Triglavian Protection Society

I am here today to announce the creation of the Triglavian Protection Society based in the Gallente Federation.

For too long have CONCORD poachers been hunting these rare and elusive wonders of the galaxy.
With envious eyes, Caldari, Amarr and Sansha seek to exploit the natural resources of the Triglavians.

In the past two weeks there has been a 100% increase in Triglavian poaching in the Sanctum
constellation and the recent surge in Triglavian poaching has led to an increasing demand for
mutaplasmids in the CONCORD Assembly, Caldari State, Amarr Empire and Stain where they
are seen as a symbol of status and wealth.

The plundering of the natural environment of Triglavians will have a likely effect on the
galaxies biodiversity, with unforeseen consequences for us all.

How can we help?

We have been helping Triglavians since our inception in YC 120. We’re supporting anti-poaching measures in Triglavian habitats and encouraging the pursuit, capture and prosecution of the organised criminal gangs smuggling Triglavian artifacts. We shall continue to seek to seize assets from criminal poaching enterprise in order to continue funding Triglavian protection efforts.

We shall continue to work with local communities in order to support them in making an
income from their natural resources including ecotourism.

Your adoption and support can help us -

✓ Support effective anti-poaching measures

✓ Reduce consumer demand for Triglavian artifacts and mutaplasmids

✓ Support vital conservation work throughout key Triglavian range

Join the Triglavian Protection Society channel to meet up with like-minded folk interested
in tackling the sickening devastation of the Triglavians and their habitat.


Protect them? You think they need your protection?

These Triglivians aren’t afraid of a fight. Evidence being the footage recovered and confirmation by CONCORD says they’re ballsy enough to wage war on the Drifters.

I might be interested in talking to them since they appear to be more human than those shambling horrors they’re bashing heads with. But as a Warrior I’m obligated to test their skill on combat and help myself to any spoils I earn from a well deserved victory.


What do you mean you be been protecting them?
We’ve only seen one ship in the cluster so far. What sort of help are you claiming to have given?

Also, when you claim there has been a 100% increase in poaching over the last 2 weeks. 100% of 0 is still 0. Maybe you meant something else in that trainwreck of an advertisement.

As a fellow Gallente, I really have to advise you give up whatever boosters you are on.

As for the Troglodytes Triglavians, we don’t know anything about them yet. They could be worse than the Caldari for all we know.

Kill them till their dead. Kill them all.


I must agree on that sentiment: there’s nothing at all to suggest that they should even need protection.

That, and… what else was it that you spoke of? I’ve reviewed the briefing multiple times, and there was no specific mention of anything beyond the vague reference to new threats and technologies.

Either you are a prophet (a matter I consider unlikely), you have information that CONCORD has yet to publicly release - which is a matter all its own if true - or this is one of the more serious cases of infomorphic psychosis that anyone has likely seen in some time.


(OOC: we know nothing about mutaplasmics yet, neither about any faction “poaching” ttheir tech.
Furthermore ccp burger, the “angry concord guy”, told me that concord is not interested at all in the mutaplasmic but much more in the travel capabilities of the abussal deadspace. That’s why they asked us to EXPLORE this new sapce.

While I completely agree in character that the TC should not be fought, your post is sadly largely out of character :confused:

If you want to know what we DO know of the TC, I encourage you to go to my threadabout known facts :slight_smile: )


Are you gonna go into the abyss with friendships and fireworks??!?

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Yet another grandiose drivel that will never result in any action.


Finally something from the Gallente Federation I agree with. The Reclamation starts with communication FIRST never the sword! We must overcome our communication barrier and then see if they are infidels.


Unless new information popped out, we don’t even know if there is an intelligence behind the TC

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All signs point them in fact having some form of I intelligence. Unless you’re trying to imply theres some over arching a.I conteolling them. (Which is more plausible for the Drifter abomination in nations to be frank)

But look at these ships they use, the exotic weapon systems seen in footage and of course the alphabet assembled over the weeks. On top of that they have access to pockets of space we never even knew existed until now.

How could they not have some intelligence? These people have made scientific breakthroughs that we haven’t even thought of and if they’re in fact human as CONCORD puts them. I can’t say I’m surprised.


You mispelled amarr.



“See this sword ? You’re getting it”


He misspelled ‘Gallente’.

Not at all. You’re still Gallente at heart. Just in your rebellious teenage years…unfortunately as a whole faction.


Nonsense. I’d rip my heart out with my bare hands if that was true.


Technically the existence of sais pocket is not a complete surprise. The prf mayer hypothesised them.
I’m just saying that concord said “human in origins” and the technological breakthroughs to GET there does nor mean that they STILL live there ^^’

So yeaa i agree that it IS possible ( and on my opinion even likely) that there is still “long lost cousins” but as yet, it’s only a conjecture.

To take the drifter example, they are too of human origins, have a kind of social organisation AND technology that we barely know (for now)

Yet there is no “human” intelligence behind them, at least there is no proof of it.

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Indeed I do have information CONCORD has not released from anti-poaching Gallente intelligence sources. CONCORD have mentioned parts from the vessel as mutaplasmids performing cultural mutilation because obviously they do not understand what the real meaning of its contents are.

CONCORD are at this very moment stripping the carcass of the Triglavian vessel, performing desecration upon these wonderful beings and their society as a whole. Help us, help the Triglavian.


Fireworks might be disastrous for these beings, they might consider it an act of firing, an act of warfare.

I would gladly offer myself onto them, in order to communicate and find their purpose.