[ARC] Outreach, Abyssal Mapping Initiative


We are on a collision course with the Triglavian Collective, whether we wish to be or not. CONCORD’s disclosed initial exploration is almost certainly matched by additional undisclosed expeditions, given their testing of the ‘mutaplasmid’ technology. Further, the Society of Conscious Thought has expressly supported Capsuleer exploration of the Abyss, despite in the past suggesting that diplomacy might be possible with entities such as the Vigilant Tyrannos. Lastly, the various empires remain at a heightened state of alert, indicating that such information as CONCORD hasn’t disclosed to the general public is evidently sufficient to merit mobilization in preparation for war.

All of the above may simply be alarmism.

However, we do also know that CONCORD plans on releasing the technology to penetrate the territory of the Triglavian Collective in the near future. The simple truth is that Capsuleers will soon be conducting reconnaissance-in-force operations at the behest of CONCORD.

In the hope of motivating pilots to take a different tack, so that independents may achieve what CONCORD doesn’t wish to, we’re offering a 5 billion ISK bounty for verifiable, repeatable means to communicate with the Triglavian Collective. If this communication results in active discourse and a means to establish diplomatic relations, an additional 5 billion ISK bounty will be provided. Please understand that the bar for verification will be high. Please also understand that we advise all due caution, as attempts to liaise with the Collective is likely to be viewed as aggression until such a point as communication can be established.

It is, unfortunately, our expectation that exploration will result in combat with the Triglavian Collective, and that it will be necessary to make the best of a bad situation. It is in this understanding that the Arataka Research Consortium will seek to facilitate exploration and the rapid development of research associated with the Collective. To this end, several representatives of the consortium will be conducting survey projects, establishing basic guides and recommended ship specifications, and acting as purchasing agents to insure the rapid concentration of resources required for best development of the technology, to best facilitate the work to come.

Additional announcements will follow by those respective agents, and we look forward to the collaborations to come.

As always, those pilots wishing to engage with ARC and the greater ARC community are invited to join us in ‘Consortium Operations’ for more.


I’d just like to take a moment to verify, before some rather more opportunistic souls attempt it, that ARC is not subscribing to the ‘killing is just a means of communication’ school of thought on this. Interpretive dance, though…

(Seriously, Makoto, not getting on your case here, just figuring having it said may head off a dozen or so attempts to collect that bounty for blowing stuff up.)


Well, I guess I could leave jetcans full of drugs, exotic dancers and spirits and see what happens… but other then that I can’t think of a way to attempt communication with them that doesn’t involve tapping out a message on their hull with auto cannon rounds.


We have their alphabet. We could see if CONCORD will let us rename jetcans or bookmarks using it.


I like the phrasing. We are indeed on a collision course.

And, keeping in mind how our relations with Sleepers ended up, doing something is better than nothing. Well, as it always is.


I mean hey, it’s a “new” civilization. This is a Caldari in me speaking, but I’d rather do business with them if I can.


I have taken some time to consider this… We cannot even speak to each other without derision. I do not believe for a moment that the Collective would hear our words when we of New Eden have no unified voice ourselves. CONCORD, perhaps, but they seem quick to throw capsuleers at the Collective as a weapon of war than an ambassador of peace…

As much as I laud the efforts of my peers within the Consortium, I think this attempt may well fall on deaf ears… Still, I long to be proven wrong…


i thought i’d became a capsuleer too late to get to see parts of new eden first. Any chance you’d sign me on?

Good evening, pilots! A brief note before I get back to consultations.

We have begun production of a set of Triglavian ships, initially constituting one each of the frigate-, cruiser-, and battleship-sized vessels.

More information will be forthcoming shortly once testing and analysis has begun.


If it is of any noteworthy value. ZANIE recently put out a story containing some of my findings within Abyssal space. Primarily what I’m referring to are multiple sightings of planets which may suggest the possibility of colonization. Either by the Triglavians or eventually by us.


A small update, pilots; Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci has noticed that the process for improving on entropic radiation sinks requires knowledge of Sleeper technology. What this suggests, well-- I’ll leave that all to you.


That the Triglavian technology is based on similar principles as Sleeper technology, and one must understand the one to begin understanding the other?

Edit for clarity: I’m not trying to jump on Makoto here, I’m just cautioning against drawing inferences at this early stage. (Which, I note, she has avoided doing, even if she did kinda present it in a suggestive way.) An example of the ‘principles and understanding’ relationship that I’m talking about is: before you can learn quantum mechanics or relativistic physics, you have to learn normal mechanical physics—the laws of motion and thermodynamics, etc. This isn’t because the behavior of quarks is dependent on the way friction works (in fact, the reverse is true: ‘standard’ mechanical physics arises because of the behavior of quarks), but because there are principles and concepts that you need to understand before you can grasp the material in quantum mechanics, and those principles and concepts are far more easily taught and understood within the simpler framework of ‘standard’ mechanical physics.

Similarly, there may be principles at work in the entropic radiation sinks that are best learned in a simpler framework provided by Sleeper technology, without the two technological bases being derivative of one another at all. The Gallente, Amarr, and Matari all developed subluminal spaceflight beginning with chemical propellant rockets. That doesn’t mean the Gallente or Matari were derivative of the Amarr, or that Amarr technology was based on Gallente technology.

While interesting, there’s simply not enough known yet to draw inferences about direct relationships in technological bases. Hopefully, this will change soon.


To keep on the common effort initiated by ARC in this thread, would it be possible to compile every data of dive into Abyssal deadspace ?

I only did 5 dive but got twice in the same location. If we could compile all data we could see of there is something to analyse.



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