"You blackmailing me now?"

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“Knowledge and Information is worth more than all gold that makes up the Amarr Empire. Currency is merely a resource used to act upon an opportunity, while it’s Information that reveals the opportunity in the first place. The Guristas understand this quite well, the secrets and lies of the galactic elite are not safe from them… You think the long ears are just for cute looks? Oh no, those ears hear everything. A vast network of spies are on the Guristas’ payroll, working tirelessly to uncover every little detail the State tries to keep hidden. Once exposed? Then opportunity arises…”

  • Suha Riabuya

“You blackmailing me now?”

May 11th YC 122

Service repair dock, Anin Deadspace - Lonetrek region.

“Look friend, I know you got a business to run and all that. However you got me ■■■■■■ up if you think I don’t see the scam you running here.”

“What scam?”

“Five hundred thousand ISK to repair the capacitor banks of a Heron?! That’s practically the cost of the entire ship and fittings! I ain’t paying that ■■■■!"

“Then I ain’t repairing your ■■■■! Get it in outta my dock then boy.”

“How do you even come up with that kind of price?”

“Well, for starters - friend - You’re paying a god damn premium for coming to my dock on a day I’m closed. Next you tell me I gotta make the repairs without tapping into your ships computers for essential data and feedback that will make this job a fuckin’ pain in my ass to do without - And oh! You’re a Guristas spy, and if I’m being honest? Frankly I just don’t like your face.”

“How would you know anything about that?”

“Your face? Looking right at it.”

“■■■■ you - I mean where are you getting this accusation that I’m some Guristas spy?”

“Oh that? Yeah, your mug and name got sent out to every little dock in the region so we can keep an eye out for you and tip them off for a cash reward… Gotta say your mouth was much more prettier in the pictures.”

“… Right well, if I WAS a spy… Why are we even talking? Why haven’t you ratted me out yet?”

“Maybe I can make a little more money this way. The bounty is only a fraction of what I’m charging you for the ship repairs.”

“You think I just got five hundred grand to hand out?”

“Maybe you do, maybe you don’t… Maybe the Guristas do.”




“…I can always tell the police you’re here.”

“You blackmailing me now?”

“Damn straight.”

“You know, if I actually was a spy, why wouldn’t I just kill you for knowing my identity so I could cover my tracks?”

“Firstly, because you still need me to fix your capacitor banks so you could actually get out of here. Secondly, you don’t got the balls to kill me, boy.”

“Wanna bet?”

“Only pussies talk about hypothetically killing someone. You gonna do it? Do it then boy. Don’t fuckin’ announce beforehand that you’d kill me to cover your tracks. I’ll just be more prepared for it!”

“I ain’t killing anyone, because I ain’t a ■■■■■■■ spy.”

"Alright what the hell are you then boy?

“Just some guy trying to pass by with a very critical ship malfunction that needs to be repaired ASAP so I can continue my trip.”

“Trying to flee back to the Guristas borders more like it, so you can give the Guristas all those juicy State secrets locked away on your ships computers.”

“I assure you there’s nothing there…”

“Then I can have access to your ship’s computers for the repairs?”


“Alright boy, listen - I’ve humored your ■■■■■■■■ act for a few minutes now… Longer than any other person in this region would. Your secret is safe with me - if - you quit the act, pay my fee, and be on your merry way… I’ve dealt with all kinds of folk trying to keep secrets, it’s how I make business. I’m probably involved in so many scandals at this point I could single handedly bring down NoH entirely. You’re in the roughest spot of your life right now because you got your balls in the vice grip of a 76 year old mechanic in some insignificant pocket of deadspace. You go to any other port like mine and you’ll be rated out in a second, I’m giving you a chance to run home… Just drop the ■■■■■■■■.”

“… Alright, fine! You got me… I’m a spy. ■■■■ you. You happy now?”

“No, I already knew that. I’ll be happy if you pay me though!”

“You’re son of a bitch. You know that?”

“Look boy, my mother was a whore, not a bitch. Get your facts straight.”

"Whatever - Listen I’ll get you the money… After repairs are done and I get across State borders.

“No deal. You fully expect me to just put in the time, parts and energy to get this piece of junk space worthy again and wait for you to send me half a million in ISK?”

“… You can go lower.”

“Oh you trying to haggle now? In my shop boy?”

“Yeah… Because you think you’re smart that you got me trapped in this situation. You however aren’t thinking this all though.”

“Let’s hear it then, go on.”

“Half a million in ISK is only chump change to Capsuleers. To someone like you? A small fortune, small, but larger than this dilapidated repair dock. As a side note that tells me you’ve never got paid this kind of money from other suspicious characters you’ve extorted… Say I DO give you half a million directly… Don’t think that’s gonna raise the attention of some people? Maybe even the authorities you think?”

“… Maybe so… Not bad boy, little brighter than you look… Don’t think I’m letting you off the hook just yet - you’re still my payday. I’m getting more out of you than the bounty the State is offering.”

“How much they offering?”

“Don’t worry about that - let’s say three hundred thousand instead, yeah?”


“Come now, gonna deny me half a million and give me a measly quarter million instead?”

"Take it or leave it. I can guarantee you I can get you two-ffity before you start repairs… More than what the State is paying for info on my whereabouts, yeah?’

“… Guess so. Alright then, consider it a deal - as soon as I get my payment.”

“Of course, of course… I DO need to make a call if you don’t mind.”

“Hey, do what you need to do.”


And that’s why you should not overheat your ship’s modules ^_^’

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