A Plan of Action: Responding to the Triglavian crisis in the Caldari State

Greetings members of the Intergalactic Summit. I am Chet-Shi, a newcomer to the life of a Capsuleer, and an Intaki of the Gallente Federation. I have only been active in the Summit for less then a week, but in that time i’v come to understand much more about the universe and the people of New Eden. I’v spoken to many people at length on many subjects, new for me, ancient to many of you, and familiarized myself with as much of recent politics as I could.

One of those things is the Triglavian War and it’s aftermath in New Eden. After a discussion with a few different Caldari about the war I spent the better part of the last several hours absorbing as much information on the subject as I possibly could. Given where i’m from and the fact that I am a militia member who is, candidly, not on good terms with the state and likely never will be, it might seem like an odd thing to fixate on. But I am also an Intaki, first and foremost my people have pursued a path that fixates on reducing the collective suffering of people as much as possible. Suffering that exists whether one is Caldari, Gallente, Amarrian, or Minmatar.

Of the four empires, no one has suffered more then the Caldari State. The damage to it’s infrastructure both in terms of people and material seems incalculable, and they shouldered the brunt of the Triglavian invasion. Further, more then anyone else their people were the most mistreated by the Collective. Triglavians, from what observations i’v gathered, exhibited a total war stance when in combat against serious opposition where otherwise they might leave populations somewhat alone. Due to the militaristic nature of the Caldari and their resistance the Triglavians inflicted untold suffering on their worlds, either as an automatic response to outside threats or to make an example.

Of the twenty seven systems who were conquered and their suns harvested, sixteen of them were Caldari. Of the twenty eight made into ‘hunting grounds’ seventeen were Caldari, making their losses magnitudes larger then anyone else and threatening nearby systems as well. Whatever your opinion on the Caldari might be, it’s clear that their people need help. Their losses are to such an extent that I would go so far as to say we have a moral imperative to assist them regardless of previous interactions with them. Too much innocent life lost, too many people who have suffered, and too many people who are still suffering.

Like I said, I am very much a new pilot. Barely even a rookie out in the world of New Eden, but I still have a voice. I want this as a place to help coordinate aid to the Caldari state, to share information about the Triglavian threat, and to network to others on ways we might assist in relief efforts from here on out. I am willing to pour my resources in ships and what meager amounts of isk I have to help, even though I cannot even enter Caldari space.

A lot of this begins at where to start however: What assistance is needed? where is it needed most? what should be prioritized? for those who cannot cross into state boundries is there a way to assist by sending ships and isk into Caldari territory? I am willing to work with Capsuleers of all backgrounds, from all walks of life on this project and plan to continue with it for the foreseeable future.


A commendable stance. I’m glad to see others looking past the Four to the people simply trying to live.
I could get you in touch with some of my EDI comrades, perhaps. Having friends in all four Empires is quite a blessing when it comes to pursuing the good of the Peoples.
Business deals can easily cross borders with the proper arrangements. Actually flying combat sorties would require some doing, but would be possible through clever routing and contacts. I would suggest ceasing militia activity if you intend to focus completely on universal defense against the Collective.


But are we willing to work with you?
The other day you entered Intergalactic Summit channel and began insulting Caldari officer, making up lies. If you were caught lying back there, what is the reason to believe you that your goals are sincere, that you’re trying to help and not creating some sort of a trap?
That’s quite a reasonable question, Mr. Chet-Shi, not an insult: would you trust, for example, a Jita scammer who has scammed you already?
Why do you think we will believe you after what you have displayed already?

Are you aware of the existence of Gallente Prison facilities in Black Rise, where Prisoners of War are tortured, beaten, starved and raped? Fighting both Gallente and Triglavians, I haven’t seen yet anyone else doing this, including same Triglavians. The most suffering to our people is coming right from Gallente side - exact side that You have joined. The side, that brings way more suffering to the regular State citizens, than any Triglavian Collective, Sansha Nation and Gurista taken together.

