Triglavian Incursion in Black Rise

The second, and probably not last, Triglavian incursion of the State has begun in Black Rise. Samanuni, a system close to many in and out of the militia, has been a target of these foreign invaders and thus has become the second battleground.

The system is heavily populated and a vital trade and manufacturing center for Black Rise and the wider State. The loss of this system would undoubtedly mean the loss of millions, if not hundreds of millions, of lives and the livelihoods of many more. It would act as a destabilizing blow to the infrastructure of the region, and would no doubt impact every part of Black Rise.

I call on you loyal Caldari to come and assist the State in it’s time of war. Whether through humanitarian effort, economic support, or direct action, we must stand together as a people against this threat.


Also, I just wanted to say to my plucky foe, Soter: My heart goes out to the crew in your ships that lost their lives in your ill-fated plan. It’s unfortunate that you thought it was a good idea to come into defended State territory, solely to kill me, as I was assisting EDENCOM forces. I escaped your fleet, but I can not say the same for the four of your Hurricane class ships that the Caldari Navy took very dim view upon for violating State sovereign space.


I hope for the best in these trying times. Such an amazing area I can’t imagine being lost from it’s true owners. Stand strong and you will prevail!

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Captain Maxwell

Thank you for your call for action on behalf of this prosperous system in Black Rise. I was present today in order to get a first impression of the local situation. Fleet Command will decide if we deploy. I fully share your concerns.

I also want to add that Inaya (The Forge), was the first Caldari system to get hit by this new quality of Triglavian aggression. Reconnaissance forces were reported at YC122-05-26 ~1600 EVE. They were opposed and finally decided to retreat on their own around YC122-05-28 ~0343. Let’s hope that Samanuni will be subject to a similar favorable development.

Haria Haritimado


Thank you for the correction. I have amended my post to reflect that.

I had been keeping an eye on where these assaults were springing up, and admit that Inaya went under my radar. Before this, I had thought the insurrection into Alamel was the closest the State had come to meeting this enemy.

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