Triglavian management plan (1)

Greetings, pilots!

We have a situation here and I would like to offer a solution. Of course, I am talking about Triglavian invasion. We do fight them, we have to - but we have also other wars going on against more dangerous to civilization enemies. The goal of the proposition is saving lives of people in civilized regions of space and applying leverage against the main enemies of humanity.

During their preliminary contacts Triglavians were claiming their interest in destroying “hivelinked” people - namingly, Sansha Nation. However, their invasion bridgeheads are targeted against our space, not Nation. And there seems to be no clear way of direct their aggression against the Nation.

What we do know, they do attack all four of the Empires, and Empires themselves are wary of attacking them, expecting them go in full force against them. Here come we, capsuleers. We still fight them in space, trying to hold the invasion, but there’s little progress.

My proposition is not just to exterminate them, but try to “channel” their aggression away from the civilization. We could simply ignore their advances in Federation and Republic, concentrating our effort on protecting civilized systems of Caldari State and Amarr Empire. If we even discourage people from fighting Triglavians in Federation and Republic - and, moreover, will try ways of even fighting those pilots who are fighting invaders, we will create a barrier and open door situation, letting Triglavians pour into Federation and Republic, wreaking havoc in savage and aggressor Empires, staying away from the people whom we have to protect - both from Triglavians, Federal atrocities and Republican savagery.

The problem comes from the fact that so far Triglavians attack systems under high CONCORD control. And while CONCORD doesn’t fight invaders themselves, they would be too eager to kill us if we will start killing other pilots.

Any ideas, how we could discourage fighting Triglavians in the hostile space without annoying CONCORD?


While I appreciate your enthusiasm, I’m afraid I don’t exactly agree with this plan… and would like to point out that there is such a thing as an “innocent civilian” within the Minmatar and Gallente empires. Be they victims of state propaganda, or just blindly unaware, the grand majority of the citizens of these empires are not complicit in the at-times-despicable actions of their governments’ militaries, and though you may otherwise not approve of their lifestyles for various ideological reasons, are not inherently deserving of condemnation to the Triglavians’ apparent abduction of civilians from stations and planets in the invaded systems, and God-only-knows what else they may do if the war drags on.

That being said, if you want a “management plan” for the Triglavians, I do have an idea along these lines. I think you, in particular, will find it… acceptable.

I suppose a polite, “Thank you, but the Sansha are over there in Stain,” has been tried…


I would hope so, and therefore assume the Triglavians, whatever their nebulous motivations, aren’t listening.

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You see, while what you say might be correct for proper government system like in Amarr Empire or leadership hierarchy like in Caldari State, it certainly doesn’t work for Federation: they have this democracy system. While being one of the most inefficient ones, it also has a peculiar quirk - it puts an indirect responsibility for government actions on all the people - just because they vote for it.

With how their democracy works - do they try to impeach their government that tortures prisoners of war, occupies homeworlds of other nations, attacks guarding (civilian planet) titans, making them fall on the surface to cause loss of life of non-combatants?

No. They don’t. They’re all complicit. They are NOT innocent.
We must protect real innocent from these monsters.

Do you honestly find it easer to believe the idea that an entire nation of people can be aware of such horrors and complicit in them, than the idea that the ubiquity of media and associated distractions in that space is enforcing a profound unawareness or dismissal-as-fiction of these horrors? I will not speak of the Minmatar, I haven’t got the knowledge to do so, but your blunt external view of the Federation dismisses a variety of internal problems, and I suspect it’s simply because you aren’t aware, or accepting, of these internal problems to begin with. Ironically, if I’m correct, you fall victim to the same lack of perception I’m describing in the Gallente themselves.

Nevertheless… my offer stands. I have the sort of idea you’re looking for, and I think it’ll interest you if you give it a chance, but it needs a kind of elabouration that you, in turn, may be able to provide. Contact me privately if you’re willing to hear more.

I have a feeling if you don’t resist the Triglavians in a specific Empire, they’ll think “Oh, so you want to be extirpated?”. Then they’ll double down on you.

I’m putting a like on this post, for two reasons.

One: You’re honest. I like honest. You might be one of the only capsuleers out there who isn’t hiding behind a cowardly veil of neutrality and is just saying it how it is.

Two: I actually agree with your idea and have been applying it myself - In reverse. As in, only assist Minmatar and Federation systems, and leave the State and the Empire to rot.

Of course, being wardecced to both factions means I don’t exactly get a choice in the matter. I imagine you don’t, either.

The core of your plan is grievously flawed however, in that it depends on you manipulating a foe we know next to nothing about. History has taught us that attempting to control and (ab)use weapons or life forms we barely understand rarely ends well.


No. Every system hold by humanity as a whole, no matter of race (joves are not humans) are to be fought to the last.

