"You're busting my balls here."

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“The Guristas raids and shenanigans against the State aren’t always about the money to be earned. Sometimes it’s about poking holes at the State’s ego, trying to make them squirm internally. Attacking them psychologically can be just as - if not more effective then running up and shooting them. The Guristas make good use of their shared culture with the State to find ways to exploit it and mock it. Get them flustered and embarrassed, get their very people on edge and turned against them even. The chaos and internal conflict can lead to the creation of new opportunities to exploit… And sometimes? Sometimes it’s just fun to ■■■■ with them…”

  • Utatis Parinen

“You’re busting my balls here.”

June 9th YC 123

Torrinos V - Moon 15 - Spacelane Patrol Logistic Support - Personal office of Spacelane Patrol Commander Teinel Mokep

Theta Squadron hit the motherlode just now Commander. A small convoy of Badgers coming in from Pure Blind flying identification to Deep Core Mining just got flagged for suspicion and pulled over for a search… Found these.”

< Holo-reel case being placed on desk >

“… A singular Holo-reel Captain?”

“One of thousand, sir. I couldn’t bring all the crates here on my back as I’ve already had them shipped to the experts for analysis. Theta Squadron however found crates loaded with these things in the lower decks of the ship unaccounted for in their manifests… Simple reels too - High accessibility - could be played on the most basic of playback equipment. The crew was soon expected afterwards and we found a solid fifty personnel among the vessels who’ve lost their employment with their Megacorp over association with Guristas elements.”

“So these reels are being moved by the Guristas?”


“So… More of their slanderous material then?”

“Don’t know what else it could be, given the simplicity of the reels and large quantity, the plan here was for wide distribution of propaganda that any citizen can take home and watch. Be fed whatever new lies the Guristas are peddling this time…”


“… Sir?”

"It… Doesn’t sound like you’ve been thorough in investigating the material. You don’t know what else it could be? Is that what you said?

“… Seemed like a safe bet sir.”

“Captain, I would like upmost confirmation on what we’re dealing with before we send it up to HQ to analyze. Regardless of how safe a bet it may be.”

“… Apologies Commander.”

“Take the reel and put it in myHolo-reel Player over there… See what we’re dealing with.”

“… You just wanna play some fraudulent Guristas propaganda right here in your office sir?”

“What? Is the Spacelane Patrol gonna bust in here and arrest us? Play the damn reel Captain…”

“Y-Yes, right away sir.”

< Captain walking across the room, opening reel case and placing it in the ReelPlayer >



< Video playback begins with a strong bold looking man with a bald head coming through to the door of his house with his muscles glistening with sweat >

“Hey. I’m home.”

< Enter more scrawny and lightly dressed man with shorts and a tanktop with blonde hair >

“Hey! How was work?”

“Pain the ass as usual. Had to do the work of two men today in the mines.”

“Such a hard worker for the State…”

“I do what I must for my country’s prosperity…”

“Captain, where is this going…?”

“… I-I assume it’s gonna tie into manipulating the blight of the working class. They want the viewer to place themselves in the shoes of the worker in question here. And his uh… Brother here I assume is gonna be victim of some tragedy that makes our worker question his loyalty to the State”

“Uh-huh… Are you sure this is even his brother?”

“… I assume so.”

“Such an admirable worker for the State… Prepare to do some more work?”

“What kind of work?”

“Well… It’s your turn to do the dishes and take out the trash?”

“… Are you kidding me?”

“Nope! I left them just for you!”

“You’re busting my balls here.”

“I can bust more, but only if you take care of the dishes first.”


< Video cuts to some high quality low shots of the ‘Worker’ slowly and seductively scrubbing dishes in the kitchen. Camera zooming in the soap spuds getting all over his wrists and arms as he works >


"Uhhh… Giving us a moment for this to all settle in? I-I don’t know… L-Lemme fast forward it… Which button is it? Is it this one?’

< Video jumps ahead to a steamy showers seen with our 'Worker slowly washing off the dirt and crime from a hard day’s work in the mines. Washing his armpits to rid himself of the intense odours he’s carrying >


“I-it’s taking it’s time… I’ll jump ahead some more.”

< Video jumps ahead to the ‘Worker’ and ‘Brother’ in a compromising arrangement, with 'Worker 'grunting and heaving >

“Oh - ■■■■ - go harder big daddy!”

“■■■■ you’re so ■■■■■■■ tight this time!”


“Oh ■■■■■■■ sh-”

< Captain fumbling with controls >

< Video playback reverses to a previous seen of a close up of the suppoaive ‘Brother’ giving oral sex to ‘Worker’ >

“Ah ■■■■ the inside of your throat molds to my COCK so perfectly.”


< Captain yanks the power cord to the holo-reel player to shut off the footage >



< Commander patiently tapping his right hand fingers on his desk >

"… Sir, I would… I Would like to apologize.

“… Okay… So you mind telling what this is about, Captain?”

“S-Sir, I-I-I had NO idea that this was on the holo-reel.”

“Well I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt Captain and assume you mistaken a proper holo-reel from the confiscated evidence with a holo-reel from your own personal collection.”

“M-My own personal collection sir?”

“Well I’d assume you wouldn’t be intentionally wasting my time and embarrassing my command with pornography, Captain. Surely you have fraudulent Guristas propaganda aimed to agitate the working class like you claimed… You just got mixed up with your own reels… Which one is it, Captain?”

“I uh… This… This was taken directly from the confiscated holo-reels, sir.”

< Commander inhaling deep >



< Commander exhaling >

“Okay… And you said you already had all of the tapes shipped off to HQ to analyze? Already reporting that it’s confiscated Guristas propaganda?”

“… Yes sir.”

"So when they get this footage and begin analyzing it thinking they’re gonna learn about whatever message it is the Guristas are using to manipulate people… What are the chances they will be met with pornography? "

“I… Cannot confidently say sir.”

“… I want Tehta squadron to be on high alert for anymore suspicious movement in the system. There’s a chance this was a smokescreen, a distraction for something else and I don’t want anything slipping by us over this distraction…You’re dismissed, Captain… For now at least.”

“Yes sir.”

“Oh, and Captain? Next time… No matter what new post you find yourself at… I’d highly advise doing a thorough investigation on any recovered contraband smugglers are moving. Okay?”

“Yes sir…”


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