Doesn’t it look weird, when someone joins the side that causes us the most suffering and then talking he wants to help us because we suffer.

You are the Problem, not a solution.

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Such accusations could likely be leveled against any Empire. I personally feel that blind loyalism to any of the Empires is dangerous on several levels. As always, and to rephrase my earlier statements, I urge any and all capsuleers to question all leadership and do what’s right, as much as can be done in this day and age at least.


No they couldn’t.
These facilities are unique for Federation and every capsuleer who can fly a ship with probes and is not a complete drooling consequence of misfired burning scanner can verify their existence. I have even made a manual ages ago how to find them - agin, anyone with at least one finger to type words and press search button can find that.
On the other hand, I haven’t seen anyone yet providing either evidences or guides how to obtain evidences of similar facilities in any other Empire.

Now I wonder, would you? Or should I discard you as another anti-Caldari empty loudmouth, who just screams “you did that too” without any evidences when you are pointed to a direct crime?

Well, we don’t.

I’m just going to go ahead and toss aside Diana Kims comments preemptively, this isn’t about the Gallente-Caldari war and I don’t really consider her a representative of the Caldari State at this point.

Responding to Bravo Atruin: Part of the problem is there’s a distinction i’m drawing here. I do not, in any capacity, want to directly help the State’s government aside from perhaps some of the more liberal Mega’s. I also personally feel that retaining my membership to the Gallente Militia is important to both maintaining the safety of my homeland, and those of my allies. This is not to say that I would object to anyone using this thread as a means of coordinating efforts to aid the State government. That’s not something I want to strictly be involved with, but I understand people have differing opinions Besides, merely by doing this I am eventually going to be giving resources to people who intend to fight us regardless.

Secondly: Business deals that can ferry supplies into the Caldari state would be more then acceptable, and I would be willing to help provide ships and equipment that would assist EDI in pulling pressure off of Caldari territories. That said my personal resources are minimal. As much as anything else this is also a call to action and i’v already talked to some Caldari who have been pretty enlightening on the situation as it stands.

I also want to do this in a way that disrupts the internal workings of the Caldari state as little as possible. Currently there’s a lot of discussion between the workers and the Mega’s about the aftermath of the Triglavian war, and I don’t want a direct Gallente presence damaging that delicate dialogue as it stands. That’s something the state needs to work out internally, and external forces are only going to make that worse.


I don’t have the practical experience or the means to do so. Conversely, I have worked with the Caldari Navy to secure its space against intrusion, to the extent of destroying Minmatar vessels in Caldari space.
And to clarify my statement, I didn’t say those accusations would be accurate. I have, however, directly witnessed Caldari vessels up to the same kind of shenanigans in Minmatar space, and my reaction was the same.
In other words, every time I hear “All invaders must die,” I can’t help but look back on invaders I’ve seen and engaged from all Four Empires, and CONCORD. If the Collective hadn’t posed a far greater existential threat, I’d have been traveling the entire cluster to fight this garbage.
The Gallente atrocities against Caldari citizens are loathsome, despicable, and enraging. I have a burning hatred for this kind of behavior no matter its origin or its victims.

I concur. If you desire to speak with Caldari who have been willing to accept help from all corners, I highly recommend @Miran_Tereven as an excellent friend to have. As I recall, the Caldari Defense Initiative is the relevant channel for broader communications on that front.

Your associations are your own. I will urge you to closely observe your militia’s actions, and advise that your associations may raise difficulties. As I said before, nothing insurmountable. The pros and cons are yours to weigh.
Frankly speaking, GalMil attacked and destroyed CalMil assets in a system under siege by the Triglavian Collective, rather than engaging the Collective. I am still absolutely feckin livid about that.

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I didn’t ask you about your experience elsewhere, it’s just simply irrelevant.

You made a statement and asked you to bring proof to your words, beause otherwise they look for me as utter crap of a hallucinated slaver hound that it barked out under whole 13 Full Moons of Oris.

Yet you made them.