These…trilagvian humanoid-abominations must learn that humans never give up and if they want even most backwater ■■■■ filled system that no empire really wants to themselves, they still have to fight with everything they got to get it.

Each system must be a mighty fortress of God trilagvians must throw themselves in masses to its high walls before they get it.

Against unknown enemy with slightly more technological advanced than we and seemingly limitless number of ships and who knows how infinite numbers of troops attrition is the key.

We must grind them on every system so much we can. Inevitiably price of continuing invasion gets too high.

If humanity loses at least we tried. If we win, then we might have repelled extinction event.

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Don’t think that it can be easy doing a similar thing. And if someone could manage it, the other empires will react: if you try to “channel” the invasion in a smaller number of states than before, the latter ones will take action immediately since they would be convinced to be mainly targeted (so they haven’t any choice). Furthermore someone (the conspiracist ones mainly) will suspect about collaborations between your beloved State and the invaders (and don’t think they didn’t start to do that yet with all the empires, CONCORD included) so another cold war will start between the empires and the extremist movements will take the lead once again within the governments causing another wave of within and without wars! The martial law can be restored again and your state (as for Amarr) will be, once again, be brutally marked by everything that’s not of those empires; things that Aidonis Elabon would NOT like that would happen.

This being recognize your extremist thoughts as Average-Caldari-Soldier, but in times like this you should re-think about who’s really the enemy. An entity with the unique fault to have different/opposite ideology or another that knows only the war as diplomacy weapon?

Lord Vaari, why do you call Triglavians as abominations? Considering the currently available information about them, the same Gallenteans are times worse abominations, and I don’t really want to exercise theorizing what Triglavians should commit to become worse than Gallentes - since it will be a bit too much graphic and disturbing.

Considering there’ve already been reports of Triglavians abducting population from invaded systems, I think that theorizing is being done regardless.

We know what Gallente do to abducted people, we don’t know what Triglavians do.

Yes, we get it. You hate the Gallente. Everything you know about them depicts them to be utterly amoral and capable of the most horrendous acts you can imagine. Now, with that out in the open, the Gallente are pushing one border. One. It may be your border, but it’s one goddamned border in this entire goddamned star-clusterfuck that is New Eden. The Triglavians are readily and aggressively waging open warfare on each of the Four Empires, and we have reason to believe they could wage war on all four simultaneously. The Empires, by the way, be it out of terror or sheer incompetence, have taken no responsive action whatsoever, leaving the fight to the willing guns of the common Capsuleer when the Triglavians could probably invade an entire empire all at once and shut the whole thing down.

In short, Ms. Kim, I find your insistence on your biases rather frustrating, well-founded though they may be, because they’re completely and utterly irrelevant right now. The Triglavians are the most capable threat New Eden has seen. They are more tenacious than the Sansha, and whatever you say about the atrocities of the Gallente, the Triglavians very obviously are far more aggressive in their assault, and unlike the Drifters, they aren’t backing down or being easily suppressed.

Put your spinal column back where it belongs and start putting your tactical brain to use. This is a bigger war than the occasional quiet conflict that the Gallente/Caldari border is seeing these days, and you of all people should not be willing to sit back and wait for atrocities to be revealed before taking decisive action. You’re a goddamned Caldari soldier, you should know better than that.


If this being tells you how and where she managed to gain informations about Gallente besides typical Caldari isolationist propaganda, do you promise to not laugh?

I doubt it’s any laughing matter. By all means, proceed.

Because they are abominations. They live in their own hell and pour into Creation like demons.

Even worst scum you can find in your hated Gallente Federation the one is still human. Created in Gods own image and is part of our species. Against threat that can wipe our species into nonexistence or in best case enslave it each of us must be able to form cease fire at least for a time when trilagvian invasion is active in our sectors.

I will not cease to haunt treasonous CVA until they repent and reform back into loyalist alliance they are destined to be, but if trilagvians would appear to Providence while im stalking them in my stealth ships i would abandon my raids without hesitation and join their defense to repel these…xeno invaders.

From what this being heard directly from her… Advertising, media, TV spots that yet they shouldn’t be admitted within the state. No Encyclopedias, no historical materials, no witnesses… Nothing of those things that are out of the State. Just… Media…

You are blatantly missing relations of causality, replacing effects with their consequences. You dare to speak about me without even putting a tiniest of effort to understand what are you speaking about. Pathetic.

The hate is controlled by knowledge and straightened by finding the proof. Knowing what gallente do makes you hate them, not vice versa. If you, however, build your perception based on hate and not build your hate based on what you perceive like me, I can only pity you. You’re truly blind, blinded by your hate. Your reasoning patterns will become inconsistent and erroneous.

If you can’t control your hatred, you will be consumed by it like all the weaklings.