Shoutout to the Gurista taking a fight to the Triglavians

I’m well aware the last thing the Guristas care about is getting the praise and approval of others.

But, to hell with it! I wanna just wanna say good Job to the Gurista that are taking a fight to the Triglavian threat constantly emerging in New Eden.

Not only did the recent Scope broadcast briefly have a ticker referencing their efforts in Low security space,but a small news blurp back in June mentioned a Gurista strike group helping out some Caldari local to the Nagalaiken Constellation.

Ontop of all this? There’s some rumors floating around of the Guristas taking some fights directly to the Triglavians on their home turf. Rumors, that of course must be taken with a grain of salt…But with their actions in the daylight? I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Though I’m willing to wager that the Guristas’ hunger for technology is driving their aggression against the collective, but frankly I’m not gonna judge since I’m not one to pass over a perfectly good Triglavian wreck with rare components worth salvaging.

Overall, this all got me a little inspired to get back in the fray against the Trigs, admittedly my contributions to any defensive fleet has been next to nothing these past few months. And I haven’t delved into any abyssal pocket in that time as well.

So while there’s hundreds of other groups worth giving props for their efforts against the Triglavian threat - I’m gonna choose to raise a glass to the Guristas.

Keep up the good work, Naughty People.


that line about perverse ideologies ruffled a lot of feathers across the cluster u know


Ha! Well i would wager the Guristas thought the Trigs were talking ■■■■ when they decided to toss that line into their datastream vault.

Clearly they want some of the Triglavian tech themselves.

A wise move.


Yup most ideologies are pretty perverse if you look at them really close. So it like runs down to personal quirks, then the choice is fixed and everything else is just perverse? They just refuse to see it.

Anyway even I shot at Trigs and I kinda like them, because proving, mortification, glorification, all that natural selection ■■■■. Hell, if they want us to shoot at them why the ■■■■ not? It’s fun


Can’t really blame them! Cutting edge stuff that every faction in New Eden has some interest in. Not to mention all the Capsuleers out for the loot as well.

More or less, they’re invading known-space afterall. They’re out looking for a damn fight in these parts, why not supply them one?

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Well, seems I keep just finding new inspiration…

I ended up tossing my weight in temporarily with a response fleet earlier to help fend off a Trigalvian Invasion In the Kador region. Only stuck around to plug several Major conduits as a logistical pilot, but for one conduit I was behind the wheel of a Noctis…First time ever flying one for a fleet, which needed one and I try to make myself useful when I can.

Regardless, there I was - rummaging around the twisted scrap of bunch of Triglavian vessels the fleet was tipping apart and I found a little nugget in one of the wrecks.

Was it some rare mutaplasmid? Or valuable datacore? Nah, it was a measly Calm Dark Filament.

Thing was barely worth a stack of ammunition…But it got me thinking about how these filaments are all equally a key to more valuable objects. Especially more valuable and desirable filaments.

Then I think back on the Guristas and their exploits against the Triglavians…Their desire for their tech and materials. So, I decided to mosey on up to Venal just see what their filament market looked like.

There wasn’t one

Just a giant hole on the marketplace of that region. Of course - The Guristas undoubtedly got their own stash and reserves of filaments locked away somewhere that they’re using and not sharing with anyone…But I couldn’t help but see such potential in this hole.

So…I decided to take a step towards filling it myself.

Now, is there anything impressive about sticking five hundred of calm filaments in some station out here? Absolutely not, I bought these things by the crate in Jita, stuffed them into the cargo hold of an interceptor and ran up Tribute to the Guristas’ Testing facility tucked away behind their capital system of 6NJ8-V. The only station in these parts with a fully kitted out laboratory that’s open to Capsuleers…Figured it was a fitting place to sell the filaments…You know, for science.

Personally however, i see a bunch of seeds that - in theory - could help expand the Abyssal market out in these parts. One calm filament could lead to higher grade filaments, or mutaplasmids, Ship blueprints or materials!

I never saw much of a merchant in myself, but the markets out here in Venal have soooooo much untapped potential with the ridiculous amount of holes that need filling. I won’t ever be selling directly to the Gurista, just the local Capsuleer residents in the region like Siberian Squad and the Ranger Regiment.

So, maybe with a little patience (and mobile depot advertisement) I could get some of the local Capsuleers down here to grab a filament of their choice off the marketplace, delve into the abyss and kick some Triglavian ass and haul out any spoils within.

Not like there’s any shortage of Gilas out here afterall…


I wish my old comrades the best of luck in this endeavor then! perhaps one day I will fight by their side again, should fate allow it.

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Well you could always come up (down?) to Venal to put in some work with the various security agents in the area, it certainly be a start I’d say. Let them know they got your support by dumping a few rounds in problems they’re facing in their sector…Of course might take more than a couple hundred security ops before they let any outsider Capsuleer tag along on some Abyssal dive - But hey, there’s always opportunity to help them out in known-space

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