"Do I look like a merchant to you?"

“I’m not someone in a position to condemn the activities of the Guristas. Piracy is an essential part of Venal’s economy! Nearly every drop of medicine I’ve consumed or cloth I’ve worn growing up is in part due to some daring Gurista looking to make a score. It’s thanks to these people that Venal can do without trade deals from the big 4 and still enjoy the many luxuries found there. So long as civilian industries are lacking, piracy is something we must depend on… Unfrontautely not many Gurista want to wait around to find someone to sell their cargo to it here and instead decide to hand it off to fences that would deny our economy goods. These fences have no commitment here, they buy the cargo off Gurista captains for ludicrously low prices and turn a huge profit selling it back to the Empires. I… Hate these people. Yet I understand some Gurista just want their cargo hold emptied out and their wallet filled as quickly as possible… As such, maybe I should go into business as someone to sell their cargo to instead.”

  • Suha Raibuya

“Do I look like a merchant to you?”

January 22nd YC 123

6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar, unloading dock of hanger A-1

“Where this man at?”

“Hell if I know…”

“He should’ve been here by now… Thirty minutes ago? Tired of sitting around…”

“Eh, I’m fine.”

“What are you even reading?”

"Not really ‘reading’ and just ‘ogling’. This magazine called Bad Bunny."

“Bad Bunny?”

“Yeah, the most stimulating magazine in Venal supposedly.”

“… Well Is it?”

"I find it a little stimulating… Half the magazine is dedicated to a Egger named Avio Yaken, he’s bit of a handsome rogue… I like a guy with tattoos too.

“…Is that why you keep shooting glances to that sebiestor in engineering?”

“That’s precisely why.”

“Oh… Well at least you’re entertained and stimulated. I’m stuck staring straight ahead till-… Who the ■■■■?”

“Is that them?”

“No… No it’s not. Eyes up and safeties off, let’s check this out.”

“And here I was hoping this would be an easy transaction.”


“… And who the ■■■■ are you people!?”

“I do apologize for showing up unannounced!~ My name is-”

“Holy ■■■■! You’re Suha Raibuya!”

“… And who the ■■■■ is that Kocob?”

“Check the cover of the mag.”

Bad Bunny Cover


“Let me see that…”

< Magazine page flipping >

“… Holy ■■■■! This is you?”

“Mhmm! See something you like?~”

“I’m seeing a lot I like! Whew… Alright, you got my attention so far little lady! What can I do for you?”

“Yo, can I have that back?”

“Me and my associates are here to talk about some cargo aboard your ship.”

“… What about it?”

“I’m looking to purchase it of course.”

“… Did Gakazu send you?”

“Gakazu… Was nice enough to step aside and let us seize this opportunity instead.”

“That’s a real ominous way of putting it… You do something to him?”

“Nothing you should concern yourself with… Gakazu was a slimeball, a poor one at that. I can offer you a much better deal on you cargo…”

“Uh-huh… And what’s your angle here?”

“My angle?”

“Yeah, why you cutting Gakazu contact out of the deal me and him made and introducing yourself this way trying to buy my cargo for more than he’s offering? Even know what you’re buying?”

“Frozen plant seeds, no?”

“Correct! I’m not transporting any one kind item! Some rare tech or something niche and luxurious item! If that was the case this would be alot less confusing. This is just crates of plant seeds though, why do you care enough to strong arm my fence out of this deal over some damn plant seeds?”

“It’s quite simple, I want the plant seeds here and not exported back to Empire space… Gakazu was going to purchase the seeds at a discount and resale the product back in Empire space to farming companies and agricultural colonies for a profit. That Is just no good, I want this product sold and used here in Venal! And I’m willing to pay double what Gakazu was going to offer you to make that happen.”

“… It’s just some ■■■■■■■ plant seeds!”

"I know that! Now is there a problem with me purchasing them?

“I… I guess not… It’s just weird going though all this to buy some damn crates of plant seeds! This stuff isn’t worth much to begin with!”

“Why bother looting it then?”

“My logic is simple, a cargo hold full of cheap loot is better than a cargo hold with nothing in it.”

“I can respect that kind of mindset.”

"It’s how you make money in this business. Cash is cash, sometimes it’s in large waves, sometimes it’s in scraps. If you ask me? Morons chase after the large waves only. Me? I sell whatever I get my hands on to maximize my profits. So I’m already stacked uped by the time I get hit with that tidal wave of profit.

“… I didn’t get your name.”

“Ruular Kortanen.”

“Ruular Kortanen… You ever considered cutting out fences entirely? Sure it’s more convenient to get rid of this loot right away for immediate profits. Though you ever consider selling the stuff yourself to maximize your profits?”

“Do I look like a merchant to you?”

“You look like a suave businessman that is willing to go the distance to make a profit! I can help with that…”

“Look, I ain’t got time for such ■■■■■■■■ of handling these transactions. That’s why I was selling ti Gakazu in the first place, he can handle the marketeering, I’ll stick to what I’m good at, looting and killing.”

“Do you have any idea how money he’s denying you each time you dump some goods on him? If you don’t have the time for such things… I understand. And I propose a solution. I could acquire you an accountant to oversee listing any cargo you have, you’d pay a commission, but you’ll make far more money in the end.”

“Where would I even put this stuff?”

“The Prosperous Venal Depository can help with that! I can offer you a good deal on some storage to hold all your loot for sale.”

“Commission, storage - You say I’m making more money, but this is starting to sound costly.”

“I assure you, the profit you could make this way would be far better than what you’re settling with now! And we can do even more for you… Did you know you were eligible for a loan?”

“… With who?”

“The Depository of course! We offer special plans for enlisted Gurista personnel to take out a loan to put towards starting up a business in Venal.”

“… I honestly didn’t expect docking up to be given this kind of pitch. What exactly are you girl?”

“I’m… Many things nowadays.”

“Uh-huh, I can see that…”

“… Well, none of this you have to think about right away. Please! Take this card! It will put you in contact with whatever it is you’ll need to build a prosperous life for yourself here!”

“Uh, thanks?”

“No problem! Now, about those seeds…”

“Right, right… Well, yeah! Take them. Paying me double for them? More money for me, no problems here.”



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