[ARC] Consortium Statement in response to Triglavian communication

A tremendous opportunity is knocking on our door.

Extraordinary, unprecedented, somewhat dangerous – this is a second time in the recent history that we are presented with an opportunity to actually properly communicate with a foreign civilization.

So let’s not rush in without consideration.

The Triglavian Collective, in their seemingly straight to the point manner, poses a clear ultimatum: they have enemies; they have established contact with Rogue Drones; they are curious about capsuleers specifically.

Are we interested? Absolutely. But do we become friends solely based on our common enemy – the Drifters? We are cautiously hopeful about that.

The Inner Circle meeting on the matter is sure to come out with a result that defines a policy sooner or later, but they surely have their own speakers. It may be that we will need to speak on our own behalf.

The Arataka Research Consortium remains dedicated to its mission – to push the boundaries of the unknown further and further beyond, and to make use of the experience gained from our work for bettering New Eden. As such we welcome the Triglavian Collective to New Eden, our home, and deem it necessary to establish a proper contact to create a proper understanding of each other. The proving Zorya Triglav mentions in their message seems to be a goal that can be achieved by daring capsuleers by itself and we intend to take part in that too.

Meanwhile, understanding that the Collective has a way of monitoring the holonet despite CONCORD’s best efforts, we think that a proper response is in order.

Expect more soon.

On behalf of the ARC coordination group,
Jaret Victorian
Itsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries Ltd.


Do bear in mind that sometimes the enemy of my enemy is just another enemy in waiting.

Personally I’d like the Drifters side of things on this too, if only they’d communicate some way.

For instance, how do we know the drifters aren’t simply responding to a perceived threat from the Triglavians compromising their commsnet for instance?

One side of a story is never a good basis for a balanced decision.


Certainly, ARC has indeed called for a halt in operations in prior instances where there may’ve been information on communication with the Vigilant Tyrannos.

Unfortunately, despite approximately four years of effort by numerous parties, we have yet to see a single successful instance of communication or cultural exchange.

In very real terms, we can only assume that the Drifters have no desire for communication. Winds, even their vocal cords have been removed, not withstanding issues with cybernetics targeting regions of the brain associated with communication and identity-forming.


I always believed that the Drifters are just bio-drones used by a remote infomorph-like entity to interface with the Drifter vessels.

Admittedly I’ve been in my own labs for some time, and have lost track of any recent developments. The shoal-like behaviour of their fleets just screamed drone swarm behaviour to me.

Perhaps this way of life has made me too cynical, but I find it hard to believe in absolute ‘good’ and ‘bad’ terms.


Quite agreed on not wishing to deal with absolutes, Mr. Farsaidh. We already have enough ideologues in this cluster as it is.




Is not all that different from the ‘anchor on the FC’ behavior of many of our fleets.

Our fleets are more like blobs of vessels, a swarm of electrons orbiting the anchor nucleus.

The Drifter fleet behaviour looks more precise, controlled, a murmuration of swallows in an evening sky.

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