[ARC] Humanitarian Provisions for Triglavian Collective

As a coalition bound by the tenets of diplomacy, humanitarianism, and scientific advancement, the Arataka Research Consortium formally issues this request regarding the Triglavian vessel taken into custody by CONCORD operatives in Raneilles. We petition CONCORD for the release of information regarding the welfare and disposition of the aforementioned survivors. The Consortium moves for humanitarian access to be provided by the Servant Sisters of EVE and appropriate agencies. As a result of this contact, we are optimistic that the Sisters may gather important information on Triglavian language, behavioral norms, and culture in the hopes of avoiding any future violent confrontation and to forge a working cooperation against a mutual threat.

All indications, at present, are that the Vigilant Tyrannos and the Triglavian Collective are at war. We can only assume, just as the Drifters have been withdrawing from engagements, that the Triglavian cruiser recovered in Raneilles was also damaged in an engagement. We are concerned that the boarding of the Triglavian cruiser and CONCORD’s proposal that capsuleers explore the warzone will result in a de facto expansion of the ongoing war. However, it is our hope, with the proper information, that the Society of Conscious Thought or another appropriate agency may engage in peaceful diplomatic overtures that will allow capsuleers to provide aid to the Triglavian Collective in its war against the Vigilant Tyrannos.

In summary, the Arataka Research Consortium petitions for:

  1. Humanitarian access for Sisters of EVE personnel to the Triglavian Collective vessel’s crew, with any acquired information to be shared publicly via appropriate channels.
  2. CONCORD’s release of any data recovered from the Triglavian Collective vessel to enable a greater understanding of Triglavian Collective culture, behavioral norms, and diplomatic stances.
  3. Good faith diplomatic efforts to be undertaken by an appropriate agency, with the hope of securing non-hostile access to the warzone to provide material aid to the Triglavian Collective.
  4. Further explanation and justification for CONCORD’s currently bellicose policy toward the Triglavian Collective.

This is an aside, and an unusually personal note from me. As a member of ARC’s coordination group, personnel review is just part of the portfolio. In the case of pilot Nomistrav, his wrestling with his desire for peaceful and productive life, free from unnecessary violence, has been commendable. Faced with a personal look into the unrelenting but seemingly invisible bloodshed of the Drifter crisis, he’s taken to a utilitarian view that I find laudable, even if it’s taken a toll. ARC-- and our personnel such as Nomistrav --will continue to review circumstances as they develop, attempting to balance both peaceful, productive advancement for humanity, and the exigencies and necessities of operations in New Eden.


I am no pacifist… But I find myself for the most part in agreement with Nomistrav.

However as always, CONCORD shall fail. They will mishandle this situation and a combative environment will be fostered between New Eden and the Collective. They want this fight. They want you to go and die for them. CONCORD waves trinkets and ISK and people dance for it.

I wish you luck, Nomistrav. But I have no hope in this situation. All of my combat vessel crews have had their leave revoked. I will be ready when CONCORD inevitably fucks this up.


All I need to know is if these Trigs are actually human - and still are as we speak. Last thing we need more of in this cluster is genetic butchers like the Jovians and more corpse defliers like the Drifters.

Hell, I’d forgive even minor changes to their genetics, like all of them being born with blue hair. I just have hope these Teiglavians are different than what we have to currently compare them to.

If not? Well, I at least look forward to seeing how they’d handle a fight. From what we’ve seen against the Drifters, they seem like capable warriors.


From review of documentation I’ve acquired through my own sources, I’m not at all sure how these things are surviving a Tyrannos’ superweapon. My suspicion is that CONCORD’s intentionally maintaining at least three sets of records on the Triglavians’ capabilities, and at least two and a half of those sets are intentionally false.


It is possible that they have a means of disabling the Drifters’ advanced weaponry. That, or they are simply able to withstand its devastating effects. Neither of which bode well for us if we are to be at odds against them. Thus, it is all the more important that we learn as much about the Triglavian Collective as we can… for better or worse…


Could also be an effect those Abyssal pockets give of. If we’re to believe based of our limited Information that these pockets are the territory of the Triglavians. Then anymore intel on Abyssal space would also contribute greatly to understanding them.


Come now, Arrendis. ARC fleets in to Drifter Hives deal with the superweapon perfectly fine in destroyers and cruisers. Are your sources that out of date?

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So did Seraph—including my own Guardians and Basilisks. They deal with the superweapon ‘perfectly fine’ because they’re not dealing with any significant numbers of Drifters (maybe 3-5?), and have the Drifter webbed down while moving quickly in a tight orbit.

