they run into a very - VERY - passionate fan of Bad Bunny.

71 “You never wanting to see me - that’s what’s hurting me.”

  • Trying to push off her crash addiction, Mumo is given a suprised visist from the very woman supplying her. This time however, for pleasure instead of business.

72 “Please.”

  • Agency Director Utatis Parinen takes rookie Agent Thulun as a wingman to set down with a Gurista client refusing to put any money towards paying off their business’ debt to the Depository.

73 “Sir, my boss is a psychopath masquerading as a sane man.”

  • Continuing to bring Thulun along, Utatis takes him out to handle a spy in their ranks

74 “Because I don’t like you.”

  • Still trying to bond with Okiku, Suha makes dinner for the two in hopes that a pleasant evening would help bridge the gap between the two. Yet succeeding in a unintentional way…

75 “That’s not my real name.”

  • After the emotional rollarcoaster the night before. Okiku finally opens up to Suha earnestly and the two continue to find a better understanding between them

76 “When is Vepas’ bakery opening up? When can I hit him up when I need to get some bread and cookies?”

  • In light of the formation of the new Prizefight Comission and the announcement of it’s first promoted bout, Suha invites the two fighters to sit across each other for a few questions.

77 “Died choking on her own vomit right next to you in your sleep.”

  • Now caught up in a relationship with her drug dealer, Mumo wakes up to a shocking turn of events when her partner is found dead in her bed after spending the night together.

78 “I think the real fight is about to happen!”

  • The day has come for a hosted boxing bout between a Representing member of Helmatt’s Harriers and Vepas Minimala’s personal unit. With money on the line with bets and spectators emotional involved with the outcome of the match, things take a turn for the worse after one of the contestants goes down for the coutn

79 Hey, don’t disrespect my swagger.”

  • After the chaos that followed the result of the boxing match, Utatis Parinen meets with the enraged owner of the venue demanding proper reparations for the extensive damage caused. Going as far as to make threats if payments are not made

80 “L-Look, I came here to talk about a job. Not to get a lecture on menstrual cycles.”

  • Suffering from the lack of civilian industries and commodities in Venal, Suha Raibuya enlists the services of a squad expert pirates to plunder for very specific goods related to the care of Menstrual cycles

81 “You don’t know me.”

  • Not wanting to sleep on Suha’s new found attachment to Okiku, Utatis Parinen confronts the rebellious graffiti artist to make sure she knows her place and not to step out of it.

82 A nice person?”

  • After the confrontation with Utatis, Okiku meets with Suha Raibuya for aid, all while lying about what happened between her and Utatis


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