That’s certainly not something that would make me surprised. And it certainly adds something for consideration to the discussion, presented by the original poster.
If I am not mistaken and we’re thinking about the same event, was that this Villore Accord-Pen Is Out group? One that was flying with Mantel…

At the same time, not all members of GalMil behaved the same. The group i’m with is staunchly anti-Triglavian. I don’t plan to leave them anytime soon, and even were I to do so I would at least be aiding the Minmatar Militia which would result in a resumption of hostilities regardless. Changing what my affiliation officially is on the sheet is unlikely to change any minds who are likely made up at this point.

That said, i’ll keep the Caldari Defense Intuitive in mind and Miran has already done a fantastic job of explaining some of the situation to me thusfar.

Also just to throw in my one token into the topic with Kim: All the Empires practice torture, always have, always will. After all they’ve done to each other you’d be delusion to believe otherwise. They do it to their enemies, they do it to their own citizens. The exact minutia of scale and scope can be spoken about elsewhere. End of discussion.

Whilst I appreciate the sentiment, there are essentially two ways that one can contribute in a tangible manner. The first one is to eliminate the Triglavian raiding fleets which travel from Pochven to Caldari State territory via wormholes. This is, as we found, rather pointless as even rolling the wormhole simply results in it popping up elsewhere. The second one is to help with the transportation of refugees to New Caldari Prime. Neither of those are activities I would recommend you to take up as a new pilot who is technically an enemy of our nation.

Do you have any evidence of this, or is this like the time when you accused the Gallente Federation of supporting the Triglavian Collective?

I personally feel that loyalty is a virtue every citizen should possess.

There is, on a fundamental level, no difference between the Caldari people and the Caldari State.

We only ended up getting three Capsuleer volunteers, none of which were online at the same time often. Between that and navy not engaging raiding triangle fleets, we decided to call it once one of the members committed suicide.

Why do you even ask? Of course, as an Officer I never toss out bare accusations and always have evidences for my words.
Did that ages ago as well, you can find it here

Regardless, move it over to your own thread. This isn’t about the innumerable horrors the Empires have committed on one another, and i’d rather it not clog up the discussion.

This isn’t an imperial dick-measuring contest, nor is it here to see who has the moral highground over each other. It is here to raise awareness of the Caldari plight, collect information on possible solutions, and produce a useful plan of action. People have contacted me with ways to do that already, and thus I consider it something of a success but more still needs to be done.

That said, I appreciate Mirans input on the matter, and I agree that it’s something that I can’t help directly at the moment. I’m looking at alternative ways to assist, and am looking to get in touch with a few different people on ways that I might be able to contribute.

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This is direct attempt to raise awreness of the Caldari plight,
but seems like instead of acknowledging the problem, you prefer to squeal it away.

Right, but a different plight, which this thread is not about. You can still talk about it in a different thread though.

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You made a claim like you’d like to help Caldari… which of course I would never believe considering you were caught on lies and stand on a hostile side.
But when Caldari tells you what are actually our problems and what we REALLY need to help with, you just say it’s not what it is about.

So, you think YOU know better what Caldari need, without even BEING Caldari?!

I am sick of your gallentean bigotry.

“We will not permit you to tell us how to be Caldari, and so you leave us with no choice”

– Excerpt from the Caldari Proclamation of Secession.


What the hell? How long has this been going on?

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Well over a decade now, at least. I am surprised someone like you, who so passionately fights for the good of our State has not heard of these atrocities.

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I was just a hauler who picked up a weapon because the Triglavians invaded the State. I knew nothing about any of this. It also isn’t “our” state as you gave that up when you decided to become a Kybernaut.


Well, yes, Ms. Malitia is right, it has started shortly after the war has erupted, probably within a year, so, about YC110-YC111.

I can’t say I ever really ‘liked’ gallente, when the war started I surely disliked them - and a lot. But after I myself learned about these things, I don’t think what I feel to them could be described with simple ‘dislike’.

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