Their cruisers aren’t significantly faster, and have a base signature radius 150% the size of the Guardian. They’re also more massive, and less agile. ARC’s fleets deal with the superweapon by not being hit. Are you still using Halos, too? With the Halos, the Guardian’s sig is half the size of these things.

Nothing I’ve seen in the capabilities of these ships indicates they can get anywhere near a small enough sig for that.

  1. This makes sense; yes lets feed the people who survived on ship, and maintain there well being.

  2. Yes please give us more data. I am certain we will need it for future interactions.

  3. Diplomatic efforts seem like an excellent idea! Lets make sure these are allies we want to have! Though the idea of CONCORD brokering diplomatic anything for the four empires seems weak at best.

  4. CONCORD Standard operations for first contact. Shut up, and hope they give us the next advancement in the human condition.


Information is key in a situation like this, and it annoys me to see that yet again CONCORD is holding all the information close to their chest. This mishandling of important information will only lead to confrontation with the triglavians, as unknowing capsuleers will see them as a new enemy.
If the triglavian is indeed in need our help, I will stand behind ARCs choice to help the triglavian in this conflict. As I hope this will help us to better understand them, so we can avoid being drawn into fighting a war with both them and the drifters


I agree with this post, and should ARC wish to offer aid packages on its own initiative I’m willing to help with it. I still have no idea what these things are supposed to be, but we should try to create a positive first contact to avoid additional hostilities and try to bring these new people into unity with interstellar society. If the Drifters are the Triglavians’ enemy, then the Triglavians could be the Empire’s friends. I trust that our representative xer Qosh will work to keep CONCORD from doing anything too reckless, and to pursue the right course, whatever it may be.


Have I missed something? The last information I had gathered from the sparse bulletins was that the the ship was recovered, and only the ship - there were no Triglavians found onboard, and that all that is “known” of them is derived from analyzing the sole recovered vessel’s internals? Of course, that sounds extremely unlikely, a case of smoke and mirrors, but given the apparent advancement of their vessels, not entirely implausible that these ships might have extremely small crews, even that of just one.

I mean, if they have recovered Triglavians from the ship, of course I wish, even demand that they be treated with the same care for their wellbeing as any other non-combatants recovered from damaged ships, and support ARC in their requests in the form as presented in the opening post.

Speaking of which, I cautiously applaud Nomistrav for re-evaluating his earlier call for arms against the Triglavians into seeking a possible alliance with them and seeking justification for the apparent belligerent approach CONCORD seems to want to adopt towards them. Even if it’s from an utilitarian point of view of not wanting to provoke yet another strong enemy against the people of New Eden.

Semi-relatedly, my petition filed to the CONCORD representative, Keraimo Hakanuro, remains unanswered.


The Scope reported that the fate of the crew is unknown…but that could just be unknown to them. CONCORD may know much more about the crew and have just not released that information to reporters.


the fact the scope reported the triglavians are human in nature tells us enough ,Concord either has some of the crew captive or the remains of a deceased crew/pilot.
I whoheartedly agree with the fact that diplomatic contact should be undertaken before capsuleers are allowed to go into abysal deadspace given their volatile nature any hope of diplomacy will then be lost


“human in origins” you mean, there is a huge difference. Rogue drones too are of human origins.

I agree with ARC on the releasing of the informations, but in no case wish to see this ship fall in the hands of the sisters of EvE.
Let the SoCT manage the crisis, between two shadowy organisation, I prefer the one promoting science than religion !

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I never re-evaluated my call for arms against the Triglavians, Teinyhr. You misinterpreted my positive from the very beginning. I was never against the idea of diplomacy and even stated that that was the preferable alternative. I merely have no qualms with the notion of using extreme measures against them if it comes to that.

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The SoCT has had just as much controversy, if not more, than the SoE. Arguing the genetics of their philosophical approach - science versus religion - is a dangerous standpoint to take. The origins of an entity’s coalescence has no bearing on their motives or actions. The Serpentis Cartel are arguably scientific in their endeavors, but few would say that those endeavors are noble, same as the Blood Raiders.

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The SoE lost all respect in my eyes when they didn’t moved a finger during the kyonoke inquest.
And the fact that they work with multiple cluster-threats do not appease me in the least.

As for the “science vs religion” it’s not exactly the heart of the problem.
The thing is that SoEs are doing science to prove their faith where the SoCT see science as a faith in itself.
The main difference is that the later is less likely to dismiss science facts because it’s “not convenient”.

On a more personal point of view, I view the two as complementary, science should not exclude spirituality and spirituality should not dismiss science fact.


That’s just rude.

We’re nothing like the Blood Raiders.